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  1. Hey mate, don't ask for opinions if you don't want them. I am not trying to upset you. I went to your website and reported back what I found. I randomly clicked on a few items, googled them and found them cheaper elsewhere. I then tried to buy one and found stock control wrong. So as a customer I would just move on It seems to me you should be asking this "Huge" customer base in retro games why they are not buying your products as we can only really comment on technical aspects. Not why any particular customer will or will not buy your products. YOU need to compare yourself to other retrogames sites, why do they sell and you not (For example the few I clicked on your website did not even have product descriptions, just a title. How would any one know that yours are "very rare and can never be over-priced, well worth the money" Add much more product descriptions Talk to people on retro games forums (add your website address to your signatures - ask THEM why they would not buy off you. Sort out your stock control And price DOES matter. For example this gift, Official Pac-Man Pin Badges (Pack Of 6) You sell for £6.99 A quick google shows it for £1.49 This Vigilante 8 (Sega Dreamcast) (Complete) (PAL) You sell for £14.99, a quick google shows it for £7.99 on ebay Now they may or may not be as good quality as yours, but who would know? You do not have any descriptions, no indication of quality, if they are new or not, etc
  2. I think everything has already been said I have had another look. A good looking site that works well. BUT i still would not buy from you. Sorry. I checked a few products and they were all over priced. Also your stock control is non existant. For example Crash Bandicoot: Fusion (Gameboy Advance) (Cart Only) (PAL) I added 1000 to the shopping cart. Do you REALLY have that many for sale? I doubt it. That gives me no confidence in purchasing anything. Put proper stock control in But at the end of the day, who is your target audience. Does any one really still want to buy this stuff. You have to look at potential markets. And if the overall market for a product is very low, then all you can do is have a share of a very small market Put "u-bolts" into google and you will find one of our websites top, or very nearly top. But the site will only get 4-10 orders a day Why? Because the market for U-bolts is small
  3. Would you expect your customers to buy immediately off your website, or would they generally talk to you about the purchase first? Perhaps you could use a quote module where you can send a customer a quote for an order, you define the pricing on the quote. The quote includes a link to the payment page? So on the website you put a notice standard delivery 10 weeks Please contact us for a quote for a faster turnaround They send you their details, and you create the quote
  4. Perhaps you could use shipping? Standard Shipping 10 Weeks :£10 Faster Shipping 4 Weeks:£50 Fastest shipping 2 weeks : £100
  5. You can use Store manager with the automated product import module https://www.prestashopmanager.com/
  6. There are LOADS of missing images, they all take time BUT, try disabling that slide show I think that is a big drain because the images have not been optimised. You must optimise all you images
  7. There is more wrong than TTFB Fix the website first, then consider the speed. I think the site is slow because there are other errors. Missing images etc. Also your images need to be optimised. For example this one http://artilamp.com/modules/csthemeconfigurator/img/88ed117ad27008d1e613c359d21cc63d.jpg Is over 700KB way too big.
  8. Just set up and account and tried to pay with payPal and everything worked ok for me All you can do is tell your client that no errors can be found and with out more detail from his customers there is nothing else you can do.
  9. Shop link so we can test? I do find that we do often get customers who can't use the shop. They talk about all sorts of issues, BUT i tend to think they are just not very good at using computers / online shopping so they are not familiar with the processes involved So ask your shop owner if they can be more specific. When someone complains ask what stage they got to, what error messages they received, what browser they were using, what country, and even screen prints if possible
  10. Hmm, not sure then. Perhaps post in the forge.http://forge.prestashop.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa
  11. I would imagine it is the same problem though. It may be that during the update process PayPal was unable to contact your site and therfore 2closed down" for a while, I have tried and tried with prestashop and Paypal to determine what casues this all to no avail, hence my conclusions about PayPal stopping for a while. For us this happens periodically. PayPal just stops working for a day, or even up to a fortnight, then magically starts again. In the meantime all you can do is manually convert the shopping cart to an order in the back office For us (UK) I switched Pro off, and just used standard for a week or so. that way the customer saw no issues, and the order was created in Prestashop. then every few days switch back to pro to see if it works. Eventually it does
  12. In my opinion there is no solution Here I will make some assumptions 1) PayPal used to work 2) You are using a pro account This is what I think happens - if it works though of course your particular issue might be different Customer clicks PayPal to make payment Payment is taken successfully PayPal tries to report back to prestashop that everything is ok that return URL (IPN) is not available for some reason, perhaps the site is a bit slow, or in maintenance mode, or down for some other reason so notification cannot be served paypal tries again, if all works then everything is back to normal if when PayPal tries again the IPN is still unavailable it tries again and again until eventually it gives up. At this point it will no longer ever try and switches off the attempts eventually Paypal decides to try again, switches the IPN back on and tries. If all ok then back to normal. if not OK, then swithces off again From what I can tell, there is no way to persuade PayPal to try again until it is ready So all you can do is sit back and wait - it will start again
  13. What cache settings have you set in Preferences > Performance. Show us a screen print of that page To be honest though I would not worry too much about speed at this stage, get your site sorted first with some products. Get rid or change all the banners so they are relevant to your website. So make the site yours first, then look at speed improvements
  14. Thanks Nemo Would it be safe to actually delete the whole overrides folder? Or would i need to leave the folder structure in place with the "index.php" files
  15. So much depends on your products. You have to comply with Amazon's selling requirements and create an account (pro I think) or Amazon first. You can configure the module to send your products to Amazon and there are no limits as far as the module is concerned. We send over 1000 to each of the european Amazon sites. And also to Amazon.com ORders and stock levels and prices are synced via the module with Amazon With Amazon the products either have to already have product pages listed on Amazon or if your products are unique to you you have to have Ean's for example to enable the product So much will depend on your products. For example you have to have special dispensation from Amazon to sell Jewelry
  16. Our site has been repeatedly upgraded from 1.4 to now We have installed and uninstalled many modules during that time as we have fine tuned our store I have noticed recenly problems with overrides Often when uninstalling / resetting modules I get errors about overrides and when trying to install new modules I get message such as "Override already exists" which prevents the installation going any further So, are ANY overrides required on a new install? Could i delete the overrides folder totally, and replace it with that from 1.6.014 download? Then if any module complains go back merge the old override file with the new one? Or could this cause more problems - for example is there a list somewhere of what overrides the current installation is expecting to use?
  17. Prestashop has an Ebay module built in Amazon there is a padi for module in Addons which is great Or try multisite selling platforms https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&es_th=1&ie=UTF-8#q=multichannel+selling
  18. Check the CSV file AFTER you create it (by that I mean close it and re-open in). Are all the characters there? Some systems do limit the length of a field when exporting. I have seen issues with MS Access (database) and Excel
  19. This any help? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/200035-502-bad-gateway-how-to-remove-cookie-encryption/ Or https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=502+bad+gateway&oq=502+bad+gateway&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8#q=502+bad+gateway+prestashop
  20. A timely reminder for all of us. Cache is the developers nightmare Whenever things go wrong it is always wise to clear caches on the site and on your browser as a starting point. No idea why we did not suggest that in the first place, perhaps thrown by not being able to log in Anyway, well done for getting this sorted
  21. That sounds like a missive change from the way prestashop works - in my opinion you may be better with something like this https://www.phpprobid.com/
  22. May be because of the domain name OR server IP history. We recently moved our domain name (which was fine) to a new server host. We were allocated a new IP address and we started having problems. The IP address was once used by spammers Check your domain name AND server IP address here: http://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx
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