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  1. Are you sure? I cannot see any screen prints on this thread Perhaps it is - but is it a DEFAULT standard module, or one you have installed? If it is not default then you need to talk to the developer. use the contact form on the modules website to contact the developers of the actual module. Don't confuse developed by Prestashop with the default modules that come pre-installed. As I said, good technical advise is to switch off the module and see if the problem still exists. If it does we look at one route, of it does not then you need to contact the developers directly This forum is very largely shop owners like yourself just trying to help each other. BS it may well be that prestashop staff to not inbait these forums, but that is the reality. If you want their support you have to pay for it.
  2. Could you add a weight to each item, say 1 Kg for easy maths Then in your carrier settings have 1-4 Kg £0, next bracket would be 4 >6 Kg, £carrier cost, then 6>12 KG >£Carrier Cost 2 etc
  3. But have you checked the seny order status is on the actual products? Each product can override the site wide default I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly won;t trawl the board to look for previous posts you may have made. Post the images here if you want help! Every bit of info helps, and this info could be the game changer! Try disabling and see if the issues persists. If it does then the module is at fault and you should contact the developer directly
  4. Unfortunatley there is no magic wand we can wave that makes you an ecommerce expert. There is SOOO much involved. It takes time to gain the experience and understanding. As suggested, a test site is great so you can jsut play and play and play. Do lots and lots of reading
  5. Can you explain more I dont know what the relationship is between "URL Shortener" and "message+Opt in form" They are two completely different things?
  6. Add some screen prints to show settings of the product and add your URl so we can test
  7. With a CSV upload you will be able to change the quantity to 0, and there is a setting to prevent out of stock products being added to the cart
  8. you probably need to speak with 1&1 They have a live chat facility on the right hand side of this page https://www.1and1.co.uk/prestashop-hosting?ac=OM.UK.UK639K04105T3299a&couponCode=MJ22TAAF&ref=657157 Sounds like there is a problem and the order may not have been placed
  9. 1.6 There is no way I will be changing to a new version any time soon. Far too many hassles 9costs) with compatability with our systems. Next upgrade will come from the next generation of staff in our business, not me
  10. Anything here to help? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11474345/force-browser-to-refresh-css-javascript-etc
  11. Why non-receipt? You download the modules yourself as soon as you have paid surely? I was merely pointing out that for specific issues like this the forum is not the best place. Good luck with the claim, though how that work for virtual goods will be quite intersting to see the PayPal decision on this. Keep us informed
  12. With specific problems and support they have asked customers to use the support system on their website. They do not frequent these boards very often. These boards are not offical support channels, more user to user support I have always found them very helpful with a fast turnaround
  13. Somrthing to do with your server / disk? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Stale+file+handle+errors&oq=Stale+file+handle+errors&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  14. Just started to look at this. It may depend on the size of your business, but I don't think there is too much to do on Prestashop. Make sure tick boxes are not ticked by default so customers are making an active choice for newsletters, terms & Conditions etc Remove all sign up fields that are not specifically required. E.g Date of birth and Mr /Mrs etc. Only ask for the data you actually need to complete the order As far as i can tell you have to keep names and address as they form part of your tax obligations - classed as legitimate use I think it is more about how you process things in your own office, shipping departments. From what I have read, if you make an effort and show willing you should be OK. So create some CMS pages all about customer rights in the GDPR system. Perhaps even make it as the terms and conditions and make it so the customer has to click to say they have read it. So even if the GDPS police look at you, they would probably jsut advise improvements rather than fine, because you have tried your best But I do think that linked module above will help Bascially, don't expect prestashop to give you a one stop solution. This is more about how you operate, not the store software itself
  15. Did not see it was possible with Cart rules. I can see how that would work, But I prefer my method. Not giving a "discount" but disabling a carrier
  16. When did you create the subdomain? It may just be that it takes a little time to register In prestashop preferences > SEo & URL's make sure the store URL's are correctly set to the subdomain. Also try switching friendly URL's off / on. This resets the htaccess file and may help. Clear all the caches on your computer and in prestashop after doing that They I suggest asking your hosts to see if they can spot a subdomain configuration issue
  17. Your website URL is formed.falconelli.hu? Whois does not recognise that. Have you registered that domain name? if yes - when? It can take a few days to come through. Looks like mediacenter or your hosts? they should be able to help
  18. Not sure of the translation. But that might just be the maintenance page? Go to Preferences > maintenance to enable the shop
  19. That is already possible in the carrier configuration. The settings shown here will display the carrier until the price is £500, higher than that and it will not be shown
  20. I would say be careful. Many customers do not have a street number anyway. Some times they have a house Name instead of a number
  21. Where is the site hosted? Could the host have made some changes such as changing the PHP verion or apache? Did you switch on debug when the site gave 500 error to see if there was more detail?
  22. Adding carriers to products is only necessary if it is specific So for example We use Royal Mail for standard postage costs. carrier= Royal Mail I do not add that to each product, there is no need We sell 1 meter lengths of threaded bar which Royal mail cannot take as it is too long. So I have another carrier called "Extra Long" this one I DO assign to the threaded bar products
  23. What is the website URL? How do you know there is a problem. Do the I doubt the customers would know if they are seeing VAT or not
  24. Are you selling in Spain? Do you have the VAT module installed? which will mean that customers from other EU countries will not see VAT?The customers who do not see VAT are the also in Spain? Or could they be in another country? For example a customer from Austalia should not be charged VAT You can also use groups to show different customers VAT or not - so check all those settings
  25. So, the title of the post is misleading. Change it to be more relevant "Can anyone help with the loyalty module" for example I don;t use that module so can't help directly, but change the title and you may catch someones eye
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