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  1. Thankyou Cronos for your idea, It sounds good for css only modification. Unfortunatley I tried what you said but column did not go onto the next line. Being a theme designer I am sure you have got everything working just fine, but for me It didn't I tried div.block ul { list-style:none; width:auto} Is that what you were suggesting? and .block_content {width:auto} and adjust li's to taste (As in make sure there is enough room for them)
  2. Hello Guts, thankyou very much for your kind offer. Thanks to jhnstcks solution below the problem is now fixed, the css has no other issues
  3. Hello, I have a question for those who have made custom themes, modifying, global.css I have added more columns in administrator for the Home Featured module, I have given more room for columns to fit, but there is like an invisible barrier and they just go to next line, instead of li naturally filling space until the end and dropping to the next line once hitting the right border like li's usually do I actually have a lot of css knowledge, but because of the amount of css and the fact it was written by someone with very different mindset towards css coding to myself, I am left in wonder, I have no idea how to fix it?? I modified the width to accommodate the extra columns via div Id #center_column there is plenty of room because it is now a two column theme, but mysteriously it behaves like there is is an inner div or block with a shorter width, I can not find anything to evidence this myself??
  4. Thankyou very much Cronos, Perfect, thanks, it also solved my other problem with duplicates while looking in that area Thanks : )
  5. Hello, I am trying to make a custom theme, If I go to administration and transplant the shopping cart to the left hand side it goes right to the bottom of all the other modules in the theme, not up the top were I want it, how do the people making themes arrange the the stack order so the the block cart module goes to the top of the stack up the top of the left hand column If this is not possible in admin, what files/templates need to be modified and how? Thankyou for any suggestions
  6. Hello, If using transplant a module in the Prestashop, I am unfortunatley left with the original module still in say the right column and the same replicated module in the left column. How do I get rid of the original module that unfortunatley remains in the right column so I am only left with 'one' instance of module??? Thanks
  7. Thankyou, Do you mean delete the default setting in PHP or in positions, transplant a module? I can not see something for this in transplant a module, or in the module administration itself Need help with the below: I now have two identical modules one on each side after doing a transplant I do not know how to reverse this action? :-/
  8. Hello, I am asking about module, visual repositioning I have gone to modules > Positions > Transplant a module I tried to move a module to the right hand side, but what happend was I ended up with the module moved to the right hand side, but I also still had the same module showing on the left hand side, so I am left with two Identical modules showing Also Is there a way to arrange the stack order of the modules? 8-/
  9. Hello, I would like to edit the customer invoice template (receipt) PDF that a customer gets after paying for an item they have purchased Unfortunately, I can not find where in prestashop the invoice can be edited. I need to add business registration number and change some things around a bit maybe add some more writing If someone can point me where to edit the invoice template in prestashop Thankyou
  10. I had this same issue, the home text editor did not work until I changed the permissions on modules/editorial/editorial.xml to 666, but is that safe, can a hacker write things into that XML file now? Do I need to set the file permissions back to 644? If so this needs to be upgraded to a better system regards from Josh
  11. Hello, I have Paypal API error on checkout I have tried to set up Paypal API with Prestashop and followed the instructions, I have an SSL enabled shared hosting account, on linux etc I have read the solution posted by Prestashop's Philippe Sang (At the bottom of the following thread) http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/20751/P15/#95453 He said: Look PayPal logs : security header is not valid : your login, password OR signature is incorrect, please check it I have also now tried changing the folder permissions in the modules/paypalapi folder (folders named: admin, api, express and payment) to 777, I then tried to choose paypal for payment from the front end and still got the error, so I changed the admin, api, express and payment folders back to 755 as I am not sure if the permissions on those folders should be changed (should they?) In my own Paypal API module set up: My password and and signature were correct. As for security header, I have no idea what that is about? I still unfortunately have the API problem, I just get the following error message show up in Prestashop: 1. Making new connection to 'api-3t.paypal.com/nvp' 2. Connect with CURL method sucessfull 3. Sending this params: 4. (Edited this part, looked like private info)/extravaganza/order.php&CURRENCYCODE=AUD&NOSHIPPING=1 5. Send with CURL method sucessfull 6. PayPal response: 7. TIMESTAMP -> 2009-06-26T04:33:05Z 8. CORRELATIONID -> 36ceb1d55d119 9. ACK -> Failure 10. VERSION -> 53.0 11. BUILD -> 950845 12. L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10002 13. L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Security error 14. L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> Security header is not valid 15. L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error 16. PayPal returned error Regards from Josh
  12. Thankyou very much Bella, Seems like this would do the job Thanks again from Josh
  13. Hello, Was trying to understand how to set up a shipping carrier, based on weight, to have different prices set up in prestashop for individual states (not zones) for a product of the same weight. As shipping is more expensive to send to different states in my country Australia and I sould imagine in America and other countriues also. Unfortunately I could not find an option for this, I could only find option for a set price per kg per zone not for each individual state with the same carrier Thankyou from Josh
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