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  1. Hi. Been using this module for a while and its great, but i got a major problem. Somehow the module replaces the cart sumary. So instead of showing my added products to the cart it shows what i've modified to the current special products. what i've edited is: $category = new Category(18); (org, $category = new Category(1) Something makes PS think that this addon is the cart sumary or somehow its replaces the cart sumary function. Would really need some help since i dont wanna remove this great module. I Should add that the module is located in the header of the page if this make any diffrence. //Tobias
  2. har samma problem. beror antagligen på att du har safe_mode ON på din webhost. Använder du surftown? har samma problem med dem. får lägga upp mina filer manuellt. Detta är dock ändå riktiga nackdelen med surftown. gissar på att denna kära safemode funktionen även för thumbnail regeneration för mig.
  3. Yes this is yet another thumbnail topic. I've been searching around alot but havnt founda solution to my problem. Well the problem is that i can't regenerate thumbnails basicly. When i push the button the screen just goes white, even with display_errors on. the URL in that is left in the browser is. "http://fargdirekt.se/shop/adminfarg/index.php?tab=AdminImages&token=36ea14cf23fb5785b47d7d5b353a45f2" Im hosting my site on surftown.se and they got safemode ON, wich has caused me problems before. Is this a problem with prestashop? and finally a phpinfo url. http://www.fargdirekt.se/info.php I've not yet tried to add my own producs to any of my two shops i recently been configurating and setting up. so there might be a problem with image processing in general. //Tobias
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