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  1. You need to submit your sitemap to google and Bing etc as an absolute minimum. Oh, and add your site to some select web directories (like the one in my signature )
  2. I downloaded the Universal Payment module and use that But to be honest, we now send invoices using store manager rather than the Prestashop BO
  3. @cd2500 With repsect, the title of the post is in English "You already have the maximum quantity available for this product". It came up on the forum front page and I clicked it. How would I know it was the German forum? I use Chrome, and it automatically translated the original post. So do I assume the poster was incorrect to post in a cross between German and English? Or do I just try to help There was no way for me to know it was the German forum without actively trying to find out (by seeking out the very feint breacrumb which is blue writing on a blue background - clever). And who does that unless there is an obvious need? If you want people to respect the language then make it bloody obvious which forum we are in. If I am trying to help someone I am not going to spend a long time trying to find out if it is OK for me to answer. The post title was english, the first post was German - do i spend time trying to decide, or do I just help? Excuse me for just trying help someone! Mit repsect ist der Titel der Post in English "Sie haben bereits die maximale Menge für dieses Produkt verfügbar." Es kam auf dem Forum Titelseite und ich klickte es. Wie würde ich wissen, dass es die deutsche Forum? Ich benutze Chrome, und es wird automatisch die Original-Beitrag. Also nehme ich an das Plakat war falsch, in einer Kreuzung zwischen Deutsch und Englisch schreiben? Oder muss ich nur versuchen zu helfen Es gab keine Möglichkeit für mich zu wissen, dass es die deutsche Forum ohne aktiv versuchen, herauszufinden, (durch die Suche nach den sehr Finte breacrumb die blaue Schrift auf blauem Hintergrund ist - clever). Und wer hat, es sei denn es besteht ein offensichtlicher Bedarf? Wenn man die Leute, die Sprache zu respektieren wollen, dann machen es offensichtlich, welche blutigen Forum sind wir in. Wenn ich versuche, jemanden, den ich nicht gehe, um eine lange Zeit damit verbringen, um herauszufinden, ob es in Ordnung ist für mich zu beantworten, damit bin. Die Post-Titel war Englisch die erste Beitrag war deutsch - verbringe ich Zeit mit dem Versuch zu entscheiden, oder muss ich nur helfen? Entschuldigen Sie mich für nur versucht jemand helfen!
  4. A good start. You may want to consider a custom theme at some point. The featured products on the front page, the titles are partially hidden by the short description The main problem I can see is that you only seem to be able to collect the product from you. Do you not ship? If it were me, I would not buy a product on-line to then have to go and pick it up - may as well just turn up and do the deal in person
  5. See image- underneath the main image there is a link that says "Display All Images" I want to disable that so that all images are automatically seen. IS this possible?
  6. Thanks for the reply I use this theme http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/218022-new-free-template-for-prestashop-15-by-graphileom/page__fromsearch__1 I will ask there
  7. Choose "Edit" under your original post, then advanced edit and you can then type [solved] into the title area
  8. Hi Not sure if this is theme specific See attached image- underneath the main image there is a link that says "Display All Images" I want to disable that so that all images are automatically seen. IS this possible?
  9. I have been getting that with Store Manager. I think they have corrected the bug in the latest version. Not had chance to test it yet though.
  10. In the back office > Modules > Positions Look for Block Categories in the Footer section and remove (delete) it Back up first
  11. Thanks, I can see from the debug template the info is there, but the programming is beyond me I am afraid. I will have to leave it as is
  12. Brilliant Tuk66, thanks I like the pdf catalog in the front office just what we needed <td width="20%"> {assign var="id_product_id_image" value="`$product[products].id_product`-`$product[products].image.id_image`"} <img class="photo" src="{if $product[products].image.id_image}{imageLink name=$product[products].link_rewrite ids=$id_product_id_image}{else}{$conf.pdf_iso_lang}.jpg{/if}" /> </td> This picks up the main product image, is it possible to pick up all the images (gallery)?
  13. I have not had a chance to play too much with this, and on closer inspection it may be to do with a mixture of attributes and store Manager - I will ask them also. But as you can see here, having "allow orders" does not always work Default setting selected in Store manager At the same time, in prestashop the setting is only "allow" With these settings, I cannot order when there is not enough stock Changing the setting to standard "allow" in store manager Does not make any changes in prestashop And still no ordering possible Changing the setting on prestashop to default allow Does not make a change in store manager setting But I can now make an order So it seems store manager and prestashop are not speaking to each other, but also only some "allow" settings actually allow an order to be made - and this is where I may not be 100% accurate. I am sure this changes. So I can set a product up with Default Allow, and all is fine, then all of sudden I can no longer order if out of stock, and I have to change it do - *But this may be to do with updating via Store Manager
  14. It is strange. I have the store set up with Default "Allow Orders" and that works fine. Then I find one or two products stop allowing orders when out of stock. So I have to change the setting away from "Default" to simply "Allow orders" and that works for a while, then I have to change it back
  15. Still not sure what is going on. In the database there seems to be two places where this can be set. And sometimes only 1 gets changed
  16. Also, try switching off your mobile theme, I find that very troublesome.
  17. Ok, next suggestion. May be to do with image sizes. I clicked on one of the products and the image is overwiritng some of the text (incidentally - have a look at our sites our stuff may compliment yours, we have stainless steel chandlery and sell marine grade u-bolts etc) You could check if your image sizes are still the default size, and try to regenerate them
  18. Not in your browser - in the shop? In the Back office go to Advanced parameters > performance Switch on Force Compilation, and switch off enable cache Then try again - in your browser now, Ctrl-F5 may help If everything is OK, then we know it is a cache issue and then take steps to clear the caches. If it makes no difference then the problem is not the cache If it is the cache then you need to get your hands dirty with ftp, or install the clear cache module. But lets see if switching the cache off works before going there
  19. We set up an attribute called "Pack Size" with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. Each attribute as a price modifier associated with it So if a customer wants to buy say 20000, they can purchase 200 * 100 pack This way we can offer great discounts for multiple purchases
  20. To upgrade to the new version do we install over the exisiting - so that will over write any changes?
  21. Google links are king as we all know, and back links are essential We have set up a free on-line web directory for small e-tailers. Simply add the link to your site - fire and forget It is not a link farm! It is a directory of ecommerce sites. We also have a forum for chat, help, advice, we have a blog and a newsletter. Signing up for the free newsletter gives you a few hints and tips, but mainly an invite to be a featured store for a couple of weeks (featured on special pages, front page, blog, newsletter, RSS feeds etc) Check it out http://www.retail-directory.com/ We already have some prestashop sites listed: see here http://www.retail-directory.com/directory/prestashop/
  22. Love the themes - very many thanks for contributing. I have a small problem I hope someone can help with I have installed on two sites. One one site everything looks beautiful as you can see here, the search bar is near the top and the contact and bookmark area sites nicely at the top of the screen However, on the seconf site, with the same sized logo, everything is just a bit more untidy. Search bar and contacts area is lower down the screen I have tried looking and comaring module positions but I can;t fathom it. Can anyone suggest how I can make the second site look like the first? Interestingly, this is not a problme in Internet Explorer - where it looks fine, But it is a problem on Chrome and safari (my usual browsers) and i have cleared all caches
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