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  1. Hello, I set Paypalapi v1.0. The version of Prestashop is 1.2.5. When using default currency, it operates correctly, but only a currency sign is changed when using the 2nd currency and the 3rd currency. Case: 500.00USD >> 500.00EUR or 500.00USD >> 500JPY When data is passed to Paypal, this phenomenon happens. Is this a bug? How can this be corrected if it carries out? Please help me. Thanks in advance.
  2. After finishing payment by Paypalapi, it is returned to "order-confirmation.php". I want to display an "order number" and "transaction ID" on the page which returned(/order-confirmation.php). The number was not displayed although the following two lines were added to Payment_return.tpl. What is insufficient? I need someone's help. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have the problem about conversion of currency. Although I enable it to use four sorts of currency, conversion is not performed well. In a product page, a currency sign and a price are also changed correctly and are displayed. However, only a currency sign is changed in the page of a product list or a featured product. In this case, although a change of a decimal point is made correctly, it is a price in the default state. Although it was operating correctly altogether till several days before, I have noticed this problem recently. I cannot understand what has happened. I wish someone's advice. Thanks in advance.
  4. It is wonderful! I also checked operation completely. Thank you very much.
  5. Hello, everybody! I am using Version Since a page becomes very long when all the information is written in the space of "More info", I think that I will divide detailed explanation into 2 pages. I want to install the new space divided with the tab like the detailed information of a product etc. The space which can write a HTML tag freely. Can someone support and obtain me? Thank you.
  6. I am using the version 1.2.5. A tracking number is not displayed although URL {followup} is in Package in transit (in_transit.html). I want to insert a tracking number in the mail alert (in_transit.html) to a customer. Which portion should be edited? Please advise. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I'm building bilingual website English and Japanese. Now, I just finished translation about a half. Although I can show Japanese font into my browser without any problems, when I try to generate PDF files such as Invoice, the characters are garbled due to Japanese font is not integrated into this system. Can anyone give me advice how should I deal with to solve the problem ? Thanks. vivajj.
  8. Hello, I also encountered the same problem as you. When default currency is chosen, it is calculated correctly, but when other currency is chosen, the wrong sum total is displayed. Although I saw your website, it seems to be now satisfactory. How was this problem solved? Thank you. vivajj.
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