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  1. I can not add new hook for existing module ? I have to install new module for create new hook ? Prestashop has very difficult template system. Really I can't understand what is hook mean in system. They could make possible to add module where you want like other cms system. one week I am looking just create new hook. I think site will be done next year. There is no easy way to add new hook or create custom template ?
  2. I tried everything step by step but it doesn't work. Can you explain to me what is wrong in code which is bellow; When I want to add module for this hook from admin panel I can't see my new hook in hook list. header.tpl {$HOOK_TOPBAR} FrontController.php (lines 443-448) self::$smarty->assign(array( 'HOOK_HEADER' => Module::hookExec('header'), 'HOOK_TOPBAR' => Module::hookExec('topbar'), <-& here 'HOOK_TOP' => Module::hookExec('top'), 'HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN' => Module::hookExec('leftColumn') )); blockcurrencies.php module ( I want to add default currecy module for this hook) * Returns module content for header * * @param array $params Parameters * @return string Content */ public function hookTop($params) { if (Configuration::get('PS_CATALOG_MODE')) return ; global $smarty; $currencies = Currency::getCurrencies(); if (!sizeof($currencies)) return ''; $smarty->assign('currencies', $currencies); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'blockcurrencies.tpl'); } public function hooktopbar($params) <--- HERE IT WAS hookHeader { if (Configuration::get('PS_CATALOG_MODE')) return ; Tools::addCSS(($this->_path).'blockcurrencies.css', 'all'); } } and I created ps_hook database new row for this hook. What is wrong in this somebody can explain to me ? thanks
  3. Hello, I found on forum several article about how to add new hook to prestashop. I tried all this article step by step and there is no new hook created for my website. I add new hook line to database later add function in FrontControler.php than add hook position in header.tpl but on admin panel I can not see any new hook which I created. Somebody can help to me who really knows this subject ? thanks
  4. Hello, I am new prestashop community than have blank home page one day after install. It was woking fine after install but one day later when I opened website there was blank home page. Admin panel is working fine there is no problem. Which error accured is bellow; Fatal error: Call to undefined method Validate::isTableOrIdentifier() in /mounted-storage/home127/sub007/sc69499-XUXV/website.net/prestashop/classes/ObjectModel.php on line 111 what is this problem ? how can I solve it ? Thanks
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