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  1. Oh I see. So literally just an image to show quantity discounts are available. Sorry I can;t help. But I would be really interested in the solution
  2. Will this module do it? https://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/quantity-discounts-on-products-lists.html
  3. Localisation > Countries and disable the ones you do not want to sell to In there, there is also a slider switch to limit sales to countries covered by carriers Also in Modules > payment you can use country restrictions so no payment options are available
  4. As far as I can tell (had no problems since trying this) PayPal does it's own calculations. It looks at the per unit price on prestashop and goes from there. So if your rounding on prestashop is per line or total then you will get issues I have changed rounding to per item and had no problems since
  5. We use : https://erpnext.com/ It is superb. although i have not tried there is a link for Shopify. But sadly no direct link to Prestashop. I do a quick export / import every day
  6. More of a filter than a search, but brilliant https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search-filters/2778-advanced-search-4.html
  7. Just tried and it does give that error for me Prestashop errors are not always correct so it could be another issue. Make sure you do not have any country restrictions on the payment modules
  8. Who said it should take time? it should be instant Are you asking someone else to make the changes for you? Click the edit button, make the change and save it. THEN clear the store caches and the browser caches. it should be instant
  9. Have you talked to Emagicone who provided the store manager module? It may be that there is a difference between the cloud version and the self hosted versions of their software
  10. I am confused Prestacart is not prestashop So I will assume you do mean prestashop seeing as this is the prestashop forum In the prestashop back office go to Preferences > General and make sure you have enabled SSL Then clear the cache (Advanced Preferences > Performance) And try again (if you are using Google Chrome you will probably need to clearer browser cache as it does tend to hold on to stuff) That should sort out the htaccess file automatically If it does not work try Preferences > SEO Switch on friendly URL and save Then clear cache and try again
  11. Click a button, or click a name. Not sure I can see the difference really. Or do you mean you want the history there? So no button to click? We have customers with hundreds of orders. To show all the detail there would be very slow to load. It is even very slow on the customer page But good luck, I hope someone can answer your question
  12. Don't be so impatient. This is a peer group forum. You could wait days for a reply, or not ever get one. Such is the nature of forums. Do you not get all that information when you look at the customer? In the top right of your screen print click the customer name
  13. Not directly A module like this will allow you to set up delivery costs based on postcode http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/prestashop-shipping-modules/83-prestashop-localized-shipping-module.html But is will not offer a drop down list Perhaps in conjuction with something like this ; address lookup https://craftyclicks.co.uk/
  14. Have you checked this process with Italian numbers? When first on screen it works, but then stops working. Can you try an italian number? get it to the shopping cart and see the VAT effect, then click away and come back and see if VAT is still deducted?
  15. Sorry for the confusions - the free one does not work for italian numbers (https://github.com/P...aShop/vatnumber) Our messages crossed in the ether
  16. It works sometimes We are UK and it will not work for Italian VAT numbers and some spanish ones as far as I can tell.. The VAT number just gets stripped from their address. I cannot figure it. Can you test with some italian VAT numbers?
  17. Try this http://www.presta-apps.com/free-modules/117-faq-advanced-module.html?search_query=FAQ&results=3
  18. What about using carriers per product. So two carriers one for upto 35 Kg (Carrier A) and the other for over 35 KG (Carrier The in the producrt settings you can manually select which carrier should be used for that product. A or B ) We use it like this for long products that have to go by a certain courier Use it in combination with the carrier settings for out of range behavuors set to highest. So for the upto 35kg carrier, set the weight band of 0-35 KG at £10, and the out of range behaviour set to highest value. So A customer puts in a product weighing 20 KG they can only choose Carrier A because you have set that. The price will be £10. Now they add an other at 25 KG, the total weight is 45 KG BUT, they can still only choose carrier A and the out of range feature will kick in and still charge £10
  19. That is an old version Is this problem alway been there, or is it a new problem? Not sure about 1.4, but the screen print show possibilities : Check customer group:
  20. Don.t assume it is the same core problem, or that it was not fixed and then broken again All I can say is that when I updated to search broke. I replaced search php with the previos version and it worked again. All you can do is try it. It if works, great. If it does not, keep looking for an answer
  21. I set a cron to update the search everynight
  22. Try this: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/594550-has-the-search-system-changed-in-16111/?hl=search
  23. Works fine for me So some checks Prefernces > Search > Rebuild entire index then try search again Prefernces > Search > have a look at the weightings and perhaps increase the product description (Then rebuild index) What version of prestashop. There were some issues with the latest 1.6 release so I rolled back to an earlier search system
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