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  1. Hey all... was really... really... really... sick (won't go into details)... and I come back and see Prestashop is officially at version 1.2.. good show.... I won't be able to participate as much for the next two weeks but hopefully i'll be back in full swing..... missed my prestashop fam....
  2. @rbarrick No i didn't because I didn't hear from everyone.. if there is no opposition... i'll pass it on.. BTW: it's stuck in my paypal due to me closing one bank account and just adding another.. I'm currently waiting the 2-3 days for their deposit to verify my new account... I'd say by either Sat. or Monday i'll be able to pass it on.... and post the transaction copy here... sounds good?
  3. Paul, THe new script you posted is a general update for the masses?
  4. I'm using 1.1 and haven't had any problems with it... http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/15605/feature_requests/guest_accounts
  5. There IS a guest account hack available for download already... I use it on my site.. Also, Ion_Cannon is developing a guest account/one page checkout...
  6. That right there is the problem... we need a system for modules where they're • categoriezed • searchable • and in a single spot OsCommerce's system is not that bad nor is Magento's.
  7. This is great news..... Thanks for sharing.... I'm soo excited.... is that geeky?
  8. Wow, you're making a lot of headway in this area. Are you going to try and shorten the steps even further?
  9. Ion_Cannon, I thought you just had guest checkout setup... you have a one page checkout as well?
  10. Ahh okay.... Currently i'm using the "guest checkout" modifications presented on this forum.... So yours will combine guest checkout and 1 page checkout?
  11. Sounds good.. though I heard the Prestashop team is also working on a one-page checkout. Not sure if it's for version 1.2 or a latter version.
  12. It's labeled as "ID"...... i call it "product's id"... but it's labeled as only "ID".... sorry for any confusion this might have caused I've fixed it in the original post...
  13. I would also like to see this module. I am a software developer and, if I decide to use PrestaShop for a project I am starting, I will be more than happy to offer my help in support of this module. So, if there is anyone who could send me the module it would be much appreciated. Dave G. YEs someone please send this man the module... we need this...
  14. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/18472/modules/updated_520_v0_dot_1_dot_5__usps_shipping_module
  15. Sounds good... I wonder if the author can improve upon the Google CHeckout as well. I received my first order through Google and the order wasn't logged.
  16. What does this module do differently... or does that 1.4 doesn't do? Also, is there an English Translation or no?
  17. Ahhh.. you're talking locally.... now I get it.. I'm a little slow today..
  18. Yes you can. I use both safari and firefox on a Mac. I don't really understand the question. Why wouldn't you be able to? They're just browsers.
  19. I was about to ask the same thing. Please clarify what you are talking about.
  20. Oh I will definitely be hitting the [ Report ] link... I know that it's stupid.. but it really bothers me when I can't read a post or reply. Especially a reply that solves a problem I've been having as well.
  21. You're misunderstanding.... YOU NEED TO HAVE AN SSL CERTIFICATE whether Paypal is handling all of your transactions or not... My site is handled by Paypal and I have a SSL cert running... Your conversions will suffer if customers do not see this when entering even data such as their mailing addresses, etc. What i was warning you to stay away from was "SHARED" SSL certificates do get a "DEDICATED" SSL certificate
  22. Sorry... totally forgot about you.... http://13styles.com/
  23. Save yourself a headache and go for a "dedicated" certificate and stay far away from the "shared" ones and any host that forces you to use "their" dedicated certificate.
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