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  1. Hi I have a corruption somewhere. I noticed that some of my front office was missing the Italian translations, so I removed it. I have now added it back in. When I click on the Italian flag on the homepage I get a 404 error and it looks like it is trying to direct to an english page URL of the error is: http://www.graphskil.../page-not-found Other translations are fine. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I had already done a number of test orders and all were fine. Just done another, and that is also fine Perhaps just a glitch. The only think I can see is that they actually made the cart yesterday, then came back today, registered then placed the order
  3. Ok First off - YIPPEE our first order! (www.graphskill.com) Now, I got an email from PayPal with the items ordered and paid for: So I went into the back office and can see we have a new customer. I clicked on their cart and it tells me the cart agrees with paypal - so far so good- an order for 2 u-bolts Now, I went to orders, and it shows an extra product, the 2 u-bolts AND a fish tape So I checked the invoice and it agrees with orders, that is an extra product exisits Now I have a module installed that sends me all emails sent by the system. The emails sent to me (new order) tell me all items have been purchased, but the price is only for the u-bolts. The email to the purchaser only has the U-bolts (correctly) - BUT the invoice sent to them contains both items Now, this is very, very confusing. Has anyone any insight as to how / why this could happen? Incidently I have spoken to the customer and they are adamant they have not looked at fish tapes hopefully you can see what i mean on the attachment
  4. I have installed the module - now what? Should there be an RSS icon somewhere? There is not a configure option in back office, and nothing front office - so what does this module do and how can I access the feed? using prestashop
  5. Can anyone help with this as I am a bit confused
  6. Hi All I wonder if someone can offer me some explanations We have a number of payment options available (PayPal, Skrill, Google checkout) In the store, I have enabled dollars, euro and pounds We are in the UK So what happens when someone from say America or France want to pay? - but in two scenarios: 1) If the shop is displayed in ONLY pounds, and they want to pay - does PayPal do some conversions? 2) If they select say euro for the store front - what then happens in PayPal? Also, the conversion rates in BO, is this purely a manual update or does it automatically look uyp the new currency rates every now and then/ We have been selling overseas via ebay, and we jsut receiving everything via papal in pounds
  7. Thanks John, that now makes sense!
  8. Ok, lets say I have no software installed. Just simple html pages Lets say we have two pages www.graphskill.co.uk/index.html and www.graphskill.co.uk/aboutus.html When I have the certificate do they automatically switch from htpp://www.gra..... to https://www.gra.... etc or is there something I need to do? What if i want https://www.graphskill.co.uk/index.html BUT htpp://www.gaphskill.co.uk/aboutus.html ?
  9. Thanks John - I will check into that dedicated IP thing - they are saying it is a dedicated SSL, but I will check The main question I am struggling with is this When I buy the certificate i can tell prestashop and it will sort it self out - but what about other pages, on the site? Prestashop is just one installation we have, as well a a standard html website. So, apart from prestashop, how do I determine which pages should be https and which should not be? Our main domain index page is our main website, not the prestashop installation I am baffled
  10. Just found out from our host (1&1) that we can add one Dedicated SSL Certificate for free via GeoTrust, but beyond that they seem to have little knowledge If I apply for the certificate do all my web pages suddenly have https instead of http? I don;t want that, I want the prestashop to have https (or the relevant pages) and certain other pages / folders on the site. But there is no need for al pages to be htpps surely? gkontos said that i can use the back office system to switch it on for prestashop So some questions outside of that would be Is there a reason why all pages should not be https? How can I make some pages have https and others not? I am guessing that the default is that even though I apply for and get the certificate, nothing actually changes ,and I then decide which pages to have https = but how? All help on this would be gratefully received
  11. I believe a fix is being worked on that will prevent this in future
  12. More great advice thanks. It really is a bit of a learning curve this, but I am so enjoying finding out what it can and can't do.
  13. Thanks - I did not notice the logo - I will sort that out! Info in the right hand column - agreed. now I have the tbs in the middle I don;t need those so they will go Not sure what you mean about too much info on one page though? Everything is categorised - can you give me further insight? or is it simply the amount of details we give each product? That is essential given the products we sell
  14. Prestashop was offline for a while this morning And, apparently according to the facebook page, this had a serious detrimental affect of the speed of my store, both back and front office There is some kind of feed to prestashop.com which when it is offline slows down our sites as it spends time looking for the feed. I am really hoping someone can point me in the direction of removing this link I was under the impression presta was a standalone product. If this link is embedded it means that if Prestshop.com goes out of business - so do we! I hope I am being alarmist here and someone can re-assure me
  15. Hi Rob It is the standard template, but it actually fits our main page design perfectly. But i take that on board and will look around to see what else we can do
  16. Thanks Mike, the list at the top was just a "This is what we do" kind of think, to help with the SEO of the page. I take on board what you say and will think about either linking them to the categories, or change to welcome text. The blank spots seem a bit arbitrary depending on what products are shown, amount of text etc, so again i will look a that and see what we can do
  17. Hi We just about have our store ready to go live (linked from our main website that is to replace the existing one) We would love some testers to help us see if all is OK The site is www.graphskill.co.uk/prestashop/ If you want to test the purchase system you can use the COD (Cash on Delivery Module) or purchase order If you would like to really buy something, then please use PayPal or Skrill - and for your kindness you can have a 10% discount voucher: "tester" We are particularly keen to see how the translations work. All feedback greatly welcomed
  18. Excellent, that is one more job to add to the list We are switching across from ECWID because of the language translations, but there is so much else to do
  19. Thanks Dave Using 1.4 I have that block enabled and it shows a visa card, Mastercard & PayPal logo. So i need to get dirty with some image manipulation software to do the necessary then if I want it to show say telephone orders, COD etc
  20. I have PayPal module installed, and that puts a nice graphic on the store front page Is there a way of displaying all the alternative payment methods that users can use or do I just talk about them in the Payment CMS?
  21. Hi Is it possible to set up offline payment methods? This would allow customers to buy items via the store, but NOT pay. We would send them an invoice at the end of the month So looking for "Purchase Order" payment system or "Telephone order" Ideas?
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