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  1. Oh, a feeling of deja - vu The module provides the IPN. We have not done anything in PayPal
  2. Hi I have a situation where the data I need is in the xml file, but not in the csv exported / created at the same time. Any thoughts?
  3. So I can confirm the SSL is not working for me either There can be issues with Chrome saving. Have you tried a different browser? PS_SSL_ENABLED_EVERYWHERE should be in the PS_Configuration table If it is not there you could try manually adding it
  4. Can you share your URL?
  5. Try using a different browser. I do find with Chrome especailly it tends to remember stuff even when we tell it not to
  6. You have cleared all your prestashop caches? Even browser caches & try a different browser? Chrome at least can keep hold of previous data even when you do a full refresh (ctrl - F5) So try different browsers, cmputers etc to see if the issue is real or linked to your computer
  7. Try this: http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/prestashop-shipping-modules/83-prestashop-localized-shipping-module.html
  8. Have you tried any of these modules? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?id_category=0&search_query=group+by+postciode
  9. I have noticed in the past that if PayPal tries to contact your server and can't for any reason they stop trying for a while. It could just be that. I have found using standard Paypal for a few days then switch back and it will kick back in Of course, may not be the same issue
  10. That is brilliant - almost Just one small issue that would make this work for us. The first line of products has to be on the same line as the order details: like this. can it be done? I have tried but it just causes an error
  11. Hi great module I am wondering if it can be configured in this way At the moment the export is like this You can see one order (number 10243 - Ferris) has more than one product so it shows on two lines Can it be configured more like this? So the information about the buyer is only shown once, but each product they purchase is in a separate line?
  12. This may be a red herring, but..... We have two sites that are set up identically. Rounding the same on both. One site works fine, the other occasionally throws this payment error because PayPal has taken a different amount. I have scoured all the financial and paypal settings and all are identical. Except this: In the currency set up, the site that works has "spacing" on. The site that has an occasional problem does not have "spacing" on. I have no idea what "spacing" means. I have switched it on, and we now wait and see. But perhaps those with problem could check this setting and report back if it is "on" or "off"
  13. I have been looking for that for some time, and not found a way yet. Fingers crossed someone has a solution
  14. Are you using Chrome? There are issues. Search the forum for solution
  15. Did it work before adding the SSL? Can you share the URL of the store - perhaps that might help someone spot an issue
  16. Try storemanager They have a plugin just for that And a free trial https://www.prestashopmanager.com/
  17. A software cannot be SSL certified, it the the hosting platform (or more specifically the IP address) that is SSL certified. WIX provide a store and hosting - it is all on their system so they can SSL protect every IP address and domain name as they choose Prestashop you download and install it where every you want to host it - so you are responsible (or your hosting company) for the SSL
  18. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/1748-paypal.html
  19. While I agree it "looks" like a major security risk 0 is it really? If you are using the standard product and the password in intercepted what can the hacker actually do? All that is stored is name, address and purchase history. No financial data is stored Does a hacker really want to hack a customer account simply to make a purchase - they will still have to provide their own payment
  20. i dont think it slides in, but https://mypresta.eu/modules/social-networks/facebook-login-connect.html or https://www.knowband.com/prestashop-social-loginizer
  21. I did not override, I just replaced the file
  22. Why should it not matter what browser you use? They all use different techniques. That is just the way of the world. If Chrome or firefox want to change how they interpret code it is up to them. Everyone else can either use a different browser or adapt. Adapting an existing software to cope with any ever changing world is an ongoing task - and each software provider (free or otherwise) have to decide where best to spend their time That said, Prestashop HAVE released an update The latest release does not have this issue. You can upgrade your site or make some manual adjustments See here for details https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/594759-problem-with-saving-changes-in-product/?do=findComment&comment=2508359 Of course if that is not your specific problem then you will need to be a lot more specific than "Same Problem" - we will need to know version of prestashop, version of Firefox at an absolure minimum
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