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  1. You are using Chroe and a slightly out of date versio of prestashop. Chrome modified there browser (and i think the others will follow suite) to stop using old outdated coding functions Solutions 1) Stop using chrome or 2) Update prestashop 3) manually update the relevant prestashop files if you do not want to do a full upgrade. search the forum it has been discussed quite ofen and you will find the code for fxing
  2. Can;t quite figure out why, but it sees to happen quite often for us. Cancelled orderd? Deleteted orders? Anyway go to back office Orders > Invoice and scroll down there is a box that says Invoice number: The next invoice will begin with this number, and then increase with each additional invoice. Set to 0 if you want to keep the current number (which is #10187).
  3. Why starting with one? The invoice number and the reference number are both unique. Can you not just use those? Amend the order confirmation email to say that their order reference number has been entered into the draw Of course it may depend on how you will choose the winner. Do you want prestashop to do that or will yu do it externally? If externally you could use something like this http://www.harmonyhollow.net/hat.shtml Do a screen video of the selection and post it online
  4. Why not help future store owners with problems and explain how you solved the problem
  5. You do not have to upgrade prestashop. If you search the forum you will find the required fixes. You can just add the required code to specific files rather than a full upgrade Try this thread: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/5662[spam-filter]save-product-fails-910-times/
  6. Google chrome (and other browsers to follow) stopped allowing the use of some depracted prrogramming functions. Many systems have been caught out - even had problems with PayPal. You can roll back to an earlier version of Chrome, but really best to ensure Prestashop is fully up to date. Search the forum and you will find the solutions
  7. Are you using google Chrome? There are issues.
  8. I rolled bacl classes/search.php to a previous version and all is now as it should be
  9. Updated to a few days ago, and just noticed our search is not working as it used to If I type in a specific product referece code we used to get the exact product and perhaps a fee close matches. Now the list is hundreds I have rebuilt the index of course but that has not helped If i type in "M10 Galvanised Nut" in the past I would get the M10 galvanised nut, but now I am see everything with galvanised and everything with nut and everything m10 - hundreds of products making the search pretty useless What has changed and I can I revert?
  10. Perhaps use the Universal Payment module. Create a payment method of "Place order and we will check and send payment link" That will treat it like a real order, then you could send a paypal payment request A question though, why? What kind of changes would you need to make and would that alter the price. If it will alter the price then really the quotation is the way to go
  11. Something to do with your server perhaps? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/419670-paypal-module-suddenly-stopped-working/
  12. There is a difference in the URL format One that works: http://www.gallerygiftsonline.co.uk/highclere-drinkware/highclere-wine-set-of-4.html One that doesnt http://www.gallerygiftsonline.co.uk/thimble-cabinets/36-space-thimble-cabinet.html you can see the one that does not work has a 36- infront of the product name Perhaps the friendly URL has changed and not updated. Check the friendly URl on the SEO tabof the product
  13. Sounds like a job for a quoting module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?id_category=0&search_query=quote But check them carefully some are much better than others some are just contact forms i use this one http://www.store-opart.fr/p/25-devis.html
  14. Yes, but that means the customer had to log in / register. The shipping estimator allows a potential customer to see costs BEFORE logging in. It is important when there are big differences in shipping costs for different postcodes.
  15. Thanks PM send 2) It is the standard prestashop shipping estimator module.
  16. Correct - sorry We use list view rather than grid view which stops the hover effect - perhaps that is an option (and why I thought my suggestion worked)
  17. Hi 1) Is it possible to show current stock level in the cart on the checkout page? 2) Does the shippin estimator module work with this module? We like our customes to have an idea of costs before logging in / creating account 3) The "free" version is not working with PayPal . We are using the standard free EU PayPal module be 202ecommerce with website Pro so we should have the embedded form
  18. Some things to consider: 1) Set up two countries : Italy 4% and Italy 20$ with a comment to tell customer to choose the correct "country" 2) Work with discounts not tax? So have a catalog voucher for 16% deduction when entered. Again a banner on the site advising customers to only use the code if they are eligable 3) If you combine discounts with customer groups you can use a module like this to automatically assign the customer to the correct group https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/link-to-assign-customer-to-group.html I think that creates different sign in URL' so it could be "Click here to sign in if you are elgiable for 4% tax 4) I think this module actaully allows the customer to chose the group - again you will need group discounts not taxes https://addons.prestashop.com/en/registration-ordering-process/5124-extended-registration.html 5) I think this allows tax by customer group - so combine with the above module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/accounting-invoicing/20439-tax-by-country-and-customer-group.html
  19. Sorry for the questions, just trying to understand and think of a solution. So - customer choses tax and pays. They send the documents to you (electronically? post?) . You do not send the products until you have the documents. What happens if no docuements? Do you refund? Could you ask for the documents before they pay? If yes, you could have two customer groups and assign the tax rate for the groups. When customer sends on docuemtns you move them to the 4% tax group and they can then make the purchase
  20. How do you know the customer is dsabled and elderly? Do they have a registration number that they enter? Od do you check afterwards? Or is it just that you can trust the customer?
  21. You could use attributes - like show sizes, or dress colours. I am iterested though - why should the customer choose the tax? How would they know what tax? Can you not use countries / zones to do the tax automatically based on customer address
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