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  1. Thank you guys!! I really appreciate it. I finally got them to show on front end, except for Authorize. I don't even have check box for the US..... no check boxes for ANY country. All countries show '-', which is very annoying. I'll try deleting those codes & see how it works. Google checkout - showing at the front end now, but I still don't know where to find merchant key & ID for sandbox mode? I only see for real mode in my google account
  2. Ok.. I checked everything in Payments/Currencies restrictions, Group restrictions, Countries restrictions (for all except Authorize.net, authorize does not even have check box option instead showing '-' for all countries). Still nothing showing on the front end. PLEASE HELP!! Can't process any payments if none of the payment modules/options visible to the customer.
  3. Anybody?? Please help... I've seen other people mention similar problems with payment modules/options but have not seen solutions.
  4. Paypal Buisness Account

    Hi, I would like to know that as well. I currently have regular paypal acct that I used with my previous website & it worked fine but it seems that presta requires Business paypal account? Because I didn't see API in my regular paypal.. Also, installed Authorize.net but you can't choose it under Payment/Countries Restrictions, doesn't even have a check box instead showing '-' for all countries.
  5. Payment modules doesn't work

    Hi, so it sounds like you fixed it already? I'm having problems with setting up payment options too - none of them show up at the checkout. I'm not sure what I'm missing... Could you explain please what to do to make them show up there. My authorize.net doesn't even have check box option under Payment/Country Restrictions (payment options for diff. countries). I have it in test mode but I figure it should still work so I can test it. And how did you set up Bank wire? I put bank name, acct # & location, is that right. I'm using presta 1.4.1. Installed bank wire, authorize, google & none show up at checkout. Thank you
  6. I'm setting up several payment options: authorize.net, google, paypal, wire but none of them show up at the checkout (using guest checkout one page). It says 'please sign in to see payment methods' people should be able to see them without signing in in guest checkout. - Authorize.net does not even have check box option under Payments/Countries Restrictions?? So it's not available to any country... I have it in test mode now but it should still be available so I could test it. - module for Google Checkout says to test it first in 'sandbox' mode & supposedly you should have 2 separate merchant keys & merchant IDs one for sandbox mode and one for real mode. I have only one set for real mode in my google account.. - and how to set up Bank Wires? I provided bank name, acct number & location, is that enough... and it's not coming up at checkout as well. Would really appreciate help on this! Thanks
  7. Hi, I had the same problem & you need to make sure to set up correct shipping zones for your carriers (and check groups as well). I did not use API or default UPS, FedEx modules & set up my own company shipping and it works! Hope this helps, Ella
  8. Shipping 1.4.1

    Thanks so much!! This 'no carriers available' was really bugging me. I went over all of them again -carriers, countries, zones, price & weight ranges, assigned default carrier, set fees by carrier/geogr zone/ranges, etc. Now it's working :-) Ella
  9. Shipping 1.4.1

    I set up several custom shipping options (basically my company would deliver via USPS, UPS or FedEx but not using their modules, using my pricing). So I created them all under Carriers, picked delivery zones and activated (green check). Chose price and weight ranges as well. And set up fees for each one. I see all of them in the BO but when trying to checkout in the front end, get message 'no carriers available for this address'?? (so the list of carriers doesn't come up). Thus right now customers have no carriers available. Am I missing something, what do I do to make them show on the front end?
  10. I'm trying to set up Google checkout for my presta 1.4.1 & it says to try out sandbox mode first. Under Settings > Integration I only see one merchant ID and merchant key in my google account (and I assume it's for real mode). Do I have to try sandbox mode first & where do I find merchant ID and key for that mode? And what is the API version 2.0...
  11. [Solved] How to set up Email?

    Tim Hi, Yes, I didn't expect it would be so complicated. Usually when you log-in it goes straight to your mail... and this is my first time using c-panel as well. Thanks again! I really appreciate it & great help for other folks with similar problems. Best, Ella
  12. [Solved] How to set up Email?

    I set up several accounts, auto-responders, etc & they work fine. Now when I try to check the email it shows 3 options: read mail using Horde, Round Cube & Squirrel Mail. What is the difference.. which one should I pick to check my mail? Last question :-)
  13. [Solved] How to set up Email?

    Hi Tim, Thanks so much. I didn't realize this.. I'm using c-panel indeed :-) So where/how do I set up email accounts there? And I assume I can set up several emails for diff. purposes with extentions @website.com. Ella
  14. I set up several contacts tabs under Employees/Contacts (for customer service, tech support, webmaster) & they work fine. So if I send a test message using contacts form, it works & I get it. BUT if I send email to the same store email address set up in Contact form from a regular email account like gmail, it comes back with fatal error - no such email address. So how do you set up store email - ex: support@website.com & make sure it works with outside providers? Thanks
  15. TAXES PS 1.4.1 - not working?

    Hi, can anyone help with this problem please. I tried everything & it's still not calculating it. But has a message 'tax included'. Is this really a bug in 1.4.1??? Do I HAVE to upgrade to 1.4.2? I just uploaded the 1.4.1 when it came out recently!! What am I supposed to do with the 1.4.1 theme & all the paid modules.... Urrrh... very frustrating. thx PS: it would be great to have option of either having 'tax included' or 'tax not included' on product pages, shopping cart, etc.