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  1. Not sure about time scales, but there is a free module : https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/database-optimization.html
  2. We were (are) having similar issues with 1.6 (well TB now) Two things to check in the first instance 1) You are not under a ddos attack - we were. 2) We were using PHP-FPM service for Apache. I have switched that off and everything seems a lot more steady Disclaimer - I am not a server expert so I have no idea if PHP-FPM service for Apache is having an effect or not, or even what it actually does. BUT we do now seem to be more stable. I was resetting the service two or theee times a day. But since switching it off a couple of days ago all has been fine. The "working" week may of course make a difference
  3. Any solutions yes - we are still getting this and perhaps more frequent. I have changed the error log alert level so at least I get an email about it and can then very quickly log in and create the order. But still disconcerting for the customer. I did have a thought that this could be browser related, or perhaps mobile devices?
  4. Nothing is guaranteed to work. There are so many different ways they can send you spam (and remember a lot of spam are legitimate sellers just doing their job) There are free re-captchas available. Do a google search. I did and this is one possibility https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/719012-free-module-contact-form-anti-spam-recaptcha-and-blacklist-ps-151617/
  5. Use FTP , go to the modules page and delete the new module folder (or temporarily move to another location first, then at least you can move it back if needs be
  6. Explain more what you need. Prestashop automatically creates invoices
  7. This any help? https://www.probytes.net/blog/how-to-integrate-word-press-to-prestashop/
  8. Well that depends on where you bought the theme. Not sure about 1.7, but in 1.6 you can try preferences > themes. Sometimes there is a setting there, but some themes over ride that and the setting is in the theme configuration itself. That is why it is best to talk to the theme developer If you bought it on Prestashop addons, then go to the theme on addons and use the contact the developer button. Otherwise you will need to go to wherever you bought it from
  9. We do this with weight prices So for example Weight Band 1 (upto 25Kg) > £10 Weight Band 2 (25-50Kg) > £20 So if the products are say 1 Kg each, and a customer purchases 24, they will pay £10, but if they purchase 26 they will pay £20 One order, but paid enough for two separate boxes with the carrier. As far as the carrier is concered it is still one order, but they know there are 2 boxes with that order
  10. I still think your customer is the only one you need to think about. It is up to your customer to decide what to do between it and their customer https://www.revenue.ie/en/vat/goods-and-services-to-and-from-abroad/intracommunity-supplies/what-is-triangulation.aspx You only need to account for the VAT between you and your customer Anyway I don't really know, and I know prestashop cannot do anything else. So perhaps talk to a company such as this: https://www.avalara.com/us/en/products/integrations/prestashop.html
  11. I am not a tax expert, but I think you may be over complicating it. Your customer is the company purchasing the items so you charge VAT. If they ask you to deliver to Spain, that is irrelevant. I think i was slighly wrong earlier. When saying you would need the Spanish VAT number. You don't. You would only not charge VAT if you were exporting outside the VAT for your customer It is more complex because prestasop allows vat for shipping or billing address but customers do not always make things easy and will often only add a delivery address. I think sometimes it is impossible to be totally accurate with every tax rule combinations. All you can do is try your best and sometimes you need to make a manual adjustment I would ask your tax accountant to ensure they agree with however you set it up to work in the majority of cases
  12. We can all only respond as we see it. I read your post as rude and xenophobic. Whether you meant it or not does not matter, that is how I read it. However, in my defence i did NOT contribute to the post just to say that. In my view I offered help and advice about how PayPal can delay payments, and that cannot be control by the store owner. With the best will in the world it does not matter how big the organisation is, sometimes you just do not have the staff to respond as quickly as you would like. We all understand that it is frustrating, and you seem very angry. But to me, that is not a way to get answers on a public peer support forum. So I will not be helping any further. Good luck with your venture and I hope you get your satisfaction soon. Bye
  13. I am sure there is no need to be rude or xenophobic. I don't know about this specific case, you will need to talk directly to them, not this public support forum where very few prestashop staff frequent. What I can tell you is that on occasion PAYPAL do put a temporary hold on payments while they investigate That is outside of the control of store owner. Have you talked to PayPal? Have the funds gone from yuur account?
  14. We have transferred to thirtybees and find it excellent. Good support in the forums also
  15. If you are in Italy, and your customer is an Italian business then you should be charging VAT. You would only charge 0% if the Spanish address has a SPANISH VAT number That is my understanding
  16. I don't really know about 1.7. But this thread was about 1.6 so you should really start your own thread as you have a different problem Are you SURE you have tax enabled? I ask because it is not shown in the shopping cart either and it should be. Also, even if you do not use invoices your customers must have them if you are charging tax. So have a look at the invoice and see if it has tax on. Also from the UK I entered a VAT number and that means tax should be removed. But the price remains the same. So I think you have different issues to this thread
  17. What version of PS? Store URL? Can you share a screen print of the order page? Is the tax showing on the invoice?
  18. Well perhaps you cant have a column with tax / VAT excluded and included if you are not charging tax / VAT in the first place BUT Labelling is funny in Prestashop "Unit Price Tax Included" actually means "Unit Price Tax Included if there is any tax" So perhaps if you are charging tax you will get both columns if you are not charging tax then you only get the one column labelled "Unit Price Tax Included" actually means "Unit Price Tax Included if there is any tax"
  19. Have you got tax enabled for the store? There should be a column for that by default
  20. So that would take customers from our website directly on to PayPal. Not ideal but at least the PayPal 3DS will take care of things
  21. I think you may have that wrong. Direct to PayPal button would take the customer to the paypal hosted page to make payment - and so PayPal will be all over that. This is about about accepting CARD payments directly on your own website. So the question about the ifram eis relevant because does the frame mean people are entering card details ON OUR SITE or on PAYPAL Just had this from the module devs which is very disappointing Thanks you for contact us, in our module we don't have yet developed this option. Unfortunately, for this version of Prestashop 1.6 there will be no more updates of this type. There will only have a bug fixes if the clients has one of them. The evolutions will only be made in the PayPal module for prestashop 1.7.
  22. This gives a bit more info https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/psd2?utm_campaign=A_Elq_UK_201901_2773_B2B_PSD2_HSS_Email1_UK_en_GB&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&elq_cid=15018799 It seems to come down to whether we are classed as "hosted" or "Direct" In the module we select ifame with website payments pro. So this means the iframe is embedded in our checkout page allowing customers to pay with payapl or card directly on the site in an "iframe" So the question would be would this be classed as "hosted" or "direct"
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