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  1. Yeh - tried that. So is it the sql query that is taking up the time? Can you suggest any sql parameters than can be optimised to help? Or is this beyond what us mere mortals can do
  2. I think that may be our problem. We are updating all stock levels and prices 4 times a day via storemanager which puts those changes directly into the database and changes the update time field. So that would clear the advanced search cache . But even if we only do that 1 time a day it really means the cache is no good for us I dont think it matters for most of our filters becase there are not many products. But our main filter has over 600 products with 7 feature sets so it a lot of information to draw down which is why it is very slow first time.(https://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/125493-u-bolts) But even if a customer purchases a product, that changes the stock level - does that also clear the cache? Unless there is a way to "warm" the cache? I suppose not, there are jsut so many different combinations
  3. Or this perhaps https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/delete-orders-free.html
  4. Have a look at this - it might help. Not sure https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/185401-free-script-prestools-suite-mass-edit-order-edit-and-much-more/ It might help to delete stuff. Though as mentioned i don;t think that is the best method. Perhaps only delete stuff older than say 7 years (UK tax records, not sure about where you are). Perhaps export all a customers orders that you are going to delete and keep a csv copy and send that copy also to the customer for their records But also it is not just orders. It is all the messages, emails, carts there is so much that is linked that i why deleting orders not always a great idea
  5. thanks for the reply. For clarification, just so I fuy understand :"if a product that impact a search engine is updated.. the cache is cleared." Does that mean any change to a product will clear the whole cache??. So for example Product A price is changed, or product B stock value is changed then the whole cache is cleared? I resume that mean manual change> If stock level is changed because of a purchase will the cache be cleared? Would you advise these are the best settings for the smarty cache
  6. I ran into that problem a while ago with th number of order slowing things down. I could not find a satifactory answer. We did try adding collapsable tabs which did help a bit See here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/457327-customer-information-page/?tab=comments#comment-2107547 I am not sure deleting orders is the answer in case you or your customer wants to look back at what they have had previously (and for tax reasons deleting stuff is not good)
  7. Hi There is not much information about the cache - just that it is best to enable the cache. you say it is separate to the normal site cache. We use the filter by feature ranges and it is very slow first vist (can be 5-10 seconds.) But the second visit because of your cache is really fast. The reason i ask is that the cache seems to reset itself quite regularly and I do not know how / why. Where is the cache? Can we clear / reset the cache? Can we "warm" the cache? Does re-index the normal shop search index affect it? Does regenerating the Advanced Search 4 search engines affect it Does changing a product price/qty affect it? (We upload new prices via Store Manager which I think directly inputs the new data to the tables) Any info you can give to help us understand the process will be great
  8. Pulling what is left of my hair out here Webserice used to work fine with our courier system (Parcelforce) but has stopped. Courier system developers say there is nothing wrong at their end. To show this, the installed their own version of Prestashop and used the webservice to pull down orders into their system. The produced the attached csv file to show that it works Now from my side. If I go to domain.com/api and enter the key get access to the api. And if i use domain.com//api/orders?filter%5Bcurrent_state%5D=%5B20%5D&filter%5Bdate_add%5D=%3E%5B2019-05-20+22%3A00%3A00%5D&display=full&date=1&sendemail=1 I can see the full xml data as shown in screen print - so I KNOW the webservice works. and i KNOW the courier system works, but SOMETHING must be blocking the two from talking to each other Ourr access logs show these lines when the courier tries to get the orders from the webservice (nothing in their logs) - - [22/May/2019:22:01:44 +0100] "GET /api/orders?filter%5Breference%5D=00000000&display=full&sendemail=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 124 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" - - [22/May/2019:22:01:52 +0100] "GET /api/orders?filter%5Bcurrent_state%5D=%5B20%5D&filter%5Bdate_add%5D=%3E%5B2019-05-20+22%3A00%3A00%5D&display=full&date=1&sendemail=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 3622 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" And sometimes - - [22/May/2019:13:02:41 +0100] "GET /api/order_states?display=%5Bid%2Cname%5D HTTP/1.1" 200 504 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" - - [22/May/2019:13:02:41 +0100] "GET /api/orders?filter%5Bcurrent_state%5D=%5B1%7C2%7C3%7C8%7C9%7C10%7C11%7C12%7C13%7C14%7C18%7C19%7C20%5D&filter%5Bdate_add%5D=%3E%5B2019-05-02+22%3A00%3A00%5D&display=full&date=1&sendemail=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 3718 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" Which shows they are trying to connect. I go to that link and I can see the data. So what on earth is happening . Is this a clue?? HTTP/1.1" 200 3622 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" Not sure what 3622 (or the 506 and 3718) refers to Phpinfo file if it helps: http://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/phpinfo.php Is there anyone who can help track down the issue? WDMPATC_20190522_eorder_logs.csv
  9. This? https://contentbox.org/ You effectively create more than one module for each piece of html / content. Use the generate module link. Type in a name for the module. Download it. Repeat
  10. Trial and error There are just too mnay variables to advise. Number of products, number of variations, size of images, number of languages, number of background processes. Is the server a shared hosting, vps, your own server. is the server close to the customers. All these affect the speed. Then add in modules. 50 modules that gather stats or sync products and sales to other platforms running every couple of minutes would drain most systems. And then are you talking about 50 modules, or 50 modues inclusing the standard default ones? We have about 50 modules enabled but only or two have a big effect on performance (advanced filters, chat modules There is no simple maths to help. it really is trial and error
  11. Simple answer: Who knows! It depends on what the modules are and what they do. Who wrote them (because they can conflict) It depends on your server environment, whether you are using CDN / caches So many variables it would be impossible to say
  12. Look at the bottom of your first post. it says + Quote Edit click the edit button and you should then be able to edit the title
  13. The only "glitch" possible on Presta shop would come from you or one of your colleagues changing something such as adding or modifying a module or theme. There would not be a "magic" glitch Try your server host perhaps they have changed something in the server environment and access all your logs to see if there are any entries
  14. If you edit the topic you can put [SOLVED} at the beginning of the title
  15. Have you put the business customers into a "group"?
  16. If you have definitely not made any changes to prestashop then there can only be two issues 1) a server change (perhaps your server host has changed PHP or something else) 2) canada Post have changed somethig Either way, if you have not changed anything it is unlikely to be a prestashop issue
  17. Yes, OSticket creates tickets from emails. But not from emails from forms. So the Contact Us form on Prestashop is picked up as though it comes from our email address not the customer email address. There is an API system but it means coding prestashop to use it, and that is beyond little old me. I think I will hide the Contact Us form and use a CSM page to link to the OSticket landing page
  18. We are trying to amalgamate all the emails we get from prestashop with our Amazon, Ebay, ManoMano, and our general email systems into one "helpdesk" system - and of course it has to be free :) Is anyone using the open source OsTicket?
  19. You will probably need to set up each of your "zones" as a separate prestashop zone, and also have different "carriers" for each timeslot We use this module - it may be worth having a look: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-costs/19959-shipping-costs-per-zipcode-zone-country-state-city.html
  20. It could just be a cache problem. Clear all caches on server And your local browser. Chrome tends to misbehave with caches and often even CTRL +F5 does not work. So actively delete all caches on your computer browser then try again If the problem persists enter the browser console and see if any errors are reported -but everything works fine for me: https://infinity-shisha.dk/en/
  21. Probably best if you actually answer the questions asked which gives more detailed information rather than just adding more discrepancies That said, it all looks to be working to me
  22. We probably need more information 1) Do you have an SSL certificate installed on your server? 2) What happens when you click Enable SSL: Click here to check if your shop supports HTTPS
  23. Actually the pro version does look automated https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/database-optimization-pro.html
  24. I think that it is manual. But talk to the developer directly - there is a pro-version also
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