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  1. Not sure that isto do with SSL If SSL you usually get a warning. But this is not a warning, it cannot be reached. Just to be certain what is the URL of the site? Did it work BEFORE adding SSL?
  2. I think we will have to agree to disagree then. I can take your interpretation, or I can take the interpretation of the UK government department for International trade who discussed it with their German counterparts
  3. So finally I have an "official" reply from "ERDF International Trade Adviser |North West International Trade Team , Department for International Trade" Having spoken to my colleagues I can confirm that the new German packaging laws would apply if your product is being warehoused in Germany. However, if a German customer is buying from your UK website this wouldn’t apply**_ And The German Packaging Law would apply if A sole trader or other type of business is warehousing product in German Trading on Amazon under .de (multi country platform) The business website has German SEO or the website is specifically targeting German customers
  4. You may need to move server hosts to one where you have control over the php versions
  5. So that means that every ecommerce site (of non virtual products) in the whole world has to register just in case a german customer makes a purchase? I can't see how that will be enforced
  6. So, the new German Packaging laws. If we, as a business in the UK, sell an item on our own Uk Website, Ebay or Amazon (say a generic 99p widget) and that item has to be shipped to Germany do we have to register and adhere to their new laws? - What is everyone doing about this? https://packagingeurope.com/getting-ready-for-the-german-packaging-law/ ht What is
  7. I am not an expert but the problem only seems to be on the main index page Looking at the brower console shows it is trying to make over 200 requests and more than 17 MB Our main page on an uncached refresh is <80 and < 1000kb I think it is the hundreds of images that are downloading. Try disabling everything on the front page and see if the speed returns. Then enable one item at a time till you find the problem. Bu I think it is all those products and it is also downloading all the images for the variations
  8. Both those modules will help then - both work in very different ways so you will need to research each one
  9. URL?? Do you have all the caching and optimisation options switched on in prestashop back office?
  10. For your benefit or your customers? If you explain the reason it may help to determine if a certain system will work. For example the M4PDF module can give a list of invoices in CSV format, and the NVN export orders module can also do the same - but I think they are both more for back end rather than front end use
  11. Have you SSL installed? https://knowledge.digicert.com/alerts/ALERT2566.html
  12. OK I just wanted to point out that there are two different "my Prestas" and I wanted you to make sure you have the correct one because your first post did not mention the "eu" part How are you trying to contact vekia? This forum? The addons site? His own website? I got an immediate response from his own website a few days ago.
  13. From what I understand MyPresta is not the same as Vekia's MyPrestaEu
  14. Have a look at the module Advanced Search 4 - https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search-filters/2778-advanced-search-4.html
  15. What about this module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/accounting-invoicing/29780-swiss-tax-2018.html Not sure it does anything for shipping, but worth talking to the devs anyway?
  16. Wow, that is weird and complex. I have just tried googling, but I cant see anything like that. Sorry i cant help, good luck
  17. Can you explain a bit more I can see the VAT rates are Switzerland standard VAT rate: 7.7%. Switzerland reduced VAT rate: 3.8% (Hotels). Further reduced VAT rate: 2.5% (Foodstuffs, books, foodstuffs, water). Exempt from Swiss VAT: insurance, financial services, education, health. So do you mean that if the order is for 1 item at 7.7% and 1 item at 3.8% then the shipping has to be at (7.7+3.8)/2?
  18. I would be REALLY annoyed if I took the time to checkout only to be told shipping costs would be added on afterwards. Very poor practice and I would never return to that store. How many products are you talking about? Surely quicker to add the weights and dimensions for them (even guess, or make larger than you know they are for now) than to spend time looking for a temporary solution that will loose you customers? Obviusly we do not know the produts, quantity, dimensions etc, but would a flat rate courier cost not work? You can say have two carriers, one for the products you know your weights for, the other for the unknowns - add the flat rate courier cost to this one. You can then assign that courier to the unknown weight products
  19. Bought on Prestashop addons store is rather like buying on Amazon and Ebay, the seller is not necessrily Amazon and Ebay but third parties.
  20. Bear in mind with the thought of upgrade, that 1.6 is essential finished. Also consider your server environment as php versions are also expiring. Just don't spend loads of time upgrading to soemthing that may well need upgrading again pretty soon - so please do investigate fully
  21. I agree - update is scary We are looking at thirtybees as a possible solution We have never had this problem on prestashop. I can't promise a solution, but if you want to DM some back office log in I can check your settings against ours to see if I can spot an issue?
  22. Prestashop is quite old now. Has this problem always been there, or is it a new problem. If it is a new problem then what has changed recently?
  23. Why are you charging different VAT % depending on country? If you are based in the Belgium then you charge you charge no VAT to countries outside EU, VAT at belgium rates to everyone in the EU - UNLESS they have a company VAT number then you charge 0 VAT The VAt module sorts all that out
  24. Could it be a theme issue? That does not look like a standard theme. Have you spoken to the theme developers?
  25. Usually hovering over the blue "Registration Number" gives a clue. But really it can be whatever you want it to be. It is for display only. We use it for our VAT number. It could be your business registration number, or leave blank
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