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  1. One of these? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?id_category=0&search_query=private
  2. Not sure, but the flags are just for transaltations I think The body of the module says : "This module is available worldwide for 1.7 version and for 1.4 to 1.6 for the following continents: Europe, Asia, Oceania and Latin America, except Mexico." So sounds hopeful it is still OK cos UK is part of Europe
  3. Not sure why it is not working for you. It works for me When I hover over the download it shows the URL where the file is - perhaps you could use FTP? They are in the docs > CSV_Import folder If you do not have access to FTP then you could download the 1.7 zip file and locate them in there (Same folder)
  4. Nobody using despatch Bay? Oh well
  5. Is anyone using Despatch Bay linked to prestashop? Looking for a module (or perhaps someone who can create one) to access their API for prestashop 1.6
  6. Done an upgrade? Serve host restored a backup? Which browser? Try a hard refresh? Clear cache etc? Using CDN?
  7. Personally I would not want to email to get a shipping price. You know the value and dimensions of the products, can you not put the price in?
  8. Thanks - silly me. I thought that being a database the order table would jsut be indexed numbers, not the actual data. I will try changing the field length in the table first. Then i will try your fix if that does not work
  9. Hi Module: 2.7.4 We are using "XML transformation - XSLT stylesheet" In prestashop we have some long product references so I have modified the field lengths in the tables and some PHP files Max field length is normally 32 characters for product reference, we have increased to 64 charachters When we export the orders, it seems the module is still only 32 characters, so this code: "CLAMP/T304/38-40*6-36-100-20-12-3" is exported as "CLAMP/T304/38-40*6-36-100-20-12-" Is there somewhere in the module files that limit this to 32 characters? Can you point me to where so I can increase it?
  10. We had the problem yesterday, OK today though. I did see a message on Payapl they were doing some mainteneance to do with IPN;s so perhaps that was the issue
  11. I don't think there is much a problem, you just need some patience while you work out a new system. Any thing new would be the same For the prices, check to make sure you are not in catalog mode (preferences > Products) What version of prestashop are you using? Is that the standard theme or one you have installed?
  12. Have you looked at this file? override/controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php perhaps you can upload the contents of the file here, it may say which module is the culprit
  13. I told you the only method that is possible Something is conflicting. A module is conflicting with the CSV import. All you can do is work through the modules one at a time until you find the culprit. Start with the most recently installed modules. This: override/controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php Tells you that something has overridden the stadard file. You could try to look at that file and work out which module installed the override, or you can disbale the modules as I already explained
  14. ]Are you installing from Backoffice > Modules or did you upload with FTP? My folder is called tawkto - perhaps try to rename?
  15. Yes But my question was - are you trying to install the zip file directly, or are you following the instructions (so extracting the zip folder and jsut uploading the folder mentioned int he instructions
  16. tawk.to is awesome Did you try to install the zip file as downloaded? or did you follow these instructions This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. 1. Download and extract the tawkto.zip 2. Upload `tawkto` directory to the `/modules/` directory 3. Install module from `Modules -> Front Office Features` 4. Go to `Administration`, then to `Tawk.to` to select page and widget you wish to use That is you have to EXTRACT the zip folder If you did,then what version of prestashop are you using?
  17. The only think I can suggest is to disable all the third party modules one at a time until you find out the one that is causing the problem
  18. Have you just installed any new modules?
  19. Which version of prestashop? Is this a new problem or had it never worked? If a new problem have you jsut installed a new module? The error message suggests an override, so that suggests a faulty module somewhere
  20. Not sure on 1.7 but in earlier versions the customer groups can be configured to show VAT or not, so check the customer groups
  21. Go to Customers > Shopping carts From there you can see all the shopping carts. Look for the carts that are not converted to an order but does have a customer name next to them. Then click into that cart. If you are certain you have received payment you can convert that cart to an order from there
  22. That is weird. As far as I know, 1-click upgrade cannot upgrade from 1.6 > 1.7 Can you show a screen print form inside the 1-click upgrade module showing that it only has 1.7 available?
  23. Your business is not worth investing 27 euro in? We all want stuff for free, but in my experience my time as a business developer is much more important than spending the next three days looking for a free solution to something that is there now, and very cheap. Just put a value to your own time? How much do you pay your self? let's say 10 euro an hour. Well if you are going to spend more than 3 hours researching this, developing this, troubleshooting this, then you should purchase the module that is available. Have to say that vekia is one of the best out there, great support.
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