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  1. I am looking for solutions, not vague ideas. If I was a programmer I would have done it already! Thanks anyway
  2. So can you expand on your answer and explain how to do it??
  3. Is this new behaviour or has it always happened? if new behaviour try to think through any changes you may have made on the shop, prestashop upgrade, module upgrade etc - even server and hosting changes If yu have recently changed / upgraded a module that could be your starting point to talk to the module devs Anything there could cause issues
  4. You are lucky if you get an answer in jsut a couple of hours. Patience is required on this forum Check your group settings. There is an option there to hide prices for specific groups
  5. That is how combinations work. So for example a size 9 show may increase the base price by £1, and a size 11 increase by £2 So you will need to look at your listing software and confifure it so that it sets the combination increase price to £0 if there is to be no change. We use CSV upload and set each combiantion price in that way
  6. Anything here tohelp? https://hub.docker.com/r/prestashop/prestashop/ Or here http://build.prestashop.com/news/prestashop-and-docker/
  7. I know absolutely nothing about docker - but i do have one thought. Are both systems on the same IP address? We use store manager to directly access our sql database and we have to allow our IP address through. In Cpanel we have to add the IP address in Remote MySql So that is quite possibly way off the mark, but you never know
  8. You want to remove it so customers can't unsubscribe? Or do you just want to change wording? What version for prestashop?
  9. Perhaps better to have the shop on a subdomain.
  10. We use craftyclicks https://craftyclicks.co.uk/ Customers enter their postcode then they can choose the rest of the address from the selection See it in use at www.u-bolts-r-us.co.uk We have a one page checkout module also, but that is not needed
  11. Prestashop 1.6 Two questions 1) If a customer uses the contact form to initiate contact, and we reply to it, there is a hyerlink in the message for them to click and go to the message thread online - fabulous. BUT if we initiate that contact via the back office order page there is no link. is there a way of adding that link in? 2) Customers can add attachments, but if we reply in the back office we cannot add attachments. Is there a way of adding attachments?
  12. You will need to switch on debug mode to see if there is anything behind the white screen - and look at error logs Perhaps there has been a change on your server? PHP version change?
  13. It seems that it is store specific. Some users find their store will not work with PHP 7, 7.1 and 7.2 others are finding no problems. Remember, it is not just the core product, but all the addon modules. Some of the modules will be upgraded, others won't Depend on whether the dev for those modules are still actively working on the module We recently switched to 7.1 and seems quite stable with We did have a couple of glithces with some modules, but they have been sorted. The only real way of knowing if you are affected is to run on a test bed thirtybees is also an option, but that has different issues It is being actively developed and will/does support php 7.2, but not all current prestashop modules work with it. Most do, they claim 100%, but I have found some that don't This is perhaps only an issue if you cannot control your php version. On our system we can set whatver PHP versions we like so should be future proof for a while yet Simply, test, test and more test of your own unique installation
  14. I did advise you. You will probably need a third party application. You can google for them, or search on the addons store. We use Storemanager
  15. You might need a thrid party app. We use StoreManager
  16. It really depends on which shipping systems you are using, combined with the value of your products and weights etc For us, we need to split it down because we have some low value products that some customers need next day delivery. Next day delivery in different parts of the UK can be very varied in price. Hence splitting down to postcode I also help with another site that only used Royal Mail and they have the same price to every postcode (but next day delivery is very expensive for the higher weights) it has come up many times are there are a number of options. You need to investigate and see which is best for you
  17. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/9064[spam-filter]google-maps-in-back-office/?tab=comments#comment-2976838
  18. But it comes pre-installed / integrated with Prestashop doesn;t it? So how do we switch it off?
  19. Prestashop 1.6. Anyone else notice that Google maps do not work on the order page any more 2js:49 You have exceeded your request quota for this API. See https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages?utm_source=maps_js&utm_medium=degraded&utm_campaign=billing#api-key-and-billing-errors _.Fc @ js:49 util.js:218 Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#no-api-keys Looks like Prestashop are not paying their bills?? Can we switch this off?
  20. Is it for postage issues? We use this ship by postcode module which works great Shipping Costs Based On Zipcodes Pro v3.0.0 - by ProQuality
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