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  1. When you run the Lizezillz server Admin you can get some code that you insert into your webpage to make the system works. BEFORE: What Lizezilla gives you AFTER: what you should change it to before adding to your webpage Of course, if you are. using the Module, then when I say put it on your webpage - it means add it to the module configuration page
  2. Sorry for the poor title, did not know how to explain this Where can I edit the alignment of the text shown in the attached image I guess it will be a php file somewhere, but where?
  3. It may be to do with Preferences > Geolocation. Though I have never played with it To my mind I will ship anywhere. If the customer is willing to pay the cost of shipping why should I stand in their way? We are UK, and a few days ago I posted 1 bolt to Australia! But of course it does depend on you products I would also but a big notice that you only ship to the UK, last thing people want is to get part way through the ordering process before they find out they cannot "select" their country
  4. Looks like I am confused I now think the field in the CSV upload does not relate to "When out of stock" as part of the allow / disallow back orders, but is in fact part of the Global Product Information sections (See pic - top tight hand side) Which leads me to two questions 1) What does "Available to order" do? I cannot find any info about this 2) Is it possible to set on a per product basis by CSV upload enable or disable the back order system Anyone?
  5. Thanks, but not quite right I think In the product upload section the fields available are: Text when in-stock Text if back-order allowed Available for order In BO they are called Displayed text when in-stock: Displayed text when allowed to be back-ordered: When out of stock: So When out of stock can have values in BO of "Allow" "Deny" or "Default: Deny orders (as set in Preferences)" These are radio buttons. I am guessing Available for order=When out of stock: So that when I upload via CSV I can automatically set whether the product can accept back orders or not So in the upload CSV should I use: "Allow" "Deny" or "Default: Deny orders (as set in Preferences)"
  6. When importing products via CSV what should field"When out of stock:" be? Boolean? Because it has three values in BO Or should it be text - in which case what?
  7. Some hosting companies don;t allow memcached - so that leaves us with no caching at all (1&1)
  8. Hi Just wondered how you are all getting on with the 3D secure system that credit card companies are rolling out? Seems a great idea to prevent fraud where as part of the payment process, the buyer is taken to a security window to insert their PIN or parts of their password. This is totally run by the credit card company I believe and is not something we have control over Except - we have now had a few people who have business credit cards. When they get to this part of the process they do not know the password / PIN We then lose the sale I know the companies have to get themselves sorted, but in the meantime we are losing sales. Presumably they then try a different site until they find one where 3D secure is not enabled We are using Skrill / Moneybookers and it is enabled there (Not sure about PayPal - anyone know if PayPal has 3d secure enabled)?
  9. Yep, I think this is the issue. It is the shear quantity of files that the cache uses. I can;t use it either. I am sure it must have a detreimental effect on age load speed, but no so i can detect
  10. Likely not possible? Shame really I would have thought it would benefit many users
  11. Hi Dave You have some great ideas there, I will explore them. I don't think I will manage to get it perfect, but I will get somewhere close. Thanks for your advice Ron
  12. Hi, that is customization When creating or editing the product, select the customization tab (No 6). When there if you click the Help button it wil explain how to use it Ron
  13. Thanks for your reply Dave. Are you suggesting that I can set up a new carrier called for example STUDDING. Make that carrier only available for a specific weight, say 100000 KG then we know nothing else comes close. Then adjust the weight of the studding product to be 100000 so that it picks up that carrier? I can see that will work for one item, but if we are shipping by weight, if the customer asks for 2 of those items, the system would think it was 200000 kg The problem is also that this 'long' studding is also very variable in weight so for example M3 1 meter studding might be 0.5 kg M20 1 meter studding might 5kg And of course people may be 6 of one, 1 of another etc so the combinations can really alter the weight What I was hoping for was to be able to do, rather than playing with the weights it to somehow insist that studding will only go by a specific carrier, then that carrier have all it's correct weights associated with it Then I just had a thought - make it shpping free, but that will not work either because we ship worldwide and could not possible have one price for everywhere Baffled
  14. Hi our products are all shipped according to weight which is fine for most of them (nuts, bolts, washers etc) However, we do have some studding which is 1 meter long. Being that length we cannot ship using Royal mail even though the weight is appropriate. So, I adjusted the weight to 2kg so that our fedex shipping system kicks in But that does not work either because if someone buys 2, it thinks the weight is 4kg and so the cost shoots up, as the real weight is less than 1kg Hope that makes sense So the question is, is it possible to link some products to a specific carrier. That way I could set up a specific carrier for this product
  15. I don't know the module, and have not used it, but still I have a thought on it Surely it can only work if the customer has got as far as adding their email address / account info? Then if you look at the shopping cart page it is easy to see those - I would send a manual email. So much more friendly . I suppose it depends on how busy your store is?
  16. If all you need is a CSV for turbolister rather than full integration, you may get away with this product export module: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/37900-module-product-export-module-v05-free/
  17. You are being very helpful We definitely need Domestic / Europe / Rest of the world shipping. I had hoped we could manually add the third tier, but if a sync will overwrite then it would not work We will have to wait until you have this implemented Can you give me a very rough ideas as to how long tt may be before this is implemented?
  18. Thanks for your response. I have had a play with he demo, and I am quite impressed. As we ship worldwide from ebay, we really need that third option. Any ideas how long before implementation? In the meantime, 1) if I install the module, upload the products to ebay, can I still manually edit them on ebay tto put that third shipping option in - or while it be over ridden every time I sync? 2) We quite often have to combine purchases on ebay and send out a new invoice with ammended shipping costs - how would this work with this module? 3) As you don;t do shipping on weight, am i right in thinking that whatever item i add to ebay I have to manually add the shipping costs for regardless of what is in prestashop (I know I can group them sing profiles) - I suppose the question is really do I have to define a profile for each shipping cost, then add the appropriate items into that profile (Very messy) or if i leave the profile without shipping costs what happens? It looks like I have to have one profile for each shipping cost within each product tyope / shop category etc. This is hard to explain:( Say we have some m6 nuts, 6mm u-bolts, a plastic pipe clamp and a washer all in different categories (on ebay) but all at the same shipping cost. I will need to have 4 profiles (one for each product type all linked with the shipping cost). Then we have all the 8mm stuff - same categories but costs more to post so I will then need to create another four proflles for the new shipping cost - does that make sense?
  19. This module looks tremendous - I have a question All our products have shipping costs based on weight (they are generally small, made of metal so it is the weight that is the over riding factor) In prestashop I add the product weight, then use the weight ranges so that prestashop calculates the shipping costs for each item Is this information passed to ebay? or do I have to re-create the shipping costs somehow? One more question We need three shipping pricing sytsems Domestic International - Europe International rest of the world Is this possible?
  20. Hi I would like to take our internal reference number and add it to the PDF delivery slip as a Barcode. I can get the raw data there i think, and I know I "just" have to change the font of that raw data and it will display as a barcode I have a ttf file with the barcode font in, is there any way I can get the PDF code to use this or am i asking too much?
  21. The email does have a subject for me: [Graphskil​l Ltd] Package in transit I have been away, and just returned to see all this help - thanks all for helping sort this out!
  22. I am pleased for you. I was just starting to test again, but cannot get logged in at all - mat be because you are changing things
  23. Thanks - I assume though that it can only get the tracking code if we are using carrier API? Although we use FedEx, we don';t use the API, we have a standard rate that we charge. We get the tracking code when we process the shipping externally from prestashop I have created a customer message that we send and we manually added the tracking number
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