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  1. Yes but I would make sure that we had the latest update available. So if anyone does have the script then can you please pm me or share it here. Cheers
  2. Hi Does anyone know of a 'One Click Install' script for Prestashop. I want to add it to my hosting packages so clients don't have to download from Prestashop site and then upload through FTP to their webspace. Cheers
  3. Hi there I've learned a valuable lesson today read the instructions carefully and every bit of small text you see. When I got to the final set up page it asks you: 'Receive notifications by email'. Then a note on the install sheet that says: If you do not request this summary, you may be blocked in the subsequent steps. When I unticked it I was able to get complete set up. Which made no sense at all.
  4. Hi Yes I checked that too. So I deleted all the files of FTP and now it works and takes me to the next window where it stops again. So when I press the next button to finish the install nothing happens. No error message at all. Thanks
  5. Hi I've gone through the setup process for a new install and now I've put my Merchant admin info in and clicked next and nothing happens....any ideas please? Cheers THIS WAS RESOLVED BY UN-TICKING 'RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS BY EMAIL' on the last screen.
  6. Yeah I don't think that's the case here really or no one would be able to use it...I think it's something local to you. Okay what I would do is create a .php file in your editor with a connection to your database and upload it to one of your other domains and see if it connects and report back. That way you will see if the problem really lies with php 5.3 or your database etc.
  7. Hi I am running the same php version and windows 2008 without any problem. When you say it's a php issue what gives you that idea?
  8. Are you getting any errors? Can you see the tables in MySQL? Did you run the Prestashop installer?
  9. Hi there I am getting exactly the same problem...I've checked the tables in the db and they are all there and the connection is fine. All write permissons are working. Anyone any ideas would be really useful about now please. Cheers
  10. Hi Are there any security risks with making files and folders in Prestashop write permission? Does it make your website vulnerable to miscellanious attacks etc. Cheers
  11. I need someone to integrate my design into PrestaShop. 80% of the design already uses addons within PrestaShop there are added minor elements that I wish added. To get a full brief of the job please PM me. When replying you must have a your own email address not hotmail or gmail. You must have a website and demonstrate your ability to do this work. Thank you.
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