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  1. It's sort of frustrating - whatever I touch in relation to attributes (combinations) doesn't seem to work. The newest: I would like to set a discount for a particular combination of size and color but in both cases the rule only offers the first entry of the dropdowns. Or in other words: I can only use a condition which says color green and size 36 because these are the first ones. Sizes 38- 46 and yellow, blue and red cannot be discounted. I am using a fresh install of 1609 on my own LAMP server with full root access.
  2. Whoever did this should probably look for another supplier or stop using altogether. Here is what Presta does: In order to show a unit price one must enter the NET price per unit. So if your product costs 4,9 gross for 10ml, your VAT rate is 20% and you want to show the unit price for 100 ml you'd have to enter 40,8333 per 100 ml. So far so good. In the background Presta calculates something which is called a "unit_price_ratio" - but only once on the main product. This is the NET price for your 10 ml (4,0833) divided by the net price for your 100ml (40,833). This gives a number (0,1 in this case) without any meaning since the quantity relation is nowhere recorded. And in addition to that it causes serious rounding errors. IN order to calculate the unit price of 100 ml for a combination with 500ml they use the GROSS sales price for the 500 ml (say 220) and divide it by the previous result (0,1). The result for the unit price (still 100ml) is then 2200. And yes, one can put in something like a unit_price_impact which is nothing else but a half-hearted repair attempt. In our example this has to be a reduction of roughly 2017 in order to come to a net unit price for 100 ml of 183 and subsequently to 220 gross. My advice: Just calculate the unit price manually and add it as text.
  3. OK, I tried and failed. I compared the mail class and the ContactController of 5 and 6 and couldn't find anything changed related to the FROM address. Which doesn't mean a lot because I am not a developer. If anybody could give me a push into the right direction... Tx
  4. @bellini: Thanks, this sounds reasonable but I am not sure whether it is correct (unless the code was changed). I am running a 1.5.x shop for quite some time now and when I am looking at the messages I get then it's always FROM the shop's email and shows the customer's email address as "reply to". Which is the correct way in order to circumvent the SMTP restrictions. @Benjamin: Of course that's what I did first. I will have a look at the postfix error protocol, maybe the error shows there. [edit] Bellini - you are correct, this is what the log says (edited for pricacy reasons): NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from myserver.server.com[213.133.xxx.xxx]: 553 5.7.1 <[email protected]>: Sender address rejected: not owned by user [email protected]; from=<[email protected]> to=<[email protected]> proto=ESMTP helo=<[213.133.xxx.xxx]> Aug 23 09:47:10 myserver postfix/smtps/smtpd[3769]: disconnect from myserver.server.com[213.133.xxx.xxx] I will try your second solution, nonetheless I consider this a bug because almost all smtp servers will behave similarily. I'll report back...
  5. Hi, I am almost done with my new shop (, email is working (I am getting new orders and the customer gets all his confirmations etc.) but unfortunately mails from the contact form are not getting sent to the customer service address / webmaster (both are set to the same address). Interesting: The notification to the customer (mail has been sent) works in the case of customer service but not for webmaster. Weird. I am using my own smtp server on my own linux server, so no problems here. Any help is appreciated since I'd like to go live today.
  6. No fix but a quick and dirty solution: Change the address from e.g. "...adminCmsContent&addcms&id_cms_category=1&token=..." to "...adminCmsContent&addcms&id_cms_category=1&token=..." The ampersand (&) is displayed as html encoded "&" Which of course is interpreted wrongly...
  7. Ich kann den Umlaut Fehler bei den Downloadprodukten bestätigen - und zwar sowohl bei Outlook als auch bei Thunderbird. Die Übersetzung is allerdings korrekt. Ich habe einfach den Text umformuliert...
  8. Hallo, Danke für die Antwort - allerdings scheint es da ein Missverständnis zu geben: @1 Das Mail Template zu verändern ist jetzt nicht so sehr die große Herausforderung. Die Frage war wie bringe ich die USt Summe dort rein? Weil im Standard steht lediglich netto + Versand und was weiß ich und dann eine Summe die die USt. inkludiert (sofern vorhanden). Aber nirgendwo die USt. Summe als solche (=Variable). Aber genau die brauche ich. Das Naheliegendste - {total_vat} habe ich natürlich versucht... @2 Das Standard Template wurde nicht auf Codeebene modifiziert sondern es wurde nur das CSS verändert. Sonst wurden nur diverse Blöcke in der Applikation rausgenommen (wie z.B. Punkte im cms Teil oder der Block Lieferanten, Angebote etc.). Manche sind auch im mobilen Template weg (Hersteller, shops z.B.) - andere wiederum sind noch drinnen. Selbst wenn diese Blöcke noch da aber nicht sichtbar wären (weil nur 2 columns) dann ist das mit dem cms noch nicht erklärt. Und vielleicht noch ein letztes Ding das mir absolut nicht erklärlich ist: Warum muss ich eine cms Seite haben wenn ich das Zahlungslogo sehen will? Gibt es da einen Grund dafür? Danke im Voraus
  9. Hallo, Kann mir bitte irgendwer einen Trick verraten, wie ich einen USt. Ausweis (also einfach eine Zeile mit dem USt. Betrag) in die Bestellbestätigungsmail bringe? Ich habe sowohl hier als auch im englischen Forum gesucht, bin aber leider nicht fündig geworden. Und weil es so schön ist gleich noch eine zweite Frage: Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das mobile Template separat anzupassen? Ich habe verschiedene Blöcke aus dem Standard weggenommen aber in der mobilen Darstellung sind diese nach wie vor da. Ich verwende 155 mit dem Standard Theme, lediglich mit Anpassungen im CSS.
  10. I can't get the texts "Tax incl" and "Tax excl." respectively to show. It's 153.1 on a Linux box. And yes I did read the instructions and I did set the country settings to "display tax label" = yes. Which is strange anyway: As a visitor by definition I do not have a country (assuming that I do not use geo targeting). So how would the system know whether to display the label or not (visitor group is set to no tax). Which means that there is a bsic setting missing. However, even if i login thus choosing a country nothing shows. Thx in advance
  11. Hi, Am I right that I can't display the texts (incl. / excl. tax) on any other way? Meaning that this is a bug? And: Where exactly did you put above paragraphs? Because I have both cases. Thanks in advance...
  12. I am trying to move the invoicing address (which is in my case the left one) about 1cm to the right in order to use it with a standard window envelope. For this I set the parameter (line 512 or so in pdf.php ) to $pdf->SetX(20); but unfortunately to no avail. While SetY() works as intended (moved the address further down) SetX() didn't do anything. I even changed the width parameter so that the total width is <= 210 but this didn't change anything either. I am not a programmer and this file is extremely difficult to read so please excuse me if I am on the wrong track altogether. I am using a newly installed 1425
  13. Same here (1425) but when I switched off the sandbox mode it worked (means: it works up to the point where I connect to paypal with all the parameters correctly transferred so I hope that the rest will work as well)
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