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  1. Hi, same issue for me. I did try to understand what to do in phpMyAdmin, can someone explain better? go to ps_cart table in your database open table settings page check value of AUTO INCREMENT param compare it with last cart id in ps_orders then setup AUTO INCREMENT to last cart id from ps_orders +1
  2. After 3 years that issue seems to be not fixed. Anyone have a solution? Thanks
  3. I try to install module on PS without success. Installation crash. Also upload module bt FTP doesn't work. Anyone have same problem? Thanks
  4. Doesn't work for me on PS Upload zip fail. Uploading with ftp the module doesn't show up. There is another module for that version? thanks!
  5. Hi El Patron, I understand what you say, but 69 is referred to the single item, in this case the item is checkout. See in attachment what happen in my staging site, where the problem is not present. If you check the attachment you'll see the right elements and the pagination (4 pages).
  6. Hi everyone, I have a strange problem with theme translations. I have successfully added new strings, which I have translated in various languages through the BO. Now some strings is not displayed correctly in backoffice. Let me explain (see attached screeshot). If I enter in theme translations, and I choose the item Shop > Theme > Checkout, I see that there should be 69 expressions, but I see only 4. This happen on all languages. Moreover, the 4 strings I see are not even part of this section, but of the Wirepayment area. Honestly I do not know how to solve. Has anyone had a similar problem? In case let me know, any help is welcome! thank you Giordano
  7. Hi Draganv, I have a similar problem in theme > checkout, like you have. Did you find a solutions? Giordano
  8. Hi Manu999, I have a similar problem. Did you find a solutions? Giordano
  9. Ciao a tutti, ho uno strano problema con le traduzioni del tema. Ho aggiunto correttamente nuove stringhe, che sono state acquisite da prestashop, e che ho tradotto nelle varie lingue attraverso il BO. Ora mi succede che una categoria di stringhe non venga visualizzata correttamente. Mi spiego meglio (e allego uno screeshot). Se entro nelle traduzioni del tema, e scelgo la voce Shop > Theme > Checkout, vedo che dovrebbero esserci 69 espressioni traducibili, ma il sistema me ne presenta solo 4. Questo su tutte le lingue. Oltretutto, le 4 stringhe che vedo non fanno neanche parte di questa sezione, ma dell'area Wirepayment. Sinceramente non so come risolvere. Qualcuno ha avuto un problema simile? nel caso fatemi sapere, ogni aiuto è ben accetto! grazie Giordano
  10. Hi Lince, same problem for me. Did you solve it?
  11. Same problem in 1.7.3, but only when the user pay on delivery and only in different language from english. In my case I think there is a problem with cash on delivery module, cause with other payment systems is all ok. When user pay with cash on delivery, in english language everything is ok, in italian I have email subject in english and no products showing. Very strange behavior, if everyone have some advice please write me. thanks!
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