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  1. Hi Rudy, This block seems to be associated with the [sales] countdown add-on installed on your shop. I would check there. Cheers, Cha
  2. Thank you madmoto. Saved me a lot time finding must_have_module_list.xml.
  3. I just applied the mod to PS & BL 2.0.13 and it still works. Thank you again Mozack. Would be so nice if the BL team incorporate this in the standard release!
  4. Hi Daniele, You may want to try the "Building Attribute Index" option in the configuration screen. Merry Christmas! Cha
  5. This is a known 'feature' of the BlockLayered module. Please see http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/278432-how-to-block-layered-display-out-of-stock-product-attributes/
  6. Dear Mozack, Thank you for the mod. I will apply them this weekend and hope they work for my site. I have been have all sort of problem with the block layered module (to add to the complication, I work in a multi-shop environment) and have been unable to put the site into production because of these. Cheers, Cha
  7. Just upgraded to I note that the Product detail screen became blank after the upgrade, both for product creation and update. This occurred both on Chrome and Firefox Aurora. I don't have IE so not sure if it has the same problem. Is this a brower problem? Any pointers would be much appreicated. Cheers, Cha
  8. Hello, I am having problems with the layered navigation module with my multistore enabled installation. Stock Status showed "Unavailable" always I set up a group of stores and set "shared available quantities to sell" to yes. However the Availability option only showed "Not Available" option. (see screen-shot-1.png or go to http://www.felizprimavera.com/gb/5-women-s-shoes) Layered Navigation Module: Filter disappeared after update Created a filter for stores under same group. Then went back to edit (see screen-shot-2.png) Save the changes Filter disappeared from list (see screen-shot-3.png) Filter shared between stores only showed up in first store Set up a filter which applied to stores in a group (see screen-shot-4.png) Layered navigation module was set to show in the left column for all stores (see screen-shot-5.png) Navigation block only showed for first store (http://www.felizprimavera.com/gb/5-women-s-shoes) and not for the second store (http://www.felizprimavera.com/MadamePivot/gb/5-women-s-shoes) Would someone please help identifying the cause of the problems? I am at my wit's end in resolving the issue given the sparse documentation on the layered navigation module and the multistore feature. Many thanks, Cha ------------------ My installation is configured as follows: Server information Server information: Linux #1 SMP Thu May 16 05:38:49 EDT 2013 x86_64 Server software version: Apache PHP version: 5.3.26 Memory limit: 200M Max execution time: 120 Database information MySQL version: 5.5.32-percona-sure1-log MySQL engine: InnoDB Tables prefix: ps_ Store information PrestaShop version: Shop URL: http://www.felizprimavera.com/ Current theme in use: perlamoda Mail configuration Mail method: You are using the PHP mail function. Your information Your web browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/31.0.1650.57 Safari/537.36
  9. Hello, I just attempted to do a fresh install of and the installation process stopped at 50% (screen print attached). Haven't had time to find the cause of the error yet but will keep you up-to-date with my investigation. Cheers, Cha
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