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  1. I'm looking for an SQL query that can assign manufacturer images to category images. So for example, my category menu is as follows: ____________ CATEGORIES | ____________| MENU1---------->Submenu1_Manufacturer_1 ____________|->Submenu1_Manufacturer_2 ____________|->Submenu1_Manufacturer_3 . _______________ MANUFACTURERS| ______________| Manufacturer 1 _______________ Manufacturer 2 _______________ Is there an easy way, e.g. an SQL query, that I can use to link the images that appear when I click the MANUFACTURERS hyperlink to the images that would normally appear when I click MENU1 hyperlink? I'm using Prestashop 1.3.1.
  2. When subscribing to a category's RSS feed using Prestashop v1.2.5, the feed fails due to invalid XML where any product's name has an ampersand. Attempting to fix problem by changing the product name from A & B to A & B generates an error in the back-office, and the changes in name cannot be saved. Any possible fix, or must a bug report be submitted on this issue?
  3. I didn't make the thumbnails big enough, but simply removed the border around the image. Go into the theme/ThemeName/css/ folder and edit the global.css file. Find the primary_block#image-block css rule and remove the border attribute.
  4. Apparently was discussed here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/15988/
  5. After upgrading prestashop from v1.1 to v1.2.5, I decided to use the option to Regenerate thumbails (Back Office->Preferences->Image). However, after the using this option, the thumbnails on my site have black borders. Is it possible to regenerate the images without the black border?
  6. I followed similar steps two weeks ago, after perusing the forum. One other thing: you have to rebuild your search index (Back Office->Preferences->Search), or searching won't work.
  7. I haven't signed up for moneybookers yet ... but are you saying that the front office options for this module are not in English?
  8. Well, I only had to do your last recommendation (DROP the ps_country_mb table) and it worked :-)
  9. The previous error in regards to not finding country_mb.sql was most likely due to an incomplete installation. I have not received that error anymore when retrying the previous file. With the older (7KB) version, or the new one you suggests (that embeds the SQL code), neither installs. However, the web server does not restart, as it did previously. I'm guessing that one of the tests in your install procedure does not pass.
  10. I get the following error in the php_error.log file (it was just created). As such, the module doesn't install. Prestashop shows the following error when attempting to install the module.
  11. Installing prestashop on a wampserver installation shouldn't be difficult. However, I upgraded to the latest version of wampserver, and there are no logs in the php_error.log file (it never was created). However, the Apache errors that occur whenever the Apache server starts remain. It seems to imply that attempting to install your module restarts the server. Googling does not give a clear answer for this error. I will assume that I won't get this error if I uploaded your module to a web hosting service.
  12. I see this message in my php error log when trying to activate your module Are you using curl?
  13. The only line in the log that looks suspicious is: [Fri Jul 03 10:19:09 2009] [notice] Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting.
  14. I get the same error. I'm using Wampserver to test the module, and safe mode is not enabled.
  15. Copying the module to the prestashop modules folder has it listed as a Prestashop module in the back office. However, when the Install button is pressed to activate the module, Firefox says that the connection has reset. Internet Explorer 8 says that it can't display the page, and proposes to diagnose the connection.
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