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  1. Actually one of our desginer modified a *.tpl file and changed the search action. Problem Solved.
  2. Just found out that if your cart is empty it will display no products when you'll press the search button, but however if your cart isn't empty, it will display your cart products instead of the product searched.
  3. Hello, Me and my team are encountering a major problem with our prestashop. The shop has been installed successfully but the problem comes from the search module. When we're typing a letter into the search input, the Ajax request works fine and display products. As soon as we click on the search button, the product list displayed by the Ajax query vanished but prestashop still display the number of products found. Does anyone already had this problem ? Any solutions or ideas ? Best, Greg
  4. Hello everyone, I'm currently working with my team on a prestashop project for a couple of month and all of us were waiting for the version 1.4. Now that it has been released, we're encountering some bugs, some of them has been solved (mainly by us) but others are still remaining!! The main subject of this topic is how to upload a file ?? We've found out that in the WebserviceRequest file line 1852, a code has been created to add a node image to the current xml. Unfortunately it doesn't work at all! It only returns the existing list without our new node! See code bellow. if ($available_image_ids) { $this->_xmlOutput .= ''."\n"; foreach ($available_image_ids as $available_image_id) $this->_xmlOutput .= ''."\n"; $this->_xmlOutput .= ''."\n"; return true; } Does anyone succeed to upload a new image ? Are we the only one having this problem ? By the way where is the documentation ??? Warm regards Greg.
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