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  1. Hallo Zusammen! Wir betreiben seit 2011 einen Shop auf Basis von 1.3.7. Der Shop wurde zwar in einigen Details angepasst, diese Anpassungen sind aber recht überschaubar. Nun möchten wir uns endlich um eine Aktualisierung kümmern, und suchen nach Jemanden der das für uns erledigt. Bei dieser Gelegenheit würden wir auch einen grafischen Relaunch durchführen. Hier würden wir die grafischen Anpassungen auch an einen Grafiker auslagern können, sodass dies nur mehr in ein Template gebaut werden muss. Was ist zu tun: + Installation 1.6 bei uns am Server + Das neue Design in Form eines Templates im Shop integrieren + alle Daten des bestehenden Shops übernehmen (sämtliche Texte, Produkte, Kunden, Bestellungen, Rechnungen, Attribute usw usf) + Alle Anpassungen (von bösen Zungen auf Hacks genannt) im neuen Shop sauber implementieren Wenn du dich angesprochen fühlst dann können wir sehr gerne am Telefon details durchgehen, unter anderen auch was von uns angepasst worden ist. Bitte schick mir vorab deine Telefonnummer, eine GROBE Kostenschätung, und ein Zeitfenster wann du das erledigen könntest, und ich melde mich so rasch es geht bei dir! Davon abgesehen suchen wir natürlich bevorzugt nach jemanden der nach dieser Arbeit auch Interesse und Lust hat uns weiter zu begleiten. Wir brauchen ständig Erweiterungen/Anpassungen an Modulen oder auch am Shop selber. Dies würden wir auf Abruf machen, und nach Aufwand verrechnen. Hier wäre auch die gewünschte Entlohnung pro Stunde für uns Relevant. vielen Dank! lg Marcel
  2. Hello, Our shop run Prestastop 1.3.7 at the moment. We search for an prestashop expert to upgrade the store to the newest 1.6 version. Our store do use very little plugins, but this little must be transformed in the new version. Furthermore we have several plugins on our wishlist, which must be developed based on our request. So we do not need only the update job, we also need further developing over time. Please only contact me if you are interested on a longer duration of this projects, that NOT an 5h task. As an extra it would be perfect if you also can do a new design for our shop, but thats not a must. If you are not able to do, we will search for a designer seperately, and you can just make the theme without design. Please contact me via PN if you think you are my man/woman. thanks, Marcel
  3. I want to update my store from 1.3.7 to the newest 1.5.x version. I tried the database update, but it did not work 100%. pictures was wrong, and many orders was missing. So i search a prestashop professional who update the database on a 100% success state, so all customers, orders, products, categories, attribute combinations and images are working. For the work: I will duplicate the database, and you can work directly on my server. send me quotation please
  4. Hallo! Ich habe derzeit eine einzige Währung (EUR) und einen einzigen Steuersatz (20%, Österreich) in meinem Shop. Aufgrund der Lieferschwelle muss ich in Zukunft bei Bestellungen aus Deutschland mit 19% Steuer verrechnen. Wie kann ich sowas realisieren? Derzeit habe ich noch 1.3.7 installiert, gibt es mit dieser Version hier eine Lösung? Oder muss ich updaten? Gibt es in einer neueren Version eine Lösung? vielen Dank! Marcel
  5. Hey ! I sell fishing stuff in my prestashop, and one of this stuff are fishing reels. Now i want to give my customers the possibility to choose while order a reel that they choose to get the reel spooled with line. When you look my shop i have this Product Combination list (this product table is a module, i got all needed source code): http://www.tackleking.de/avet-multirollen/15-avet-sx-53.html When i click on one combination in this table, then this product combination is added to the basket. This is normally absolutely fine, but i want when this is a fishing reel then a small overlay-popup (lightbox?) appear which is asking my customer "Do you want prefilled fishing line on this reel?" Now the customer can pick "No thank you", or "Yes please". When pick "No thank you" then overlay disappear and products is put into the basked as now. But when customer select "Yes plaese" then a fishing line table should appear in this popup (it will grow bigger..) with all possibilitys of available lines. in this table there will be multiple different lines with some information column (Fishing Line Name, Price per Meter, How many meters will fit, Total price). In this table the customer can select one of this rows, or click "I have change my mind, no line please". When he select a row than the reel is put into the basket and a second product for the line with the metercount also put in basket. I will have a hidden category in my shop with all different available lines and how many meters in stock (so stock value = 8000 then i have 8000meters). the price of this line product is the price per meter. and for the the reel products it is needed that i can tell a real product " [X] I AM A FISHING REEL" so this is a new attribute for products. When this checkbox is selected i must have the possibility to add lines from this hidden line category and declare for each line how many meters will fit on this reel. So when checkbox "I AM A REEL" is enabled, then i need to select multible other products (lines) and define a "HOW MANY METER FIT ON THIS REEL" per line. I hope you somehow understand what i mean, its a bit hard to explain. Every offert is welcome! thank you!
  6. I have different attribute combinations for each product, and each combination corresponds to a different price/weight/number/delivery time. At the moment, i use a free mod. this mod work fine for me BUT i can not sort this combinations. When u look for example this page: http://www.tackleking.de/avet-multirollen/80-avet-sx-6-4.html The last row should move full up and be first row. if i want to solve this, i have to delete all combinations and recreate them in the correct order. so the sort belongs on the database id, this is bullshit for me. so i seek some guy who either adapt this free module, or alternatively make this module completely new - but i guess edit it would be the better choice. if someone can do this, please add me in skype marcelTitan or write me a message on [email protected] thank you! Marcel
  7. really no one can tell me in what file this list is included??? OO
  8. Hi, When i click in the backoffice (Version 1.37) on "Orders" i get a list of all orders of my shop. In this list are many columns: ID, Customer, Sum, PAyment Type, State, ... The ID Is the Ordernumber, and every payed order also got an invoice number. I want to show an ADDITIONONAL Column in the Order list (next to the ID) with the Invoice number. So just add on TR tag and insert the Invoice number there (if already payed). Please anyone can help me in WHICH FILE i have to make this changes? And how do i read out the Invoice number? Thank you very much!! Regards, Marcel
  9. i use 1.3.7 and i got the same problem. i cant update my shop at the moment, any help??
  10. Hi! I need a module where i can present the attributes as it is in my shop now (see signature) PLUS following extra features: - Now i can not sort the Entrys (not the rows, and also not the columns), they come just in the order they was created (rows) or alphabetically (columns). I want to order both individually! - I need to react on some "Add to Basket" klicks with an overlay where further settings can be done (else it would be too much attributes). If no further settings are defined for a product it stay as it is, if there settings defined it need be an overlay. Such settings can be just "Yes or No" buttons with a price change, or a Combobox with a Pricechange. I hope i could somehow explain what i need^^ thx! Marcel
  11. Hey, I have following problem (i try to explain with example values, its easier i guess). My actual structure contain following Categories: - Nike Shoes - Puma Shoes And for example the Products in Nike Shoes are: - Nike Magma Size 9 - Nike Magma Size 10 - Nike Magma Size 11 Now i want to rebuild that there is only 1 "Nike Magma" with combination/attribute for the size. And i want to delete the two Categories and make the new "Shoes" where than inside "Nike Magma" and "Puma Thunder" with its combinations. My Problem is, when i just rebuild that (its no problem from that) i run into troubles that there are many links directly in the Puma Categorie for example, or Links (even in search engines or forums) to for example the "Nike Magma Size 10". This links MUST work afterwards too. So when someone hotlinked my Categorie "Nike Shoes" it should link to "Shoes" after the rebuild. And when now a link goes to "Nike Magma Size 10" it need go to the Product "Nike Magma" with the combinations in the future. How would this be possible?? THX!
  12. please message the programmer of the module, i cant help you there, sorry mate
  13. ye, in this module you have to click multi times on the basket item to insert more items. but theres a .tpl file included, so i guess you can change this maybe? i buyed this module here: http://modulez.ru/en/prestashop-product-combinations-in-a-table.php its not expansive, i payed 15EUR i guess. kind regards
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