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  1. YOu look to be back up and running. What was the problem in the end?
  2. Thanks Mike So will the process be Install xampp Install Presta restore DatabaseB from a backup Copy files via FTP OR Do I miss out the initial presta install?
  3. I have a working prestashop install on line. I was wondering about testing new themes etc but I am anxious that I could cause problems with a live site So someone on facebook suggested a local install with XAMPP Is it possible to do this now with the site I already have running? Is it possible to sysn? So for example test a theme locally, if it works, then 'magically' upload the modifications? or Are they two totally separate installations?
  4. I have no idea, but perhaps if I ask some questions it may prompt you or others Have you checked with the host to ensure they do not have problems (I know you can get into cpanel, but I have found that hosts can have issues at the front end, but not the back end) Can you access via ftp? Are all the files where they should be? Can you restore from a backup?
  5. Sure I can't help, but posting a link to the store may help others to help you?
  6. And I am now getting this error "No valid JSON content returned from Api Server" Can anyone help?
  7. Is there a problem at Involic? I can't get to the website, and my prestabay module has gone awry (can't access the selling profiles)
  8. Hi Sorry for the hijack - but you folk seem to know all about the PDF file. I am looking for a way to change the font of the reference number to display as a barcode. I have barcode ttf files. Any idea how I can incorporate this?
  9. I know we do like the free modules that prestashop has, and I do look forward to this ebay module for UK - but the prestabay module, although it does cost money, works like a dream!
  10. Hi Htpps is not on the front page (the badge is there though). The process for me was straightforward really. I use 1&1 and in their control panel there was a button to press to get the SSL certification. I just followed the links. Once it was confirmed, I used the "Enable SSL" in Presta BO (preferences) and that sorted everything out Basically when someone creates an account, logs in, or pays the SSL kicks in and gives https Good luck
  11. You cannot read the sitemap somply by clicking it. You need an xml reader of some kind. I use igoogle, you can add xml feeds to that I don;t know but i guess the X in google, may be a different issue. Can you tell me the real URL link to the sitemap and I can see if i can read it
  12. A couple more thoughts 1) When prestabay and ebay sync does it also update prices on ebay or just qty? 2) We have a lot of selling lists, is it possible to make it so that I can "revise" all lists together (or on selection) rather than having to go into each one to do it separately? Ta!
  13. Thanks for the heads up. It has been 24 hours and I am eager to get things listed - I wlll be patient then and twiddle my thumbs
  14. Yes, he has given you a 'limited' access He will will be able to either add that feature to your access, or do it for you
  15. Yep, in the back office go to Tools > Translations. Choose Front office from the drop down then click you language flag Click Expand all field sets then scroll down until yo find the words you want to change. then you can change it to whatever you want in the right hand side
  16. Hi I wonder if the guys at Involic are on holiday or just busy (Waiting on an email response ) In the meantime perhaps someone here can help I have prestabay installed. I have now made changes to the categories in Ebay store, but prestabay is not picking up the changes. Any ideas?
  17. Hi Dave ideally in Thailand, you should just see the net price (£1.27) But I understand that Prestashop cannot know that you are in Thailand - Except that your Browser does (Shame it cannot get some data from there). Tax rules are set for No Tax everywhere except the EU OH WOW This is either scarily bad, or scarily good, I cannot decide I tried clearing the cache and cookies, and everything returned to normal - THANKS But, on investigation, Presta is remembering your settings even when not logged in. So it is remembering that the user I am logging in as - not only my country / address BUT the VAT Tax status, so when I revisit the store (even when not logged in) it shows me the relevant price I will pay - it even seems to be remembering which address I last used AND discounts from groupings. No wonder I was confused when trying to check prices because I some times log in as though I am in Australia, or Germany, UK etc to check postage costs So, not a bug, but a design But is it right? Would it not be better to be able to display Net Price and Gross price at the same time unless logged in? Phew!
  18. Firstly, let me apologise for posting here rather than the Tax forum, because I think this has wider implications It is to do with how the price is displayed in Store You can see here how I have prices set up in the BO So to me that SHOULD mean that the price including TAX is displayed on the store and only when a customer log sin and gives an address will it decide if the tax is valid, and remove if possible, This way a customer always see the highest price at the outset Now, this is what I can see in Firefox and Internet Explorer when I visit the site and I am not logged in. (Should say I am in the UK, and Firefox and IE are configured for UK) I expect to see the price inc VAT, but although it tells me that I am, that price is actually the NET price (relevant) And when i log in, the price goes up to include the tax Cart not logged in Cart logged in A major surprise for the customer who has just found out they need to pay 20% more than they thought Now Chrome gets it right (on the same computer) So i tested on a number of computers, and I can tell you this is inconsistent. Sometimes in IE the price is right, sometimes not etc So I am really confused, and worse still concerned that we are losing customers So Please can you all check your own stores in this way and report back and also check out my link to tell me what you see (and from where and which browser) Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how I can sort this out? Please tell me what you see here: http://www.graphskil...ible-clips.html
  19. Their seems to be a problem. I am using your module (Thanks) and everything seems to be in order - except visitor tracking is not showing up in the client. So if I put the code given by livezill into your module everythig is fine. If I use the ammended code everything is fine except no visitor tracking. Actually that is not strictly true, visitor tracking works if the customer clicks on the livezilla icon Any ideas? <!-- LiveZilla Tracking Code (ALWAYS PLACE IN BODY ELEMENT) --> <div id="livezilla_tracking" style="display:none"></div> <script type="text/javascript">rnvar script = document.createElement("script"); script.type="text/javascript"; var src = "http://www.graphskill.co.uk//livezilla/server.php?request=track&output=jcrpt&nse="+Math.random(); rn$(document).ready(function (){setTimeout("script.src=src;document.getElementById('livezilla_tracking').appendChild(script)",1);}); </script><noscript><img src="http://www.graphskill.co.uk//livezilla/server.php?request=track&output=nojcrpt" width="0" height="0" style="visibility:hidden;" alt=""></noscript> <!-- http://www.LiveZilla.net Tracking Code -->
  20. Thanks, that is useful to know - but is that just if they have a PayPal account? Presumably if they simply want to use PayPal to pay by credit card it would do a check?
  21. Carlos Not every 1&1 account can use the ssh configuration. Setting it up was easy. In control panel, jsut click SSH if it is there and follow the simple instructions If you can do that, then there help is actually very good in setting up a cron. It really is worth going through there suggestions first before starting on your own http://faq.oneandone.co.uk/scripting/cron_jobs/index.html
  22. Thanks Mike For reference I altered #primary_block #buy_block label { text-align: right } to left align to bring the labels across the the left of the block Then #primary_block #buy_block label,#primary_block #buy_block select { display: block; width: 35%; float: left } Width to 35% to reduce the size of the label so that i could bring the whole of the reference inline
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