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  1. Tested on and no, still it trims the spaces. The thing is it leaves 1 space but trims the extra spaces. I need all spaces left in
  2. We are I had problems upgrading to the latest release, the auto upgrade did not work. I can test that premise on another install though.
  3. Our product reference numbers have spaces in them. For all sorts of historical reasons, I cannot change this, but it is giving me problems For example, if I use the product (or supplier) reference of 4401/A2 /M10 you can see it has 2 spaces between the A2 and the /M10 This is required for factory reasons Now when I add this code in to the back office, it keeps the two spaces However, in front office, one of the spaces has been trimmed This trimmed version is also appearing on our invoices which is then messing up our barcodes on the invoice Can anyone elnighten me as to 1) why this may be happening and more importantly 2) if i can prevent it happening Thanks
  4. OK, try emailing it direct to haylau @ gmail . com Did you look at those two suggestions I made?
  5. In the reply box at the bottom right hand side, click More reply options, you can then add an attachment A couple of things to check Are you making sure you save the CSV file either as a ";" or "," then on the upload screen make sure it matches. Also When you have uploaded the file, make sure you change the drop down menu option to products (categories is the default)
  6. @badboyrc : can you give some clue as to what is going wrong? Are you getting error messages?Have you looked at the format of the sample file? Can you post the csv file so we can have a look?
  7. When you import the file, if the column for ID contains a number that matches with Presta it will update the existing product, if the IF field is blank, or does not math then a new product will be created You will find export different though - you can't do it without a 3rd party plug in. It is not standard I do this regularly I have an external database, I change prices, categories and stock levels locally, then export a csv file from the database and upload to presta. It works really well I don;t think you can do attributes though. But that should not matter. If you add them manually, then when you update the product via csv it will only update the relevant parts included in the CSV file
  8. Is it just your computer? Try clearing the caches and force compile it may use be a glitch.
  9. It will create a new product when you import unless you include the ID field I would highly recommend taking backups while you practice getting the import how you want it
  10. You are a star - perfect! Many thanks
  11. Hi Vladimir I have installed the module, and could do with a little help with the barcode Everything is working as I would hope as you can see from the attachment My only questions would be how can I reduce the width (left to right) of the barcode? I can see how to do the height, and tried adding "width = " but that did not work. the code I have is <td>{if $order[orders].order_detail[detail].product_reference != ''}{$order[orders].order_detail[detail].product_reference|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}{else}---{/if}</br> <barcode code="{$order[orders].order_detail[detail].product_reference}" type="C128A" class="barcode" height="0.66" /></td>
  12. Will this module do what I want it to do? On the invoice / Delivery note PDF The supplier reference number is currently printed as 1100/T316/025 1) I need to print it as 1100/T316/025 AND a simple barcode with the same info. The barcode is not stored anywhere, we just need it displayed (font change?) 2) When a customer sends a comment as part of the order it appears on the order page as a message. We need this to be printed on the delivery note I have had a quick look on your website demo but can't see if this can be done
  13. Well done - why not share your solve for others to benefit
  14. Oh dear, I think i need a holiday I actually dreamt last night that someone had replied with an answer
  15. i can;t quite tell, but the - should not have a space after it, and is it a capital "oh" you have there? Also there needs to be a space between Null and http, and I guess you did replace the xxxxxxxx with your own secure key?
  16. I don't know your provider, and it may be that they have control of the backoffice so you cannot see everything. But In the back office, can you go to Modules then look for the Categories block. Make sure it is enabled, then you can use live edit to move it where you want
  17. I would really need an answer to this also. Can anyone help?
  18. It can be added afterwards if needs be. Once you have your ssl certificate for the site, you simply tell presta in the back office and it sorts things out
  19. Thanks Mike, that is what I will have to do. I just can't get the local copy to work, even with the best efforts of bellini13
  20. I know QTY is syncronised when there is a sale, and that i works in both directions. But, what will happen is I make manual adjustments to stock levels on Prestashop? So 10 items in Prestashop, 10 in Ebay. Get a sale in Prestashop and both quantities are adjusted to 9. If I then make a manual adjustment to stock in Prestabay to say 20, is that also propagated to ebay?
  21. What do you need stock management to do? Prestabay does change stock levels on Ebay if items are sold on Presta and vice versa They will also give you a free three day trial I am not trying to push Involic, but it is there now. I needed something now and it seems to tick most of my boxes (but yes, it does cost)
  22. @mike -the problem is I need to see how a new theme or module will look with all the other mods I have installed. So i really do need a local "copy" of the live system. @bellini13 - thanks tried that. Now, when I go to the FO, even though I type in localhost/prestashop/ it takes me to the online version. And I still cannot get access to the BO I fear I am fighting losing battle Will this work: I have a database and file backup system from Presto-changeo. If I disable the store. Do an immediate backup, try the new theme / upgrade etc if itall works great, if not can I simply restore all the files and databse from the backup or is it possible that the new theme could leave behind debris? For example i want to install the new prestashop version - but what if it goes wrong. Will the method above also work - I am worried that my mods will stop working (CMS pages, mods to PDF etc)
  23. Tried that, getting an error message in FO and BO "Link to database cannot be established" I did name the local database the same as the on-line one Any ideas?
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