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  1. Solved, thanks to Tomer and Saṃdhā If the method given int he module instructions don;t work, then you can use a wget instead instruction example 0 0 * * 0 /usr/bin/php -q /homepages/10/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/prestashop/modules/prestashopbackup/cron/dbcron.php secure_key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Alternative method: 0 0 * * 0 wget -O /dev/null http://www.graphskill.co.uk/prestashop/modules.prestashopbackup/cron/dbcron.php?secure_key=xxxxxxxxxx Making sure you use the ? instead of the space in the original This seems to work just fine
  2. Solved - not sure as this is the bets way as I know absolutely nothing about php but i used a [color=#000000]$pdf[/color][color=#666600]->[/color][color=#660066]SetX[/color][color=#666600]([/color][color=#006666]35[/color][color=#666600]); [/color] infront of every line that needed to be indended
  3. If you have all the product data offline also, then you could make adjustments by uploading a CSV file. We keep a database of all our products as we well in a number of location, thenat least once a week I import a CSV file to prestashop with updated prices and stock levels. You can set sale flag and discounts using this method
  4. Hi I have two modules crontab for prestashop and the backup module from presto changeo I can get neither to work, and think it must be to do with prestashop install. Why? I have created cron and run them manually and they work. The crons for these modules run manually and they work. I set up a separate email cron and that works manually and when configured to run automatically. I put the mail cron in the same folders as the modules and it still runs manually and automatically. But if I change the name to be the same as the ones supplied with the modules so that they trigger the call- nothing So it seems to me that for whatever reason, the prestashop installation is preventing the call being made Hope that all makes sense I am on 1&1 (i know! don;t all shout at me) with ssh access to create the crontab Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Hi tomerg3 - I can;t find this code - I wonder if it has been changed in the new release?. Closest I can find is if ($employee->bo_show_screencast) echo' <div id="adminpresentation"> <iframe src="'.$protocol.
  6. I find this happens when I use the Combine, Compress and Cache in Performance. I can't remember which, but switching one of them on did this Why can I not remember which? Because I now switched them all on, and it all works - so perhaps it has been fixed in the new 1.4.5 release? Have you upgraded yet?
  7. OK, finally got around to having a play with this, but to be honest i am stuck. It seems straightforward, i want to indent the delivery adress (not bothered about the Invoice address). I can move it up and down, I can change the line spacing and font, but I cannot indent it From the code I am assuming I need $pdf->SetX(10); But whatever I change that value to has no effect at all on the outpu Any ideas where I am going wrong?
  8. Ype that is what I have been getting. I have deleted them all, but no more since then. When /If I do I will send you details Mike
  9. Hi it makes sense to me. Color : Black, Disk space : 2 GB is displayed as £11.31 including tax. Also says that in the cart Shipping seems a bit steep mind - £35.88 for a single USB stick? The only setting I can find that has a bearing on the tax being displayed is BO > Payment > taxes > Display in Cart (i keep switching between the two as I can;t really decide which is best) Hope it goes well for you
  10. Does anyone else get phantom shopping carts? We get cards by visitors where they were obviously checking things out, but then deciding not to buy. But at least once per day we get a cart with a number of so different items in that it is clear it is not a real interest. Can search engine bots, facebook / twitter bots etc actually add to the shopping carts? Or are these from potential hackers? Or just competitors having a look around? Any ideas?
  11. Loving your modules: Just noticed that after I submitted the sitemap to Google webmaster it says that the feed is type "images" other feeds I have used in have the type "sitemap": does that matter?
  12. Oops, just realised that code was old So i added this to googlebase.php UNDER HERE // google product category <g:google_product_category /> - Google's category of the item (TODO: support this!) PUT THIS $item_data .= $this->_xmlElement ('g:google_product_category', "Hardware > Hardware Accessories > Nuts & Bolts" ); Obviously you need your own categoruy from the link given (http://www.google.co...y?answer=160081 ) This seems to work and keep Google happy, but it does mean that ALL your products have to have the same category - fine for now I suppose I wonder of the developers (or someone who knows how to code) could modify this module so that it asks a question "Which PS category do you want to create feed for") we then select the category, then a siple text box where we can type in the Google category from the link The feed would then be created - it would obviously be more manual that automatic but it would do the job because you can submit more than one feed
  13. Thanks Tina, will have a go with that. In terms of the link for the taxonomy, the one you have was just for vehicles. here is the total list: http://www.google.com/support/merchants/bin/answer.py?answer=160081 From there, I can see i need to use Hardware > Hardware Accessories > Nuts & Bolts
  14. I think you will need to do that in BO > translations
  15. Is there a way of doing this? Although we use FedEx, we are doing it manually not using any API So, I can see in the BO i can change the status to shipped - I kind of expected a pop up then to allow me to enter the tracking number, but no The email send to the customer simply says they will get an email soon with the tracking details - how do I do that?
  16. Solved 1): See here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/136580-modifying-pdf-slip/page__fromsearch__1 2) I am a dufus. You need to change the order status to processing before the delivery slip can be made!
  17. Solved A phone call from Skrill, they told me the best thing to do is enable all the payment systems as that is the best way to maximise conversions. Apparently only relevant payment systems should be seen by customers in different countries. They also advise to sue the separate button per logo system
  18. Sorted. it seems that when I install the italian language pack it is not creating the index.php file in the it folder. I put one there, cleared all the caches and it seems to work
  19. Noticed that this particular order is our first using the skrill / Moneybookers module. Co-incidence or setting?
  20. Hi getting this message on Back Office? Your are currently connected with the following domain name: graphskill.co.uk This one is different from the main shop domain name set in "Preferences > SEO & URLs": www.graphskill.co.uk Click here if you want to modify the main shop domain name Can anyone explain the significance / importance of this. It seems to be a new message,although we have recently installed ssl (https)
  21. Hi I have two problems with delivery slips 1) How can I adjsut the layout of the generated PDF? I need to change the position of some text so that it fits with our sticky labels 2) A new order has come through, but no delivery note. The delivery slip icon has a red line through it - any ideas why this would be as I can't not print a delivery note for the item Any ideas? Ron
  22. We now have moneybookers (skrill) installed and working. I notice on the configuration page i can select loads of different cards that i will accept Is there are reason why I should not select them all? Afterall Skrill do the processing, surely I jsut get the money whatever the card is? On the otherhand, having absolutely loads of payment options available can look not so good from an appearance point of view Any thoughts on this?
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