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  1. Hello everybody, after my site was hacked few hours ago and being asked 0,1 BTC (email address [email protected]) I have tried restoring prestashop site from an older backup but when I try to access the standard website or the admin/back office I am redirected to index.php I try to access http://www.cosmeticepenet.com/admin123 and I am taken to http://www.cosmeticepenet.com/index.php It happens the same for trying cosmeticepenet.com - will be redirected to http://www.cosmeticepenet.com/index.php I have access to cpanel and I can run queries on the DB but I have no idea what I would need to check next in trying to get the site to work again. Was reading some comments pointing out to .haccess on the main root folder but I only have 4 lines in that file and not really sure if I need to change anything. Any advice is appreciated And the message returned on the page is This page isn’t workingwww.cosmeticepenet.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  2. Hello juancopi81, can you please advise what were the pages where you copied the code from LiveEnageg Tag? Thanks a lot! Radu
  3. Buna ziua, a instalat cineva modulul LiveEngage? Daca da, ne poti oferi mai multe informatii legate de paginile unde codul celor de la LiveEngage a fost copiat? Sugestiile de instalare indica copierea codului LiveEngage in fiecare pagina din site unde se doreste activarea LiveEngage Tag-ului, dar cum am experienta limitata in ceea ce priveste structura site-ului Prestashop, nu am nici o idee de unde sa incep a copia codul pe vreuna dintre pagini. Multumesc frumos!
  4. Can anyone point out the pages where the code from LiveEngage should be copied?
  5. Thanks for the reply, I am not aware of having PDF overrides or patches, dont even know what these are - all I know it was working alright before the upgrade to and once I did the upgrade, this didnt work anymore. Client can generate the pdf in their account just fine.
  6. I wish I could speak better French - I kindof understood what you were saying , what I dont understand is what is the solution at the end "en repassant sur une 5.4 le pb a disparu" - is that something you had to change or the hoster (hebergeur) had to change I hope your English is better than my French, merci beaucoup mon ami/amiee
  7. I have the same with my website Bummer the people who know how to fix this dont have the chance nor the time to shed some light over the issue
  8. I have the same problem when using the quick checkout or the instant order - no matter what details I enter and no matter what is the site language (I have tried default language and additional languages) - might not be related to the language after all Buyer details (name, address, etc) are saved in the back end (I am able to review those details in the back-end Customer ) and the site notifies the user that the details have saved, however, the same TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror notification is displayed There was a post indicating that the json should be changed to data in order-address.js - that didnt work for me There was another post suggesting to disable a payment gateway module that was not running in production - I had no such module installed or I was not able to locate it. Any other ideas? It is obvious that this issue is being reported by a whole lot of people coming from different countries so to me looks like a real bug
  9. I have the same issue, no matter what the language I am using on the site I am using the The Guest checkout does save the details (I can see the new customer details in the admin) and the notification indicating "Account information saved successfully" but the user is being returned the error: Technical Error Unable to save addresses through which he/she needs to click OK - which is annoying and confusing
  10. I have the same error: Notice on line 1069 in file /home/cosme291/public_html/modules/shoppingfluxexport/shoppingfluxexport.php [8] Trying to get property of non-object Notice on line 1069 in file /home/cosme291/public_html/modules/shoppingfluxexport/shoppingfluxexport.php [8] Trying to get property of non-object
  11. Eric, I dont know if you understand what I am saying, mais j'ai trouve une solution La solution va tres bien pour moi I'll switch back to English In the ps_sendin_newsletter table, I have changed the name of the column from id_group_shop to id_shop_group which is being referenced in sendinblue.php Hope it helps you as well Radu
  12. Having the same issue here, probably that happened after I have updated a totally different module, dont remember which one exactly (might have been home page slider or something like that) I am on Prestashop and I had to uninstall completely the email alers module 3.5.2 so the customers could place an order Having the module installed, prevents customer from confirming the order at the last step, throwing a very long error with id_shop or something like that.
  13. This is what is shown in Tools.php on line 143 (red colored text) /** * Redirect user to another admin page * * @param string $url Desired URL */ public static function redirectAdmin($url) { header('Location: '.$url); exit; }
  14. Tried every possible approach that other forum members mentioned, but nothing seemed to have worked for me. Anyone got other ideas? Much appreciated
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