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  1. I upgraded from 1.4.8 to, but shop is not visible, despite clearing cache in admin and force compiling and reactivation of the shop in admin also. What are needed things to solve this?
  2. Add an article/product, set to publish later. This is possible in WordPress, how about in PrestaShop?
  3. Changed to 45, turned on Force compile but it didn't work yet. What time is generally needed that Force compile starts working? It this an answer on the server side or elsewhere?
  4. Despite many products in catalog, search in front office does not show any results. What is wrong?
  5. Kot bodoči upravljalec Prestashop strani se ta trenutek malo ukvarjam z lokacizacijo in ima vsemu zgoraj napisanemu navkljub nekaj težav. In sicer: 1. Uvozil sem v tem forumu zgoraj predstavljeni si.gzip file v Back Office Tools Translations in sliko. Šlo je v redu, vendar mi zastavice nikakor noče zamenjati. Zna biti, da je to tudi razlog zakaj je trgovina napol prevedena, čeprav mi v BackOffice javi samo, da manjka en prevod Theme files: /home/novatehn/public_html/prestashop/themes/liteblue/lang/sl.php Kako rešiti to zadevo?.
  6. Thank you Mike, just this author does have just basic solution and he does not have any plans for updated version. So I am still looking for additional XML import/export solutions. And it is really strange to find out, that there only one (1) XML solution for over 100,000 shops. I must be missing something...
  7. I have Prestashop 1.4.0 and I found and installed Home Text editor in order to have central module in front end. However still no change. Do I need to configure it too? If yes, how? Or anything else?
  8. I can not get nor find central editorial module. It is not there by default and I can not find it to install it and enable. How to proceed?
  9. I really don't understand, why I have dificulties getting an answer to so basic ecommerce function....
  10. How it is possible to import an Excel pricelist with many products into Prestashop CORRECT? Specifically: I have checked http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Importing_Product_Data/ And there is written: "You can import the following values (PrestaShop 1.1):", (see below) which is OK, JUST what is obligatory, that this file has in order to show the products correct? Those are possibilities: •ID •Active •Name •Categories (x,y,z…) •Prices •Tax rate •On sale •Reductions •Reference # •Supplier reference # •Supplier •Manufacturer •EAN13 •Weight •Quantity •Short description •Description •Tags (x,y,z…) •Meta-title •Meta-keywords •Meta-description •Text when in-stock •Text if back-order allowed •Image URLs (x,y,z…) •Features
  11. Thank you for reply. I thought, that I could somewhere see demos of readymade XML's, so I wasn't quite prepared for your questions. But here are some requirements: - we need incoming XML's (from suppliers) and outgoing XML's (from us to our b2b customers) THe numers of XML's should be open for addition of any number of customers - incoming XML should be in two versions. One for transforming only one file from every supplier and the other transforming two files - in each XML import I must be able to set profit margin per manufacturer and product group. If I leave the field for this data blank, product group is not imported - it must be possible to manually change price for certain product after the XML with general profit margins is set. This is for now. As written above, I thought that XML module is already written, so it it quite possible, that I left some important subjects not addressed. Who can answer (really quick)?
  12. Which is the best? Where to find it? Anybody able to answer ASAP?
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