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  1. I am working with version and now I currently have 1 product available in multiple sizes. I don't want "Add to Cart" to show in the category listing. It will not go away eventhough I set this in Preferences-Products. I know this worked in a much earlier version of PS. Where should I look to fix this?
  2. My problem with drop shipping is calculating an accurate cost for shipping. I see you can assign products to shipping modules. Has anyone tried setting up multiple shipping modules for the same carrier except with different origination addresses? For example there would be a UPS module setup for each supplier and then assign the product to the appropriate UPS/supplier module. I haven't tried this yet.
  3. The place to look at Prestashp product development shows "drop shipping" as a new feature is "unassigned". I would suggest logging into this site and leave a comment under "drop shipping". http://forge.prestashop.com
  4. I am having the same problem too. I have installed an addon to make gift vouchers, so am not sure it this problem is related to that. I also did not get a place to enter a voucher on my local installation that does not have the new addon.
  5. Thank you Nethercott Constructions. The price or weight ranges need to overlap. 0-3, 3-5, 5-10, etc. 0-3 and 3.01-5 does not work.
  6. I made my own very simple shipping based on total price (up to $5 = $3, $5.01-$10 = $5.20, $10.01 - $30 = 10.95, $30.01 -$50 = $14.95, $50.01 and up = $20) . The values the cart gives me are all over the place. A $5 item has shipping of $20 when it is supposed to be $3.00. If I add another item to the cart the shipping shows $14.95. I also tried using a weight scale and still got crazy results. What is going on? www.scentsationalbuys.com
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