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  1. Of course because nobody can see the legitimate questions. It really is impossible
  2. https://twitter.com/PrestaShop/status/1017733415825797121 Which I think means they are out of ideas- they don't know what to do
  3. Prestashop Does any body know how we can get the Subject heading from the Contact Us Form Onto the Email that is sent - ideally as part of the subject line, but it could go anywhere really
  4. Is this Forum now totally unusable because of the SPAM
  5. Any of these https://addons.prestashop.com/en/520-shipping-carriers Or these https://www.presto-changeo.com/11-prestashop-shipping-modules Google is your friend. Though TBQH 1.7 is not widely adopted yet
  6. One of these perhaps https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?search_query=marketplace&id_category=472&
  7. But what does that cookie do? We have to start telling people visting website what the cookies are and what they do
  8. OK, great. So where can I find what that cookie is called and what it does? Is the only way to find out what the other cookies are by disabling modules one at a time?
  9. Thinking of the absolute basic install of prestashop 1.6 I know I can see a list from the browser, but can I find a list of cookies and what they actually do?
  10. There are embedded ecommerce systems such as ECWID (Which I have used) and I think snipcart(Which I have not used). Basically you add a small bit of code - just a few lines) to your existing website and the whole ecommerce system appears embedded within your existing site.
  11. Do you change the status manually, or is it changed by another method?
  12. Could you use this feature?
  13. Can you explain the reason why? I would just make the product title "Product Number 1: Pack size 10" And make the price and weight for 10 items
  14. Don't know about 1.7 but in 1.6 it isas shown here. Perhaps the same or similar in 1.7?
  15. Because every calculation is different. Sometimes the rounding has a material effect on the value, sometimes it does not. Take an order that is £2.57 then give a 33% discount that is then 0.8481 to deduct. so is that 1.7249 or is it 1.72 depending on when you do the rounding, then add VAT at 20% so is that 1.7249*1.2 or is it 1.72*1.2? so 2.06628 or 2.064 ? now we can see a very small difference when rounding these last numbers, 2.07 or 2.06 So when and how you round is important. Then allow for multiple quantites and things can get really mixed up . Prestashop has a number of different ways of rounding (item, line, total, and then the complication of round up, down down etc) and PayPal does it it's own way
  16. I believe this is to do with PayPal calculating totals differently to Prestashop. When the data is sent to PayPal from prestashop, PayPal does it's own calculation. If the two do not match it causes a glitch and the order is not created. It is to do with Preferences > general > Rounding. If I rememeber correctly, if you have this set to round per line it works better than round per item or round per total. Adjsuting those will help, but will still not be perfect . Discounts (especially on low value products) and Tax can introduce more discrepancies. Basically, PayPal ignores the info it is send, and does it's own calculation. If it does not match you get no order in the back office
  17. Just spotted this article https://www.prestashop.com/en/blog/prestashops-solutions-in-response-to-the-new-data-protection-requirements?utm_source=back-office&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=back-office-GB&utm_content=download
  18. It depends what you are selling. We have a fixed % mark up on our manufacturing prices, based on cost of labour and raw material costs. If our costs go up at anytime then we increase the selling price - but never more than 10% per year
  19. Perhaps best to talk to the developer - there is a "Contact Developer" button on the link in your post
  20. The screen above shows the global setting, but the individual products can override this (well on 1.6 it can anyway, not sure about 1.7 So check the individual product page and see if the setting there is also the default
  21. Have you tried switching on Debug mode to see what errors are shown Or See what errors are reported when you view the website in a browser console (e.e right click > inspect in chrome Or Have any changes been made on the server itself? are they self hosted (perhaps cpanel or similar has auto updated recently - or check with your host if changes have beeen made)
  22. Hv#ave you updated the search after adding the new products? Preference > Search > Add missing products to the index If that does not work try Re-build the entire index
  23. You can upload as many as you like Just click the Add Files button again, and again, and again
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