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  1. Ok sorry for the post... the solution was obvious. I had to click the group access at customer page.
  2. Hello... i am trying to apply a discount to a new customer group, but unfortunately the price is not accept the discount. It seems that it is working only on default Customer Group. If you create a new group the discount is not affecting the price. Any solution ??
  3. ok i see propably if i can't fix it i will hire someone to do this... thank you for your help
  4. As i am new to all this and my knowledge is not like a programmer ... i probably need a step by step guide to fix this. If you could help with this.
  5. Well can you show me how to overwite the AdminProductContoller or how else i can do this working?
  6. I would like to create a new column after the excisting name column and call it Fabric. This column should show a feature of each product. For my case i would like to show feature with ID 8.
  7. Is this so diffucult to find a way to show the features to the B.O. in Product listing ?? Is there any module (paid or free) to make this possible ?
  8. Thank you tuk66. What about show features in the B.O. Produt listing ??
  9. We have installed it localhost for the moment. But i can show you what i mean from these pictures :
  10. Just a small problem... It works excellent on List View. If you change it to grid mode then the first image is smaller than the second image.
  11. Hello, i have searched all the forum but unfortunately i haven't found any solution to this very usefull modification. I need to have an extra column in product listing page in back office showing the extra feature of each product. Also i need the same to show features in the invoice PDF file.
  12. Thanks Vekia !!! It works excellent... Thank you! Problem SOLVED
  13. Ok Vekia... at least do you know where i can change the colour and font of thew title ??
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