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  1. Probably the cache system, used to speed up the site. You can switch it off, and delete the cache but the site will be slower. Check the performance tab on the back office
  2. Have a look at this module: https://www.presta-addons.com/en/prestashop-modules/3-pdf-extensions-prestashop.html
  3. We use a module called "related products" but it is ThirtyBees and theme specific. So perhaps search for "related product" modules instead of "also Available"
  4. I believe there are modules. But I run them straight from our server cPanel. but I wouldn’t worry about it until you have a specific need.
  5. Basic function does not require cron jobs. However as you expand from the basic you may need them. For example to send requests for reviews, or to update currency conversions, or automatically import stock quantities, automatically send orders to couriers or automatically change order status.
  6. The module is specifically designed to show that when stock is 0 Do you want the products to still show in the front of the store so customers can see them? If not, just disable the product in the back office
  7. Looking for some code changes, or a module, that will allow us to set a price as "0". If the price is "0" then the price should be hidden and replaced with something like "Please ask for a price", and also the add to cart button should also be hidden This also needs to work with individual attribute combinations. So for example if a product is available in red, blue and green, and the price of green is "0" then customer will see the price and add to cart for red and blue but when they select green it shows "Please ask for a price" and the add to cart button is hidden I have located a great blog by @premiumpresta giving some code changes to enable this https://premiumpresta.com/blog/display-free-instead-0-00-product-prices-prestashop/ It's a little old so may need the odd tweak, but the part I am struggling with is the combinations in product.js: The blog states: We must also change the way it displays prices for products which have combinations with different products. To do this edit /root/themes/default-bootstrap/js/product.js and change line 756: $('#our_price_display').text(formatCurrency(priceWithDiscountsDisplay, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank)).trigger('change'); Into: if(combination.price == 0) { $('#our_price_display').text("Free").trigger('change'); } else { $('#our_price_display').text(formatCurrency(priceWithDiscountsDisplay, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank)).trigger('change'); } We check whether the combination is 0 and if it is display a text on change event. This works great IF the price is 0 but I need a different price. I want it to be if the price > 1000 the display "Please ask for a price" So the key line is "if(combination.price==0 { If I change this to anyting apart form 0 then it does not work. So I am guessing that the 0 actual signifies null rather than a numeric value? Can anyone suggest how to mod this so it works for my scenario??
  8. Try this: https://www.getdatakick.com/
  9. Any of these modules suitable: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?search_query=discount
  10. Shouldn't need a new browser. It is a cache issue What browsers have you tried and how did you clear the cache in them?
  11. It looks OK to me, so a cache issue
  12. Have you cleared your browser cache? Chrome is reluctant sometimes to clear it's own cache so you may need to force it a few times Try a different computer that should tell you if it is prestashop or your own web browser
  13. Stripe Dashboard shows Prestashop as an authorised App? Stripe dashboard > Settings ? you ONLY have cards enabled? Prestashop > Modules > payment - all the required ticks in ? In other words you are not restricting Stripe by country, currency or carrier? Prestashop > Modules > Stripe > No payment options ticked? Have you had other payment modules installed and working? If not try bank wire and see if that shows. It will help see if the issue is the module or payment in general How to enable prestashop debug mode Have you contacted the developer of the module (contact developer of module here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/24922-stripe-official.html
  14. URL? Have you tried looking at the broweser console to see if it shows any errors Or switched on PS debug mode?
  15. OK, well best to describe what is happening rather than ask about coding. the module should work So answer these and give even more info if you can version of PS Does the module install - if not what is the error message Can you enable the modue - if not what is the error message Have you added the relevant keys Are you in live and sandbox Can you see the module in the front end? What happens when you enter card details Give as much info as possible, with screen prints then perhaps we can help
  16. You should not need to code. Just install the module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/24922-stripe-official.html
  17. Sorry - I changed my reply to Preferences >Store Contacts But I don't think that is it. If you are getting notification of orders then I think that is a module . Mailalerts
  18. I can see TLS 1.2 is ok I think you need to work through those other points. For the modules just work with non prestashop default modules. If the answer is not in something you have tried, then the answer must be in something you have not tried
  19. Sorry I can't really help, just trying to help troubleshoot. Hopefully your answers will help someone else dig this out Couple more thoughts 1) Have you tried disabling all modules except the paypal one, then enable one at a time to rule ou conflicts. For example i can see there is a share cart on facebook module - perhaps a conflict 2) Any recent server changed? PHP changes- you do have TLS 1.2? 3) Have you tried using the browser console > network tab to watch what happens as you go through the checkout process 4) Does it do the same with 5 step order process
  20. Try to break this down. I doubt it is prestashop core bug. Very little is done with 1.6 - more likely a local issue You say you are using - did the problem exist before the upgrade? Have you upgraded or installed any new modules? Did the issue start as soon as you installed the first Paypal module? Why have you tried so many paypal modules? Have you checked for viruses etc on the server? Are the duplicate orders created from the same shopping cart? Check the server files to see date / time stamps to see if anything else has changed (malware) Have you created orders yourself with the same results Have you cleared all cached or better still turn them off for now I think it is a lot of troubleshooting in your system as it is unlikely to be a PayPal or Prestashop bug URL for us to check ? Any other payment modules installed? Are you sure customers are not clicking more than once (perhaps because of slow page refresh) Server cache? Firewalls? Disable overrides Does the issue happen with Ban wire/ check modules Is the problem with certain currencies or all?
  21. We went the TB route simply because 1.7 will result in you probably needing to purchase new modules and themes. Of course if you do not have any third party themese or modules then that is not a consideration
  22. You have handling costs set to on. Have a look and see if any are set at Shipping > preferences
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