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  1. Revenire: Caut pe cineva care sa-mi personalizeze o tema contracost, mai exact am tema pe 1.3...si o vreau cu unele modificari pe 1.4..Astept oferte pe PM sau YM: craciun_lionel
  2. Hello, as a title said need a SEO and some REAL service job.I prefeer someone who knows or understands Romanian lng. The site who need this is a PR1 and 2nd on some relevant keywords on Google search. www.gsmparts.ro for SEO review my e-mail: [email protected] Later Edit: I forgot to mentionate that my traffic went down dramatically when i change the theme and products!Very dramatically!
  3. It is possibile to block bad clients by ip without add firewall rules and without having acces to hosting panel ? Any solution?I remember an old module for other e-shop, named "throw em out" or something like that....it it possibile to make a modification or.. Throw_Em_Out_-_IP_Banning_System_(NL-DK-EN-FI).zip
  4. Hello, im looking for an Presta programmer & designer.My old site is an interspire and now i have decided to migrate to presta ultimate (beta version).Need an theme to look like my old css (my old interspire) and some minor php modifications.Feel free to contact me and send me an offer at [email protected] or YahooMessenger : craciun_lionel
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