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  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    Good News Everyone! The PROFESSIONAL AMP PAGES - ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES Module is now available on PrestaShop Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-performance/26950-professional-amp-pages-accelerated-mobile-pages.html I am looking forward to any questions you all may have regarding the module and very soon I will provide another "status update" containing the recent developments and future plans for the AMP module. I wish you all a happy Friday!
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    Hey everyone, As we received a lot of great feedback on our site for this module in the previous week, we decided to extend the discount period so that it will include Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We appreciate all the feedback we receive and the module will only get better as we receive it along with new ideas and suggestions. It's thanks to your ideas and comments that we got so far so we're looking forward to hear more from you. >> GET THE AMP MODULE AND PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE <<
  3. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    @Vicente Paul You can download the update for PrestaShop 1.6 right now from your account on prestachamps.com but I remember you have PS 1.7 so I will send you an email when that version is available for download as well.
  4. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    AMP Pages Module Update - New version available. It's been a bit quiet in here and I'm sorry about that but we have been working hard on developing and improving our AMP Pages module along with a new mobile theme for PrestaShop which we are excited to reveal soon. Regarding the AMP module, I am happy to announce version 1.7.0 (of our module, compatibility with PrestaShop 1.7 has been done months ago ). We can also call it the "Anniversary Update" as we started working on AMP for PrestaShop one year ago. With this occasion and with Black Friday / Cyber Monday coming soon, we are offering a 40% discount for the module as we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to own a fast website. >> YOU CAN GET THE DISCOUNTED MODULE HERE << Some of the biggest improvements of the new version are detailed below: It is now possible to force the AMP version for all users who access the site from mobile! AMP is demonstrably faster compared to any responsive PrestaShop theme and now you have the option to display your AMP pages to everyone accessing your website, regardless if they get there from Google or any other referrer. Every mobile visitor can enjoy the significant performance improvements brought by the AMP module. As I mentioned in my last post, Page Speed Insights scores are well into the 90s which has for long seemed extremely hard if not impossible to achieve with responsive PrestaShop themes. Admin Overhaul Thankfully we have received a lot of positive and constructive feedback from the module users over the past few months and while the front-end has been very well received, it became obvious that the back-end needed a little work. Especially as we are continuously adding new features and options, it became clear that the admin area needed an overhaul before it became too confusing to use efficiently. Now, all the settings are grouped in distinct tabs, each taking care of a specific area of the AMP module, making the set-up process a lot more user-friendly. Demo Mode You can now preview the AMP version and all the settings you are changing before the module lets Google know that you have AMP pages and they need to be indexed. This is especially useful if you take advantage of the custom CSS option and need a bit more time to make sure everything looks the way you want it to. Embed YouTube Videos in Product Descriptions If you already have YouTube videos embedded in your product descriptions, they will now be displayed in the AMP pages as well. New Product Page Template Continuing our work on the combinations, we have created a new template for the product page which presents customers with a drop-down list of the product options when a product has combinations. This is a great addition for improving user-experience on your site. Homepage Banners You can now add image banners (with links) for the three main sections (Featured, New and Best Selling Products) Additional changes A <img> tag is converted to an <amp-img> tag. A <iframe> tag is converted to an <amp-iframe> tag. A <audio> tag is converted to an <amp-audio> tag. A <video> tag is converted to an <amp-video> tag. Twitter embed code for tweets is converted to an <amp-twitter> tag. Instagram embed code for instagrams is converted to an <amp-instagram> tag. Youtube embed code for videos is converted to an <amp-youtube> tag. Dailymotion embed code for videos is converted to an <amp-dailymotion> tag. Pinterest embed code for pins is converted to an <amp-pinterest> tag. Soundcloud embed code for audio music is converted to an <amp-soundcloud> tag. Vimeo embed code for videos is converted to an <amp-vimeo> tag. Vine embed code for videos is converted to an <amp-vine> tag. Future Updates We are working on the AMP menu. Currently it is similar to PrestaShop's standard menu module but we want to enable additional functionality and customization options. We estimate this to be available next week and I will provide an update when it's ready as I know many of you are looking forward to this. New templates for the product and category pages. Ideas are always welcome and we are working on implementing the really good ones into new templates for AMP pages. Professional Blog Module Chat Functionality Full Checkout Process creation If you read this far you are clearly interested in everything our module has to offer so you rightfully earned the 40% discount This is the best deal we ever offered and honestly, it's hard to find something else that does so much for this amount of money. >> GET THE AMP MODULE AND PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE <<
  5. Get up to 3 times better Google Image Search Results with the Advanced Google Image Sitemap Generator module! The module can add ALL your product images to the sitemap instead of just one per product. You can choose which image type will be added. The standard sitemap module uses home_default which in many cases can be too small or have a large thickbox. You can even choose the original image that was uploaded to the product for the sitemap. As more and more users are using the Google Image Search filters to display only large images, this can give you more results. Image Title Generator included! We realize that in the case of large product catalogs it's unfeasible to manually add titles to each image so we included a title generator which uses 12 variables (Product Name, Category, Manufacturer, etc.) to generate titles for your images. This is an invaluable tool for SEO. >> Get the Advanced Google Image Sitemap Generator Module << With the above options you can ensure that your highest quality images will be in the Google Image Search results. Also, thanks to the SEO boost provided by the title generator, their positions can improve as well! Let me know if you have any questions about this module and I will gladly provide more information. The module is available on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace for versions 1.6 and 1.7: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/26822-advanced-google-image-sitemap-generator.html An image is worth 1000 words but a video can be worth 1000 images. We also made a module which can replace product images with videos from YouTube or Vimeo. You can find out more about it here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/videos-music/19765-product-video-pro.html
  6. Offer your customers a fast and reliable Sign Up process which doesn't direct them to a separate Account Creation page! Increase your sign-up conversion and offer them the option of logging in with their Facebook or Google accounts! While there are several pop-up login solutions for PrestaShop, our module stands out thanks to the option to create an account in the pop-up! >> Get the Quick PopUp Login & Registration module here << The module is very easy and straight-forward when it comes to configuration. Here you can set up social login through Facebook and Google: If you have any questions or you're looking for additional information regarding this module, ask away! Also, you can find out more on the module's page in the Addons Marketplace: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/registration-ordering-process/26818-quick-popup-loginwith-social-login-or-register.html
  7. [Module] Advance Google Tag Manager PRO

    Hey everyone, We listened to feedback from the community and found that there is a segment of users who have already set up Tag Manager but are missing pixel tracking. We created a new version of the module specifically for these cases. If you're already using Tag Manager and are looking for a "Lite" version of the module that will take care of Facebook pixel tracking and Pinterest, we have just released the FB Pixel Tracking Using Tag Manager Module available now on the Addons Marketplace: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/28441-fb-pixel-tracking-using-tag-manager.html
  8. >> FB Pixel Tracking Using Tag Manager Module << Social Media Tracking has never been easier! Instead of using the standard Facebook pixel we integrated all 9 custom events to allow you to track in a much better way the expenses and income generated by Social Media. As a bonus, the module also includes Pinterest Pixel Tracking - with custom 3-pixel events integration (View, Add to cart and Purchase) Features and benefits: Universal Analytics integrated Works with Google Tag Manager (GTM) Google Analytics Page View Tracking Works with classic checkout Works with One Page Checkout Tracks Facebook View Tracks Facebook Add to Cart Tracks Facebook Purchase Tracks Facebook Search Tracks Facebook Contact page form completion Tracks Pinterest Sales Tracks Pinterest Add to Carts Tracks Pinterest Views 5-minute implementation - no extra Tag manager know-how needed. Just import a sample doc and you're ready to go. Recommendation You need a Google Tag Manager account (http://google.com/tagmanager) Install the module, and enter your GTM ID (GTM-XXXXXX). You will need the Facebook Pixel Code ID and the Pinterest ID if you enable the Pinterest Tracking >> Get the module from the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace << This is the most complex Facebook Pixel Tracking using Google Tag Manager Built for Prestashop. Don't waste dozens of hours setting up tracking. Track Sales, custom Events, Carts and start raising your income. Looking for a complete Google Tag Manager solution? >> Our Advance Google Tag Manager - PRO Module is available with 22 tools for PrestaShop 1.6.x and 1.7.x <<
  9. Closing hours module for PrestaShop This module allows shop owners to regain full control of the back-office (admin). It will only allow employee access to the administration panel within business hours and only during working days. Site owners and select members of the management team will continue to have unrestricted access to the admin. Setup is very simple and straightforward, as you can see above. Select your timezone Enter your working hours for weekdays and for the weekend. Add a folder name which creates a link that can be accessed at any time. This should not be shared with all staff, only with those with vital positions in the company should have this access. How does it work? Throughout the years we have encountered many shops that were facing problems due to the fact that employees had unhindered access to the back-office. In some cases, someone made a mistake or changed the wrong settings which led to the store going down during busy sales periods and losing revenue until the tech team was available to fix it. In other cases, employees were taking products home with them (stealing) from the warehouse and once they were home, they would log into the store's admin to "doctor" the stock and make everything seem OK on the surface while in reality products kept going missing. This module will help you to avoid such issues, ensuring that no unauthorized person can access the admin by themselves, when the owners and top management are not available to intervene. Mistakes inevitably happen and when they do, it's better that they happen when qualified people are there to fix them! >>You can find out more information and get the module HERE<<
  10. [Module] Advance Google Tag Manager PRO

    Hi guys! We're excited to announce the newest version of the Google Tag Manager module. Among the fixes and improvements brought with this update, the most noteworthy are Improvements with PrestaShop 1.7 and Enhancements for Facebook Tracking: Fixed variables for PrestaShop 1.7.X custom themes Small fix for the pagetype GTM variable Enhancements/fixes for FaceBook tracking tags Currency parameter added to FaceBook tags Small fix for adwords conversion tag to contain the orderid for some custom payment modules Small fix for case when product name contains quotes You can BUY TAG MANAGER MODULE HERE We're continuing the work on additional features, improvements and fixes and we're excited to hear what are your most wanted features for the Tag Manager module!
  11. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    Hi guys, @Lesielle: work on the blog integration is still ongoing but a few other features were bumped up on the priority list as we focus on performance and additional functionality. While I can't give you an exact time frame, progress on the blog is going well and will be ready soon. Keep an eye on this post, I'll provide an update as soon as it's ready to launch. In terms of performance, we're all green on Page Speed Insights with scores in the 90's for AMP pages Load times are around 1 second (varying from 0.8 to 1.4) even on 3G networks! As for features, we solved two of the most requested ones and I am very happy to announce that the AMP Pages module now has: Multiple Combination Dropdown with instant price update on attribute selection and image Swap option instead of Popup UPDATED LIST OF AMPIFIED MODULES: 1. Featured Products 2. Best Selling Products 3. Search 4. New Products 5. Slider Module 6. Social Sharing 7. Language Block module 8. Review Module- standard Prestashop 9. Business Tech Review And Rich Snippet 10. Leotheme Blog Module 11. Block Categories Module 12. Prestashop Menu Module 13. 6 different pre-built Templates for the Category and Product Pages 14. Contact Page Support and modified. 15. Multiple Combination dropdown 16. Image Swap option instead of Popup AMPIFICATION IN PROGRESS: 1. Professional Blog Module 2. Login Option integration 3. Chat Functionality 4. AMP force on Mobile - instead of Mobile Version to use AMP F 5. Index page Content Block Creation 6. Full Checkout Process creation 7. Designers are hard at work on additional templates for product and category pages. Keep an eye on this post for future updates and more great news!
  12. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    HUGE AMP UPDATE COMMING AMP Recent Updates : 1. Added the possibility to show the category Description 2. Added the possibility to show the subcategories under a category with or without images. 3. A new Text field has been added to the index page of the AMP. 4. A new Layout will be added, and all of them have been optimised. 5. The core of the product page has been rewritten to allow a proper image usage! 6. LEOTHEME BLog has been Ampified - also we added Rich Card with the AMp results- We'll keep everybody posted in regards to the Rich Carousel cards available. 7. Core TXT library has been changed to provide a much nicer and smoother AMP transition. DEFER PARSING JS, AND CSS SOLVED FOR MOBILE - using AMP We've all have been dreaming of solving the Defer Parsing Js and CSS issue on any Mobile version (as well on Desktop) in Prestashop. WE SOLVED IT !!!!!!!!! WE'll publish an Article soon in regards to all the results had with the solution created by us. The solution will work for all Ps users in different form Theme used. The AMP module creates the base for it (we've been working from the last three months on this). The results are phenomenal - reaching an astonishing 92/100 on Google Page Speed Insight and a 0.83 seconds load time on Mobile measured through Gtmetrix Mobile Canadian Test. 2. This was the much-needed breakthrough to reach a decent GREEN score on Progressive WEB APP. In case there are questions in regards to AMP please don't hesitate to ask. Wish you all a Wonderful Monday Kind Regards Leo Ps: Keep an eye open for the modules which are Amnpified almost on a Weekly basis.
  13. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    Hi Vicente Even that we've talked through email, please allow me to thank you here as well, for the kind words, as well the overview for any future clients. We made a huge Breakthrough in regards to Prestashop with our AMP module, but I'll add it in a separate comment. Kind REgards Leo
  14. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    Hi everybody I'll try to emphasize a couple of new things were AMP is going. In contrary to some beliefs AMP is not limited at all. Unfortunately, some new Blog post has been brought to my attention, and even I specifically Asked the amazing person behind it to come out and to have a proper discussion, we ended up seeing an irrelevant Blog post made after probably a 24 Hour documentation. All those who saw the Fork post made about teh AMP, here are our Answers: There are plenty of elements which can be created using the AMP framework : Here is a sentence from Google's NEW post : Finally, we’ve started work on some longer-term features to support even more interactivity. E-commerce websites, in particular, will benefit from dedicated client-side sorting & filtering components, as well as a date picker. (Source: https://www.ampproject.org/latest/blog/amp-roadmap-update-for-end-of-q2/ ) 2. " What About the Ranking Boost (Source: From my favourite Fork ) If you have been told there is a ranking boost by using Google AMP; you have been lied to. The world of SEO sometimes seems like a mystical world; sometimes it 's hard to see how one thing will affect another that might affect rankings. But there is some clear stuff. When the people at Google talk, people in the SEO industry listen. Here is an official tweet on the matter that should put AMP as a ranking signal to rest." As commented on the Fork Post as well, it made me again Wonder if the Writer understands exactly what AMP is, with such a long post you would expect something like that. NO, He Doesn't !!!!!!!!! Creating such a ridiculous confusion between the AMP framework and AMP, in general, denotes a shallow class of information gathered. The fantastic Blog post presents the results using GTMetrix in regards to the mobile and an AMP version of a site. It turns out that the AMP framework loads slower - according to the blog post. This is like comparing Apples to Oranges. The Actual AMP speed can only be tested once a client access a site coming from Google Results. the same type of a mistake is usually done when comparing Google Page Speed Insight and Site speed itself. Let me tell you something - Google Page Speed Insight is not Dead (as stated by the same fellow member) - actually Google never talks about speed (besides AMP). Gtmetrix, Pingdom tools are measuring the Page Speed in seconds (fine tools, but they both are far from perfection- they still can't simulate every single time the same TTFB results). What the demonstration showed is that AMP framework can be slower than Bootstrap, the only problem with this is that it's not relying on concluded data and any scientific base. (It's misleading and the value of teh test is beyond questionable) 3. Reviews After making the AMP work properly with the business "Tech Review Module", the next one will be Yotpo review System. Let's not forget we already solved the Cart product numbers, and Yotpo is just the next step. Final Thoughts: The first thing that I learned back in 2001 was that the Internet holds a lot of information, and frankly everybody's major problem is to determine if there is real data behind or the news have been written to attract people.I suggest you to start documenting yourself from the source if you want to know more about the AMP check the following links: https://www.ampproject.org/latest/blog/amp-roadmap-update-for-end-of-q2/ What We'll Achieve at the and with AMP is ====> https://www.ampproject.org/latest/blog/putting-the-amp-in-progressive-web-amps-meet-the-shadowreader/ Here is a remark from the post : "Taking everything into consideration, I would decline recommending AMP for e-commerce sites." (Quoted from the Fork - You all know who!) Here is What Google said a couple of weeks ago: "E-commerce websites, in particular, will benefit from dedicated client-side sorting & filtering components, as well as a date picker." And before I forgot: " We’re expanding the capabilities of embedded content in AMP by supporting messaging between amp-iframe and other elements in the parent document." That's the solution for the CHAT, just needs to be done. Again I'm happy to discuss each part in regards to AMP, and I never said it can handle everything, but tell me a language which can.Surely AMp together with Progressive Web App has a long run, but you better start understanding that the future of your site is based on such languages. AMP is STILL TEH FASTEST MOBILE SOLUTION - and we at Prestachamps will keep that way either with AMP or WEbb APP . Regards Leo Ps: Thanks to Lesley for the subject without who we couldn't present all this. Next Week we'll analyse another post made by our beloved fork.
  15. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6 soon 1.7

    Hi Let me answer to all the comments made in the last 24H. 1. David, I Appreciate the Forum comment, and I'm sure We'll work together in teh future as well. 2. Vincente thanks for being so patient and I would appreciate if you would share just like in the email how fantastic the new payment has been for you. For everybody else, Vicente wanted to pay with a prepaid USD card and Paypal didn't handle this new situation correctly, so we introduced a card payment, which decreased the handling fee significantly for Vicente. 3. Lesielle As mentioned Lesiselle we've finalised over 60% in regards to the AMP and Blog compatibility, but I can't promise you to have it done soon, as we're still in the middle of the holiday season. 4. Dh42 - Lesley Let me thank you for spending more time documenting yourself in regards to the AMP version. I supposed that finding the AMP link would have taken less, as it's pretty common either to use /amp or ?amp. I was expecting a little bit of support in regards to AMP especially after a personal email sent from a particular Prestashop Fork asking if the modules will be compatible with the fork itself. I'm still not sure about it! I'm sorry to see that you don't realise that AMP has been the first step into something more advanced like Progressive App (Dan you are unbelievable - you saw the correlation), which you're aware of as stated in the fork blog(which frankly I just noticed). We're a team of Wasps, whose goal is to show that Prestashop was the best choice made by us 7-8 years ago. We're developing E-commerce sites for over 15 years. We're so close to having a full Progressive APP version for Prestashop - but we needed the AMP - as that is a bridge at this stage. Some of the Progressive App implementations are already visible on PRestachamps, and I guaranty you that will have teh four green badges by Lighthouse, and that in a short while. Please allow me to tell you that the best solution for a faster mobile version in Prestashop is the AMP version - won't you agree? (please make sure that you take into consideration Prestashop and no other E-commerce solution) AMP is the best existent solution - right now in Prestashop to make teh Mobile version faster !!!!! Please accept my apologies for not being concluded on the site, but we're busy busy busy working on our APP, and now I'll divide this into two parts. A. Mobile APP - one part of the team has been developing in the last past 6 months a mobile APP version which funnily is made in Ionic and has Webb App integrated. B. Webb App solution for Prestashop - another part of teh Team, took the AMP and we brought it further - As mentioned we're almost there to give a fully compatible solution without any template dependency. (as stated Prestachamps holds already a small integration) 5. Dan I appreciate All your Words, and as mentioned several times; I'm happy you saw through the process, AMP is teh first step (this is the fastest Prestashop mobile solution - right now) - Webb App it's the next part of teh process. I offer you once the WEb-app version is ready a free integration to either your or one of your client sites Final Thought: One should build up he's reputation based on achievements, on not on the back of others. Comments should be the process of expressing thoughts; constructive ones are always the right ones. Mistakes are a standard process in development. Make sure you have them! We don't need to agree about all things - that makes things beautiful. Be rather a good Teacher than a slappy commenter. Our goal as programmers at the end is to teach Clients/People and spread the word about new ways. If you want a faster better version of your mobile page, AMP is teh solution, it doesn't matter which one you choose, just don't stand there and end up having your customers reach over 80% in mobile view, and having a huge bounce. Ps for Dh42 I more than happy to share thoughts about speed/Webb App etc, with you on a private level, I'm sure we can learn a lot from eachother.