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  1. did you try yourdomain.com/admin/ ?? or try yourdomain.com/admin123/ ??
  2. I feel it is because there is numbers in the item field ... I need numbers too in the item field too so what should i do to get rid of this message
  3. I am using PrestaShop™ when ever i try to upload products i get this message, " the field name (English (English)) is invalid " I guess it is because i am using English as my default language. I feel the new prestashop is not stable . I entered the description from the note pad so there is no html in the description..
  4. can i restrict the access to particular user say [email protected] to a particular categories say "xyz" what code should i add to make it work?
  5. after the customers orders i am not able to see what they have ordered for . the products for which the customer have ordered is not showing up can some help with this. i think it is a Db related issues please explain with steps to resolve this problem. i am not very good with DB but can manage to follow the instructions . I have attached the picture that will explain the problem better.
  6. I am using prestashop - Version - 0.872s ... what is the use of paypal api v.1.0 ?? when i have a PayPal v2.4 installed???
  7. i have many employees in my organizations i want one employee to take care of one categories alone without disturbing other categories or viewing other categories. I could achive this by creating a profile and enabling the view permit for catalog .. But i want to restrict an employee for a particular categorie alone how do i achive this please help ??
  8. I am not able to configure paypal 2.4v completely i still have that yellow triangle in the status.. ihave entered the details correctly into the fields and of solutions +settings+Logo.. The message i am getting is "Please do not use, and remove PayPalAPI module." CAn some help in this regards.... I have attached the screen shot in this thread.
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