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  1. SOLVED for ver in controllers/AddressController.php change the code at line 127 from: if ($country->isNeedDni() AND (!Tools::getValue('dni') OR !Validate::isDniLite(Tools::getValue('dni')))) to: if ($country->isNeedDni() AND !Validate::isDniLite(Tools::getValue('dni'))) no need to update validate.php or address.php and now the customers can leave the DNI field blank
  2. i have the same problem in version, i just want disable the validation of DNI field, some customers may want to leave it blank i have tried this in validate.php class but it still validates the DNI field, please help... static public function isDniLite($dni) { return true; } in the backoffice -> customers -> addresses -> set required fields its nothing checked to be required
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