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  1. This solution works: https://twitter.com/PrestaShop/status/1050316190432649216
  2. I just found this on twitter: https://twitter.com/PrestaShop/status/1050315749116571648
  3. Thanks, Curious. In facebook their last reply was October 1st. I just discovered they twitted yesterday, but the problem it is still happening. I have not managed to fixed it using the solutions proposed in the forum (Delete xml files and change tools.php).
  4. My backend has gone really slow since yesterday. I faced similar problems last week, but they were solved. I have tried several solutions modifying class/tools.php but nothing changes and deleting xml countries. Still the same problem. I have read many people complaining about this issue. Does somebody know if Prestashop has released some info about the problem?
  5. I have. They asked me for nearly 200€ before they would answer any question.
  6. Solved: it is an option you have to choose under EXPERT MODE. They don't explain it on their manual. In fact, I asked them and they wanted over a 100€ to answer my question.
  7. Hi, I use Amazon module to update my stock and I update my stock through webservice (my POS makes changes directly to the sql). Module uses synchronization by hooks and my POS does not trigger the necessary Hook to its proper functioning. I can do it manually going into a tab and selecting the whole catalog. I have to tick the option and then click submit. Does somebody know how I can make a cron job to do this task automatically?
  8. You are right: I have discovered this info. Module uses synchronization by hooks and my POS does not trigger the necessary Hook to its proper functioning Any idea how I can fix that? In Detail The Amazon module uses the technique of synchronization by Hooks described in a ticket on the Prestashop blog here: http://www.prestashop.com/blog/fr/la_synchronisation_via_les_hooks_ebay_par_fabien_serny/ And in the official Prestashop documentation here: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS14/Synchronization+via+Hooks (Note that the evoked version of Prestashop does not matter in this case, this operation affects all versions) By default, the module synchronizes your offers, that is, it sends the quantities and prices and only for items that have been modified. The operating principle is the same as that of eBay module, except that the Amazon module will only do the update a posteriori. Indeed, for each update of a product on eBay Module, it connects to eBay and transmits the information, the product or offer update, but it is not compatible with the operating mechanism of the Amazon marketplace, which requires sending batch updates. When updating an item, the Amazon module saves this update in a table, it is called “Logging”. Then, when you will request the module for an export, either by using the interactive menu “Catalog > Amazon” or by a scheduled task, the module lists all the log entries and sends the information to Amazon, the module sends a “feed”. While the module does not receive an “acknowledgment” from Amazon, it maintains information in the log. When it is received, the log entry is deleted. So you have the certainty that your data on Amazon will be constantly updated. Our clients sometimes use external software to update inventory/stock, POS management software etc. In this case the customer must ensure that the software is fully compatible with Prestashop and that it effectively triggers the necessary Hook to its proper functioning. If you are concerned, give a link of this page to your technical provider.
  9. Hi, cron works, that's not the issue. Thing is the cron only updates stock if the change stock has been saved through the browser. If the change has been made directly to the database then nothing is updated with the cron.
  10. Hi, I am currently using a connector from my TPV (POS) to prestashop and then I use Amazon module by Common Services to import orders from Amazon and to update stock both ways. I use a cron than, in theory, updates changes in prestashop but i just realized it only "sees" the update if i save it manually. If the change is made by the POS connector (I mean done directly to the database) the cron does not work. How can I fix it?
  11. You are right: email id is the same, but Amazon provides different emails for each customer so I have no clue how to fix that. Module developer has not come back to me yet.
  12. Hi, I use the Amazon module by common services to import orders from Amazon and a few days ago it started to always import the same name for customers. Orders and invoices are correctly imported, but Cliente (customer) it is always the same. How can i fix it? I attach two pics to show it.
  13. I did, but they won't answer unless I pay over 100€, as I got the module 2 years ago. Considering I alreday paid 200+taxes for the module, I feel it is too much.
  14. Hi, I am trying to change the text on emails sent by Amazon module by Common Services. I have changed the files through ftp on mails folder (html and txt). But I keep getting the old message. I have forced compilation and cleared cache. Still no changes. Any suggestion? Prestashop Amazon v4.4.023
  15. Hi, when I try to retrieve my manufacturers in the front oficce, it puts all my products under the same manufacter (in my case Lego) and leaves the rest at 0. If I access every manufacturer from the left block it displays them correctly. How can I fix this problem? Versión PS: Plantilla: default bootstrap 1.0 Url: www.planetajuguetes.es/fabricantes
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