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  1. Currently the product attributes are all listed on the same line as the product name, separated by a comma in the New Order email of the Mail Alerts module. <strong><a href="'.$url.'">'.$product['product_name'].'</a>' How can I split the attributes onto separate lines?
  2. I am using and cannot for the life of me find where to edit the shop address and email! I think there should be able to access it via "shop parameters > contact".....but there is no link to contact' under shop parameters! Am I missing something?
  3. I have set allow_url_fopen to on in PHP.ini but Prestashop keeps insisting it is off! I have asked my host to verify that it is on and they have confirmed it is, so what is the problem? Using PS
  4. There doesn't seem to have been any improvement on this in PS has anyone found a viable solution to this? So that we can add the price impact for each attribute on generation of the combinations so that the combination price impacts are calculated automatically? It is such a pain to a) have to calculate all the prices and b) have to put them them all one by one! I have seen a couple of add-ons that allow you to add attribute price impact, but you use them outside of the product page (could deal with that) but then have to export your settings to reuse them again later (if new products are to have the same attributes).
  5. Has anyone found a better add-on that the two listed in this thread that allows you to enter the attribute price impact and then it works out the combination prices automatically? I can't believe they stripped this from 1.7! It is such a vital feature when you have lots of combinations, especially when prices can change for some of the attributes!
  6. So I cannot access the configuration information. I just get a 404 page. Does anyone know why this would happen? PS Version
  7. Can anyone offer any help here? The developer seems to be ignoring my request for help via the addons store. Is this normal behaviour for the module or a bug?
  8. So I have installed the free mailchimp module on PS 1.7.6 and after initially not being able to log in via the module, I have managed to get it working and when a new customer registers or signs up via the newsletter module, it is added to the Mailchimp list - yay! However, if they are unsubscribed via Mailchimp, then it show in the Mailchimp module under lists that they are unsubscribed but in the customer details and newsletter subscribers list on Prestashop, they still show as being subscribed which can be confusing. They also do not get unsubscribed from the mailchimp list if they uncheck the subscribe to newsletter checkbox in their account area, although prestashop recognises that they have been unsubscribed!! Really I only need to module for the syncing of the lists, but it doesn't seem to be working properly. No reply from the developer yet. Anyone else had this issue?
  9. I used this workaround for PS 1.7.6 and all seems to work well except that when in debug mode, I get: Notice: Undefined index: contactname - any idea why that is?
  10. I used this work around in the end, but a name should really be included as default in a contact form!
  11. PS 1.7.6 So I have the category tree link module set to show 'Current category, unless it has no subcategories' but it insists on showing just the last category visited when I navigate away from category pages to non-category pages like my account or prices drop page. At that point there is no 'current' category and so it should show all the categories. Ideally, I want it to show all categories in the Home category and to expand just the current category to show subcategories, but it doesn't seem to allow this. If I chose to show the Home category as the root, then it will not automatically expand the current category to show the subcategories, which is not particularly user friendly. Has anyone got around this?
  12. OK, so this is my first site with version 1.7 and I notice that customers are not asked for their name on the contact form! The confirmation email that is sent out to them includes Hi {firstname} {lastname} which of course comes through like that as there is no name. How on earth is the store admin supposed to know who contacted them?! Surely it is pretty essential to ask for a name on a contact form. How can I go about adding it?
  13. OK so this is the first time I am using the 1-click upgrade module. Within a matter of seconds I got this error: INTERNAL] /home/******/public_html/modules/autoupgrade/classes/TaskRunner/Upgrade/Download.php line 41 - Error: Call to undefined method ConfigurationTest::test_curl() #0 /home/******/public_html/admin780uujpfz/autoupgrade/ajax-upgradetab.php(52): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\TaskRunner\Upgrade\Download->run() #1 {main} What caused it? Does it mean the upgrade will not continue?? Upgrading form to and using 1-click update version 4.2.0
  14. I can confirm that this is resolved with the latest version, 4.2. It wouldn't update via the admin for me so I had to disable, uninstall and delete the old version and then manually download the new version from the addons site and install. No more 500 error! Although I am yet to try the update!
  15. I have PS and have encountered issues once the server was upgraded from php 7.0 to php7.2. I have temporarily moved back to php 7.0 to fix the issue. I want to remain with ps 1.6 and upgrade to The easiest and safest way to do so is use the 1-click update module. I have version 4.1.0. If I click configure I get a 500 error so I cannot even access the module settings let alone use it to upgrade. I uninstalled, deleted and then downloaded and re-installed the latest version of the module but I still get the same error.Debug says:Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method ConfigurationTest::test_curl() in /home/MYSITE/public_html/modules/autoupgrade/classes/UpgradeSelfCheck.php:111 Stack trace: #0 /home/MYSITE/public_html/modules/autoupgrade/AdminSelfUpgrade.php(385): PrestaShopModuleAutoUpgradeUpgradeSelfCheck->__construct(Object(PrestaShopModuleAutoUpgradeUpgrader), '/home/MYSITE/...', '/home/MYSITE/...', '/home/MYSITE/...') #1 /home/MYSITE/public_html/classes/controller/Controller.php(209): AdminSelfUpgrade->display() #2 /home/MYSITE/public_html/admin/functions.php(430): ControllerCore->run() #3 /home/MYSITE/public_html/classes/Dispatcher.php(347): runAdminTab('adminselfupgrad...', false) #4 /home/MYSITE/public_html/admin/index.php(58): DispatcherCore->dispatch() #5 {main} thrown in /home/MYSITE/public_html/modules/autoupgrade/classes/UpgradeSelfCheck.php on line 111 Any ideas?
  16. OK so this is the first PS 1.7 version site I am installing and so far it has been a mega pain in the ****. First I had some weird 500 error which was solved with this: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/843402-500-internal-server-error/ Now it seems to be rearing its ugly head again, I get through to installing the modules and get this error: 1: HTTP 200 - parsererror - Notice: Undefined index: gb in /home/..../modules/ps_themecusto/ps_themecusto.php on line 193 Notice: Undefined index: gb in /home/..../modules/ps_themecusto/ps_themecusto.php on line 193 {"success":true,"message":""}
  17. Just found this particular forum - may be more relevant than just the General Topics forum where I originally posted this (https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/864285-fresh-ps-174-install-500-error-as-soon-as-access-install/?tab=comments#comment-2920791) Since I cannot move the topic, I have had to open another! OK, So I have just uploaded all the files for PS 1.7.4 to my server and gone to mydomain.com/install and get a 500 error. I turned on dev tools and this is the error I get: Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\IOException: Failed to copy "http://i18n.prestashop.com/translations/" to "/home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/translations/sf-en-US.zip" because source file could not be opened for reading. in /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Filesystem/Filesystem.php:57 Stack trace: #0 /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/classes/Language.php(1094): Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Filesystem->copy('http://i18n.pre...', '/home/me/pu...', true) #1 /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/classes/Language.php(1067): LanguageCore::downloadXLFLanguagePack('en-US', Array, 'sf') #2 /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/classes/Language.php(1044): LanguageCore::downloadLanguagePack('en', '', Array) #3 /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/install/controllers/http/welcome.php(52): LanguageCore::downloadAndInstallLanguagePack('en', '', NULL, false in /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Filesystem/Filesystem.php on line 57 Has anyone else come across this issue? I am running PHP 7 and have not altered any file permissions - all seem to be 755 for directories and 644 for files.
  18. OK So I am using the rss feed block to show the three latest items from a wordpress blog that is on the same domain as the prestashop store (I have to use feedburner to do this as by default the blog can't be on the same domain for some weird reason). Anyway, after much faffing I was able to show the featured image for each post on the feed. However, randomly the 3rd image doesn't load. For that image, the source code on the page reads: <img src(unknown) ..... Even though this image was working fine when it was the 1st or 2nd post, sometimes when it gets demoted to 3rd place, the image just isn't showing, even though it is present in the rss feed! The feed is structured like this: <TITLE>Post title</TITLE> <LINK>http://website.com/blog/2018/02/post/</LINK> <PUBDATE>Mon, 15 Feb 2018 08:39:00 +0000</PUBDATE> <DC:CREATOR><![CDATA[Kitty &#38; Dulcie]]></DC:CREATOR> <CATEGORY><![CDATA[Uncategorised]]></CATEGORY> <CATEGORY><![CDATA[sale]]></CATEGORY> <GUID isPermaLink="false"></GUID> <DESCRIPTION><![CDATA[<div><img width="283" height="185" src="http://website.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/image-283x185.jpeg" class="attachment-my-rss-thumb size-my-rss-thumb wp-post-image" alt="Blah blah" srcset="http://website.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/image-283x185.jpeg 283w, http://website.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/image-665x435.jpeg 665w" sizes="(max-width: 283px) 100vw, 283px" /></div> Blah Blah blah [&#8230;]]]></DESCRIPTION> </ITEM> and blockrss.php reads at line 150: // First image if (isset($xmlValues['content']) && $xmlValues['content']) { preg_match('/< *img[^>]*src *= *["\']?([^"\']*)/', $xmlValues['content'], $image); if (array_key_exists(1, $image) && $image[1]) { if ($image[1][0] == '/') $image[1] = 'http:'.$image[1]; // Try if distant image exist : timeout 0.3s $context = stream_context_create(array('http' => array('timeout' => 0.3))); if (file_get_contents($image[1], false, $context, -1, 1) !== false) $xmlValues['image'] = $image[1]; } $text = $xmlValues['content']; $xmlValues['text'] = preg_replace("/<img[^>]+\>/i", "", $text); } You can see I added 'text' to strip out the image from the content. I tried all sorts and the only way I could pull the image was to put it in the content! The template looks like this: <div id="rss_block"> <h2>{$title}</h2> <div class="block_content"> {if $rss_links} <ul>{foreach from=$rss_links item='rss_link'} <li><div class="blog-img"><a href="{$rss_link.url}"><img src="{$rss_link.image}" alt="{$rss_link.title}" /></a></div> <h3><a href="{$rss_link.url}">{$rss_link.title}</a></h3> <p>{$rss_link.text|truncate:195}</p> <a href="{$rss_link.url}" class="more-blog">Continue Reading ></a></li> {/foreach} </ul> {else} <p>{l s='No RSS feed added' mod='blockrss'}</p> {/if} </div> </div> Sometimes, that 3rd image loads, other times it doesn't, even after clearing the cache and refreshing the page. I really don't get what is going on! Does anyone have any suggestions?
  19. OK, so I have tried all sorts. The latest is adding this to blockrss.php: if (isset($xmlValues['media:content']) ) { $xmlValues['imageurl'] = (string)$item->{'media:content'}->attributes()->url; } after $xmlValues = array(); foreach (self::$xmlFields as $xmlField) $xmlValues[$xmlField] = $item->__get($xmlField); $xmlValues['enclosure'] = $item->getEnclosure(); // First image if (isset($xmlValues['content']) && $xmlValues['content']) { preg_match('/< *img[^>]*src *= *["\']?([^"\']*)/', $xmlValues['content'], $image); if (array_key_exists(1, $image) && $image[1]) { if ($image[1][0] == '/') $image[1] = 'http:'.$image[1]; // Try if distant image exist : timeout 0.3s $context = stream_context_create(array('http' => array('timeout' => 0.3))); if (file_get_contents($image[1], false, $context, -1, 1) !== false) $xmlValues['image'] = $image[1]; } } and then trying to grab the url in the template with... {$rss_link.imageurl} Doesn't work. I am sure I have got the logic wrong somewhere - please help!
  20. Oh an also why can't I show a feed from the same domain? Prestashop is installed to the root domain and wordpress is installed to a separate directory. I can show feeds form the same domain with simplepie.
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