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  1. Prestashop Version Hi, because PrestaShop now allows for a guest checkout procedure, I would like to hold off showing any postage costs in the cart until the customer has picked what country they are from. At the moment the postage defaults to the local store location. This is fine if the customer is from the same country, but if they are from abroad it looks as if the postage is really cheap and is causing confusion. Is there any BO way to do this or do I have to get into the PrestaShop modules? Any help appreciated, cheers, Wittner
  2. During the checkout process, the customer is given the option of clicking a checkbox which says: "Use the same address for billing." If that is checked, same address is used. If it is unchecked, the customer is prompted for a different shipping address. You don't have to install anything - this is default, cheers, Wittner
  3. Thanks for your reply Diana13. I'll have a look at that solution, cheers, Wittner
  4. Hi, I've just upgraded to version 1.4 from 1.2.2 and (almost) everything worked out perfectly. In my old theme I had this code in header.tpl to pull out a list of category headings to create a custom horizontal navigation and it worked fine. Code: <ul id="horizontal_navi"> {foreach from=$navHeaders key=navId item=nav} <li><a href="{$nav.id_category}-{$nav.name}" title="Our range of {$nav.link_rewrite} gifts">{$nav.name}</a></li> {/foreach} </ul> Now the code seems to have been deprecated and it produces nothing. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to get the home categories in the header.tpl in version 1.4 or is there a whole 'nuther' way of doing this now. Any help appreciated as my site is offline while I do this and I really don't want to have to go back to the old backups for Monday morning!!! cheers, Wittner
  5. Thanks Champp, the problem was actually not to do with the PrestaShop login in the end. It was some other problem. I re-installed PrestaShop and everything is now working fine! cheers, Wittner
  6. Thanks Patric for your help. I've decided to go with a re-install. I have all the photos for my products locally so it'll be a bit of a pain but not so bad. the store is not open for the public yet anyhow (and it's my own store, not for a client!) so at least I'll get to know a little more about how PrestaShop works! ;-) cheers, Wittner
  7. Thanks Patric, so I cannot recover a previous site by installing PrestaShop and using the previoius store's database? cheers, Wittner
  8. Ok. I have just started the install process and there is no option to select the previous database. It looks as if PrestaShop does not allow me to install with an existing database. I get the following error message: "a prestashop database already exists please delete it or change the prefix." Does this mean it is actually not possible to install PS with an existing DB? cheers, Wittner
  9. Thank you Adrian. I have all the existing imagery. I'm going to give that a try today, cheers, Wittner
  10. Thanks Adrian, hopefully I can find a way around it in the meantime, cheers, Wittner
  11. Hi, it looks as though my site is now not going to be recoverable from a problem I had yesterday. I have the DB completely intact. Is it possible to install PrestaShop and use the existing database which I set up (and product photos) without having to completely blow everything away first? cheers, Wittner
  12. Still no joy with this. Anyone have any other thoughts? cheers, Wittner
  13. Thank you Patric, I had already made sure to remove cookies and my FireFox deletes them on exit so I closed it each time before I logged on to the site again. I did what you suggested anyhow, manually removing the cookies this time, changed the password, had it sent to me by email and tried to log in once again (with cookies deleted) and the same thing happens - page refreshes but no log in and no error messsage, cheers, Wittner
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