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  1. What other database info? There's only one database in the multistore setup. As it should. If you have an existing shop you'd like to migrate to new version you need to import the data from that old shop to the new version.
  2. That is too bad especially considering they are Prestashop partners and a Prestashop certified template as well. That should count for some kind of support on future releases as well. I hope you get your matter resolved.
  3. I think you've checked Multidomain EV SSL certificates, which are around 1000$ per year. Although normal EV SSL cert isn't that cheap either, because there's a full check of your business and I believe most of the times higher insurance as well. I found multidomain SSL's to be from around 150$ per year from Comodo to about 350$ from Digicert. Basic package is for 4 domains and you can get domains added for around 20-50$. https://comodosslstore.com/comodo-mdc-ssl.aspx http://www.digicert.com/unified-communications-ssl-tls.htm
  4. Actually you should be able to run SSL on shared IP with SNI extension to TLS protocol. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication But I guess you might need to take this to your hosting company in case of shared server environment. This feature is going to be in cPanel next year as their developers have noted. But yes, for now in shared environments I think the best/easiest option is to get a dedicated IP per SSL cert.
  5. Well, I'm not currently able to test this. But as per SSL certificates, they are per domain not per IP. So for example, when installing certificates to one server and multiple domain I'd name the certificates per domain. Something like /path/to/your/cert/example_com.crt for wildcard SSLs and including subdomain prefix, if it's for certain subdomain only. So I don't see any conflicts in using SSL with this multidomain setup. It's not that special setup, I just found it genious that Prestashop manages multistores this way. Of course this needs to be tested before final conclusions.
  6. Nono, no redirections. Only same physical root folder for all domains for the shop engine to handle. Other than virtual server? Hmm... would you like to setup same engine on two physically separate webservers?
  7. I just tested the multishop feature out and have to say this one is one of the simplest so far. Especially for the cPanel users. You just set up the shop URLs in the backend and then point your domain in cpanel to have same physical root folder. Prestashop seems to handle everything else quite nicely, even with friendly urls. Haven't come across any problems so far. This is the basically same what Trips apache configuration does, but just within cpanel. No need for symbolic links or worse copy of any file for second url. Me like.
  8. First of all in any Open Source project, the users ARE the bug testers most of the time. So that's a load of crap. Without the users input towards the developers the project goes nowhere. You have to remember, you haven't ordered this software from a company that you pay for. Even if you have bought modules and themes, you still get the core for "free". Usually if it's free as Open Source, you will have to use time towards your projects instead of money. So when you complain about you using time on it, so have the developers. So quit bugging about it and use some other software or order your own with heavy expense. I've seen some way worse OS projects gone south, but Prestashop does show that they are going forward. Not stopping, not going backwards, but going forward. Most OS projects just stop after time, which gives a headache if you've been using their software to extent. And if you as a shop owner are naive enough to upgrade on the first week to the latest MAJOR release on your production shop, well that's just plain stupid. Use a sandbox to see if upgrades work before doing it for production site. Even with modules, it's not too hard. I would not do that even with Windows OS, which is quite proprietary software and quite widely used. And when you make a statement out of "will not upgrade for a period of a time", well sure that's your option to make and have. But don't think it matters to anyone anything other than yourself. To me it's a pointless statement to make here in the forums and not very helpful to anyone. Forums are about helping others, asking questions etc. I see these complaints on every Open Source forum I've read in one point or another and I'm just tired of this kind of bullshit. These people are dedicating their work, time and effort to create something, anything for the community and the community just keeps complaining. The other option would be that Open Source wouldn't exist and everything is proprietary, so better that way? So that everyone pays +10000$ for a webshop which has the featureset of core osCommerce from back in the day. Instead of spending 700$ for modules and themes, which gets you quite a nice setup for a modern webshop. Remember that with projects like Prestashop, EVERYONE has the ability to start a webshop, period. Without these projects I don't think there would even be so many webshops around.
  9. Yes, I just noticed final release has come out. I now tested with two separate servers with the final version. Apparently there's something wrong with the server settings since the tree works fine on another server, but still not on the one I first tested it on. So don't think it's a bug.
  10. I've tested this on all major browsers and the issue still stays. It seems that for some reason the multistore tree html doesn't get generated from anywhere. I might mine the code a bit myself to see why it's not showing at all. Currently tested revision 17369.
  11. Ok, it's now tested with revision 17092. Fresh install, nothing else done expect enabling the multistore. No tree showing at this point. Also I add a shop group, shop. Still no tree. Without the tree I can't really modify existing stores. Next issue I found when adding url to a shop, I get error 406 "Not acceptable" when pressing "save" from adding url form.. This might be a result of server settings though. Except same server runs 1.4 versions without any hiccups.
  12. Version is as it shows on the first post. Released on August 06, 2012. The multishop tree never showed, so steps are just to install a fresh copy and enable multistore. I'll test with the latest SVN code, haven't done that yet. No I didn't post a bug yet, since there was one a while back and it was resolved as fixed so I wanted to know first does this bug happen with others or is it just me for some reason. But I'll test latest svn now and let you know if the issue is still there.
  13. So nobody has the same issue with the multistore tree simply missing on the left column when multistore is enabled and there are shops created so there should be a tree? Really?
  14. I wonder if someone else had the same issue or can replicate it. I saw a bug with the same issue and was supposed to be fixed, but at least I'm having trouble with this. So the issue is that the multistore tree never appears on the multistore page. I have multistore enabled. Here's my environment: Server information Prestashop version: Server information: Linux #1 SMP Wed Mar 14 15:22:14 EDT 2012 i686 Server software version: Apache PHP version: 5.2.17 Database information MySQL version: 5.0.95-community MySQL engine: InnoDB Tables prefix: ps_ Store information Shop URL: http://presta15.avuliasaatu.com/ Current theme in use: default Mail configuration Mail method: You are using the PHP mail() function. Your information Your web browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/21.0.1180.83 Safari/537.1 Check your configuration Required parameters: OK Optional parameters: Please fix the following error(s) magicquotes So only thing is the magicquotes, which shouldn't effect like this especially since it's optional. It's a fresh install with only enabled the multistore feature.
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