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  1. That is weird. As far as I know, 1-click upgrade cannot upgrade from 1.6 > 1.7 Can you show a screen print form inside the 1-click upgrade module showing that it only has 1.7 available?
  2. Your business is not worth investing 27 euro in? We all want stuff for free, but in my experience my time as a business developer is much more important than spending the next three days looking for a free solution to something that is there now, and very cheap. Just put a value to your own time? How much do you pay your self? let's say 10 euro an hour. Well if you are going to spend more than 3 hours researching this, developing this, troubleshooting this, then you should purchase the module that is available. Have to say that vekia is one of the best out there, great support.
  3. Scripts on your server are only allowed to run for a short time before timeout. Ask your host if they can increase the time Or upload in smaller batches There are some bulk uploader modules - search the forum they may be able to help
  4. I was hoping you would say an older version There were issues with Google chrome and depricated program commands, but as far as I know these have been fixed in Still, worth a look. Try this thread that points to a github fix. Make sure these files have been updated https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/5662[spam-filter]save-product-fails-910-times/
  5. What version of prestashop are you using ? And which internet browser?
  6. Please do not use private messages to answer public questions. The whole point of these user support forums is that we help each other. If you have an answer put it here in the forum for all to see. Your answer could help other users solve their problems
  7. PayPal can be integrated in to Moodle. I don't remember the detail, but customers could see the name and details of a training course and then sign up for that course. During the sign up they would make a payment via PayPal (all integrated). They would then be able to log in and see the course they had signed up for. Moodle is open source, so if you have a server you can install and have a play. Their support forums are very good
  8. I think I used PayPal if I remember correctly
  9. I used to do just that with Moodle. Worked perfectly. I ran online ICT training course that customers would sign up for and then be able to download PDF worksheets, watch videos, take assessments
  10. Which means you cannot really use PayPal then. Because PayPal works per item. They are much bigger than any of us, and prestashop, so if they want to calculate per item they will
  11. Do the German tax regulations state that you have to round per line or per total? In the UK we can choose to round per item, per line OR per total. That is why for the UK the fix is simple - round per item. That is the way that PAYPAL do this. So if you want to use PayPal and you want to use Prestashop and you do not want errors then you have to use the fix as mentioned
  12. Try some of these https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?id_category=0&search_query=customer+map
  13. Is this the module you mean? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/20242-bridge-connector-for-store-manager.html
  14. Looks fine to me. Try clearing all the caches in prestashop AND your browser
  15. That indicates the problem IS with PayPal. They only consider rounding done in a specific way - their way. So Prestashop allows different rounding methods PayPal module (202 commerce) seems to adhere to the prestahop method and also does the rounding how we define in prestashop payPal themselves will NOT allow different rounding methods So this is why we are all having issues. Nobody is actaully wrong. if you use prestashop settings as PayPal suggest then everything works. The main problem therefore is that Prestashop offer the different rounding methods because we as users demand those different methods to suit our specific needs, but PayPal will only adhere to their method. So, we stop fighting really. Either use the rounding method that PayPal accepts, or dont use PayPal is the way I see it
  16. Localisation > taxes > scroll to the bottom
  17. Not a bug - an option in settings
  18. Can you share the shop URL for testing? Also, if you want PM back office details. I can log in and check some settings?
  19. If your shop is in France, and a customer with a VAT number from another EU country makes a purchase they must not be charged VAT so perhaps your customer was from another country?
  20. Works just fine for me. Perhaps there are some "options" you have set in internet browser serttings. Try clearing you browser cache
  21. 2) : Definitely. Search the addons store. But beware, most are tied to the actual cart, so if the cart disappears so does the quote
  22. You really can't beat tawk.to There are loads of designs for the widgets and they can be very discreet
  23. I am not aware of a way to do this. Shipping is by weight OR price and cannot be both. I wish it could be both as it would make my life MUCH easier. If you find solution please report back
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