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  1. Ahoj, muzete mi rict, jak to vyresit? Objevilo se mi to po 50 objednavkach, kdy to bylo ok. ( Diky moc. TK
  2. Cao. Muzu se zeptat, jak se to da udelat? Diky.
  3. Hi, Great job. It looks like one of the best module. I have to test it now, but good job. I am very grateful for help and many thanks to Phrasespot.
  4. Žádný nápad, jak v FO nastavim napevno jinou menu nez v BO ? Díky, M.
  5. Zdravim Prestaci. Verim, ze to nebude nic tezkyho, ale prosim o radu. Otazka 1: Jak nastavit v BO ceny napr v USD a ve FO v CZK? Zvolim defaultni menu, ve ktere nastavim ceny v BO, to je mi jasny. Jak ale nastavim ceny v FO automaticky v CZK (bez moznosti zmeny meny)? Jde to nejak? Otazka 2: Pokud to jde, jak nastavim automaticky update kurzu? Predpokladam, ze nejak pres CRON, ale v tomhle nejsem moc zkusenej, resp. vubec. Diky moc za rady. Vazim si kazde pomoci. M. EDIT: Tak nakonec vyreseno v clasess. Diky Patanock.
  6. pepperoni: Hi. I rewrite some lines of code in pdf.php after few days of solving this problem. I put these code somewhere on line 403 (approximately) $pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Cell(0, 6, self::l('Supplier'), 0, 'L');$pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Cell(0, 6, self::l('Name'), 0, 'L');$pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Cell(0, 6, self::l('Address'), 0, 'L');$pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Cell(0, 6, self::l('Email:'), 0, 'L');$pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Cell(0, 6, self::l('Tel:'), 0, 'L');$pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Cell(0, 6, self::l('VAT: '), 0, 'L');$pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Cell(0, 6, self::l('website'), 0, 'L');$pdf->Ln(5); I have some more lines, like the dates fill in automatically etc. If you want to change the "location of the text on the paper", you can do it by $pdf->SetXY(x,y); I don't know if it is a good solution but it works for me fine and I am satisfied. M.
  7. Ahoj. Ja to resil odkazem na Webnode, kde mam blog s kategoriemi. Samozrejme design je jiny nez jsou stranky. Pak mam modul s free obsahem, kde vzdycky akorat postnu, ze je na blogu nejaky novy clanek, aby na nej vubec klikli. Je to kostrbate reseni a rozhodne ne profi, to uznavam, ale zatim mi to tak staci. M.
  8. Hi phrasespot. I'm using Presta, is it possible to use somehow your module? It looks absolutely great!!! I know you wrote from v. ( I don't want upgrade because of many changes in my modules). I downloaded the module and have the same problem as this guy: ----------- The module will not install correctly, i've got an error when i install your module: The following module(s) were not installed successfully: emailmaster I tried installing from the zip file automatically and transferring it manually by ftp with the same result. maniot ----------- Thanks for any respond. Maildemon
  9. Hi. If you want to translate some modules into Czech language sometimes in future, send me a message. ;o) Maildemon. :-)
  10. Hi. Why can't he see it? Could you solve your problem with some agreement (keeping secret etc.) with the employee? IT solution don't know.
  11. I will try it. Thanks too. I'll send some notes. :-) M. EDIT: Works fine on PC with Windows XP. Can I translate the widget somewhere? Thanks. M.
  12. Hi, I wrote it to the "All-In-One Rewards" topic, but not here. Great module !!! I recommend it to all who need multi level system of rewarding or want to combine more rewards in their shop. Communication with developer is perfect. Good job. Maildemon
  13. Great module !!! I recommend it to all who need multi level system of rewarding or want to combine more rewards in their shop. Communication with developer is perfect. Good job. Maildemon
  14. Na co editovat cislo faktury? Nevim presne, co myslis, ale nastavit cislo faktury, resp. radu muzes primo v Preste. Ale to asi nehledas, ze?
  15. Existuje modul Chrante RSI (Protect RSI) a najdes ho zde: http://catalogo-onli...hop-module.html Ale pozor, neni to dobre pro prohlizec Internet Explorer, jelikoz to neustale zada o pristup do clipboardu. Takze pravdepodobne prijdes o zakazniky pouzivajici IE, pac je to fakt otravny. Ale nezkousel jsem to nijak osetrit. Pokud to mas z duvodu zabraneni kopirovani obrazku nebo textu, tak to jde snad vzdycky obejit, takze bych to asi neresil. Resp. jsem to prestal resit. M.
  16. I'm waiting too. I need referral rewards from every order. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. =o)
  17. Ou. It's quite much for me in my situation. When we talked about it at the beginning it could be the same price as v1.7. So I was thinking about 50-70€. I know there is a lot of work and many new features, I really understand it. I'm not that dumb. It will be very interesting making decision process. We'll see at the end. Thanks for answer. You're doing great job.
  18. Do you estimate the difference between this two prices? (I have the version 1.7 for 25€). Or just the new price. Thx.
  19. I don't know if we talked about it but it will be great if admin can set a product or category where is no referral, f.e. goods in discount or sale. Maybe this possibility has already installed. I can't remember. Best day to all.
  20. Verim, ze jsi ho za tu dobu jiz nasel. Jinak staci "googlit" na foru massupdate. Existuje vic verzi a v kazde se daji editovat jina data. Ja osobne narazil na tri. Je to takova pomoc-nepomoc, ja vim.
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