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  1. Just looking at Moneybrokes now. We would not want a pre-paid card. Can we transfer funds into ur own bank account? What are the fees for this. The site is a bit unclear on this Also, can we use it off line? So for example if a customer phones us and wants to order via phoen, can we tke their details and fed them in to moneybrokers?
  2. Can't access from the UK: No puede acceder a nuestra tienda desde su país. Le pedimos disculpas.
  3. Sorted! Found this link Who would have thought the files had to be uploaded to a specific folder first ? http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/91931-error-importing-images-with-csv/
  4. Hi When I try to import images via CSV I am getting an error message: Error copying image: http://www.graphskill.co.uk/images/product_images/pigdiagram.jpg That is the correct location of the file on our server as you can tell if you go to the URL, so why can Prestashop not copy it to the required location? can anyone offer any advice?
  5. Thanks, I would love you to be correct. We have >800 products on ECWID, and we want to start targeting foreign language customers, but manual translation would be a slow nightmare Please keep me informed
  6. Mike, I have looked at the MacBook and also in the Back Office (on my install), and that has translated text entered into the description boxes. Fabien Serny has just sent me a reply on twitter and he says that on the fly translation is NOT possible with database items such as these In other words all the labels can be translated, but what I type in as description and titles has to be hand translated, Prestashop can then switch to the desired text
  7. Thanks for looking in to this Mike You have entered two new products - NoPic and Tulips If I just look at Tulips In the original French, when I click the Tulips it shows the title as "tulips" and the description as "Tulipany" When I switch to English Title is still "Tulips" and Description is still "Tulipany", German in the same. Spanish shows now description as all This does not look to be translating Perhaps there is an issue at my end, though I have tried all three popular browsers Do you see the words Tulip and Tulipany translated? into Tulipe and Tulipes?
  8. Mike I have re-installed to make sure I have no corruptions. I then enabled just the German language pack. I then added one new product and entered the Title, short & long descriptions in English As you can see from the site: http://www.graphskill.co.uk/prestashop/en/ The default products all switch to German when language is changed. But for mine, the D-Shackle the text is not translated When I created the item in the back office, I noticed a little flag next to the description box. On clicking the flag it seemed as though it wanted me to enter the text for that language I wonder if we have been cross talking? Do I have to enter the German text in the Back Office for the description for then the system to work? If so then that is not translating on the fly. It would mean i would need to provide translations for all my products I am confused
  9. Hi Mike Yes I have the translations in (See attachment) So, you think that my product title and description SHOULD be translated? Perhaps you could point me in the direction of a step by step procedure? Ron
  10. This is now sorted - must have been a glitch My main problem remains:
  11. Thanks, presumably I need to sort out with my host first - i heard getting https costs to buy a certificate?
  12. I fear I am being totally thick I have added the languages, and we get little flags on the front screen so that users can select their language. I think I am right in saying that the browser could well pick up the visitors language and select appropriately All the menus and information pages are translated. This only seems possible from the main front page though, event though the flags are on all page, they only work from the front. Correct? Anyway, not my main problem. The main problem i have is the details about my products - they are always in English The site you sent me to www.archiduchesse.com the product title and description changes according to language. How? Do I have to do manual translations somewhere?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Looks like I better look into this a bit further then Does the https apply to the whole site, or do we indicate which folders / files need to be https - if so which ones for presta?
  14. That is good news Mike So what about Google (and the others) will they also pick up the foreign translation. So with one site, created in English with the word, say "Bolt". When visitors from Germany, France vist they WILL see Boltzen or boulon which is fabulous BUT Will google also pick those words up, so when someone in France searches on Google for boulon could they be directed to my site ?
  15. Sorry Mike, another clarification please Is the translation done on the fly? So if I set up the site in English, then install German, Italian, Spanish language packs etc. When someone from Germany or Italy see the site in their own language? Or Is it a site wide translation meaning I will need to set up different sites for different countries The first I hope If it is done on the fly, how does that sit with goolge / SEO etc What i am needing is we sell nuts and bolts. If someone searches for U-bolt they will get to our site as it says U-bolt on the page, and Google picks that up - hey presto But in Germany, someone will not type in U-bolt, but U-bolzen (I think). Now with the transalion pack installed, will Google have picked that phrase up?
  16. Hi I am looking in to prestashop as an alternative to ECWID that we currently used (looks like you have easier translations - and we a re looking to build a German site, italian site etc to try and get some small domestic customers) ECWID handles all security issues on their servers. Obviously Prestashop would be on our own server So What security measures do I need. We will ONLY be accepting payment from PayPal (or similar payment systems) so all security for the actual payment is handled by them Does that mean I don;t need https (which frankly I know nothing about)? Any advice please
  17. Hi Just looking at prestashop (currently use ECWID) as we want to develop internationally. I presume I can import products via CSv file or similar (Can I also edit doing that?) We have all our product titles, descriptions etc in English If we install language packs in prestashop what happens? Do just the menu / instructions change or descriptions also? I would like users from Germany to see the full site in German including prodict titles and descriptions etc Any thoughts please?
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