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  1. I had same or similar problem and just figured it out. You have to select carriers, choose the carrier you want to edit which is going to be all of them one at a time and look for out of range behavior and select disable carrier. Mine was defaulted to apply the cost of the highest defined range and it would say free shipping if it was out of range. For example priority mail only goes up to 25lbs so if someone was buying something 24lbs it worked perfect, if they purchased a 30lbs item it would go to free shipping automatically. Hopefully this helps someone!
  2. anyone???? I still need this resolved. I will explain it further. I want to make for example wholesale dealer price only effective on 50 out of 100 items. On the other 50 items I want this group to receive dealer cost not retail.. Anyone???
  3. Im stumped on this one. I can ad some products and it works fine, others say carrier not available. Ive read everyone replies and nothing listed helped or worked. I have tried to see what might be different from one product to the next and I dont see anything different. I even changed weights to match weights of products that work and still wont work. Any help would be great. Thanks Richie
  4. How do I access the code and where? I have had a prestashop site for 2 years now and I am still struggling quite a bit. Please help. Thanks Richie
  5. Here is what I need. I need to assign a customer to 2-3 different groups for the purpose of different pricing on different products. Example I have a default group, dealer, and wholesale dealer. I want to be able to assign 1 customer to all 3 groups and get the best discount possible (wholesale dealer) on certain parts only. I want them to get the next best price (dealer) on certain products only. Does anyone know how to do this? I see can can assign all 3 but it only give the person wholesale dealer and default price if no price is entered as wholesale. I will try and be more clear. If I have a price specified in for WD I want customer to get that price. If no price is there I want them to get the next best price being DEALER. If no WD and DEALER price is available I want them to see default price. Any help would be great!
  6. All of a sudden my home text editor will not allow me to do anything new to it or delete anything. I also noticed my "stores" area is not working. I cannot add any new locations. I can how ever add new products with no issues. Any idea what happened and how to fix it????
  7. enable open ssl! my webhost thought he did but then he saw 2 different ones on his server. As soon as they enabled the correct one mine started connecting to fedex.
  8. lol ok I made some progress finally. My host has it enabled but when I called him today he noticed 2 different php versions on the server and one was not enabled. The fedex module now says its working but.... all options are showing as available on the site and all options are saying they are free. Any idea's? Thanks for helping me BTW. I know this has been extremely a pain in the a$$!!!!
  9. the log in hasnt changed. You just have to go to admin347/index.php to log in It doesnt look like openssl is enabled. How do I do this?
  10. My server guy said my htaccess file is different than the normal PS ht access. Ive had 3 different so called programmers try and customize my site. Im thinking maybe this is the problem why nothing works right. Any ideas? I had someone make a custom checkout so you do go through paypal. Currently I have a guy customizing for integration of tracking numbers and other info...any thoughts are appreciated
  11. i have no clue man. My server guy sais it has php 5. I just uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing,
  12. Do I need to be on a certain type of server to make this work? Like a asp server???
  13. Cleared every cache I can find in PS, still saying cannot connect to fedex web services. Man this is a pin in the rear lol
  14. Once again I just uninstalled it, reinstalled it. Nothing. What is productions credentials?
  15. I uploaded the zip file last night. I completely deleted the old fedex module. Uploaded a zip file and Its still remembering all the data. I have version x1.2.4 is this the correct version?
  16. I give up. Been trying to get this module working once again for over an hour. shouldnt be this hard.
  17. ok I got it installed I think. I am still getting exact same error. I was told before to flush cache or something like that. How do I do this??
  18. Hey Fabien I tried again and still no luck. I downloaded the newest version and tried to ftp the fedex folder and also tried to install a module but it doesnt work. I have no clue how to install a module. I go to upload one and it wants me to choose a file. I tried choosing the entire fedex file but it wants an individual file. I cant get it to work. Any help would be awsome! Im trying to get my site live this week finally!
  19. how do you do that? I have searched the forum and dont have any luck. clear cache flush??
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