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  1. Some of our product names have pack sizes at the end For example: M16 A4 Stainless Steel flat washer Pack Size : 8 Using other systems I can isolate the last number "8" and use it in calculations. So for example, the customer buys "2" of: M16 A4 Stainless Steel flat washer Pack Size : 8 So they need 2 *8 = 16 washers in total In another system I can use: TRIM(SUBSTRING_INDEX(T2.product_name,':',-1)) * T2.product_quantity To isolate the last numbers in the product name and mulitply by the quantity is there a way to do that with M4PDF coding?
  2. Sorry, baffled. You must have the shipify format - it is the CSV file your supplier has sent to you Just copy the data from the shopify file into the prestashop file I think perhaps you are not fully explaining the problem. Try to give more details
  3. I don;t know about the coding, but can I ask why Do you need the ":" to stay there or can you not just delete it in the title? If it is volume, you could export to CSV, lose the characters in Excel (I can show the function for that) then upload again
  4. No, never heard of it to be honest. But talking to the developers is always a starting point. There is no such thing as a standard module though as every ecommerce system is very different. Looks like you may have to employ someone to do some coding for you
  5. Hmm, you are correct. That is suprising. So I guess you will need to dig into the module programming
  6. In prestashop (Import section) you can download the template to see the format there
  7. Q1: Look at Language > translations Q2: Not without using a different (probably paid) theme or doing some hefty CSS work your self (Have a look at CSS magician (https://addons.prestashop.com/en/page-customization/22092-css-magician-ultimate-themes-configurator-theme-maker.html) or Leothemes - the free ones may be OK for you (http://www.leotheme.com/prestashop/themes.html)
  8. Try changing rounding to per item not per line. Seems to work
  9. It seems to export ALL orders when there are no new ones. We do still get this message: Sorry, but there are NO NEW orders to export with this filters and options setting. But the file is not empty it contains all orders
  10. Simple solution: change rounding to per item in prestashop More complex: use the fix discussed above
  11. Try another browser, if that works then you know Chrome is to blame
  12. Using Google Chrome and an older version of prestashop? There are issues which have been documented.
  13. Is there a setting (or a code change) I can use so that the export file is created even when there are no new data? When there is no data i get: Sorry, but there are NO NEW orders to export with this filters and options setting. But it would be really useful just to create the file with the column headings
  14. Try StoreManager, they have a plugin just for that https://www.prestashopmanager.com/
  15. Not sure, but I don't think that is the error causing the 500 status. After the 500 status if you refresh the page it will try to send the order for Payment again, this message just seems to be telling you that the order has already been placed You need to determine what is causing this 500 error and ignore the above error
  16. This has a great CSV upload system https://www.prestashopmanager.com/
  17. More investigations I thought the problem was with the module so I purchased another (Agile) and that had the same problems. but narrowed it down. I think it is to do with rounding settings in prestashop. When the module sends details of the order to PayPal, PayPal does it's own calculatons based on rounding per item - it ignores the settings in Prestashop I have tried different settings and I think it makes a difference. We need rounding per line though. When I explained this to the Agile devs they made a fix to their module that does not send details of the order to PayPal and instead just sends the total. So far this has worked and we have no payment errors today. Will need to spend more time testing to be certain though Agile say they will add a feature to their module soon to allow this. In the meantime, if you get their module they will do a manual fix for you Down side is that the PayPal email just says "My Cart" > £27.50 instead of the actaul products bought. But I am fine with that So if you can, change your rounding to per item. if you can;t consider getting the Agile Module - at least their devs are responsive!
  18. Be careful I do not think they allow customer to pay by PayPal. They are for customer to pay by card and the funds go to your paypal account
  19. I think this is to do with rounding. If you have rounding per line then PayPal ignores that and recalculates using rounding per item I am still working on this, but the devs of the module I use (agile) have made a fix this afternoon. Now just need to test it for a while Simple solution: change rounding to per item in prestashop If you need per line or per total then try to talk to the module devs. or visit the agile site and buy their module. It will not work immediately, ask them to make the fix. They are working on putting a switch in the module itself
  20. No discount on this particular order We get two types of errors, both on the same site Error 1) Paypal value is different to Prestashop value so order created with a "payment error" notice Error 2) PayPal does not confirm the order with the website. So customer gets charged and we do not know there is an order Both very frustrating. I think I am going to try a paid solution
  21. Ah well. Not this. Another payment error today. just really weird how this is just on onesite back to the drawing board
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