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  1. sorry patric, i did it months ago and completely forgot how i did it..
  2. John, you need to login to the prestashop database in phpmyadmin, then click on ps_category_lang. this will list your categories. all you then need to do is click on the one you need to edit and then add the html code for the link you wish to embed.
  3. how do you get the page titles to do that? (like on your site) on my version of prestashop, every page has exactly the same title, which is just the name of my shop. there is no product info. supplier info etc, which would obviously be much better for SEO.
  4. great, thanks! it IS possible to add the html code in the database so thanks, i have got it to do what I need it to do..
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to make each page title have a unique description dependent on the information on it, rather then generic and only have the site name on every page title. This would surely improve SEO? For example, on this amazon page, the page title has the name of the product in it: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0571202284/ref=s9_simp_gw_s2_p14_i2?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-1&pf_rd_r=0GTB88FA68H1KFT0XTPZ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=470938131&pf_rd_i=507846 Opposed to it just saying only 'Amazon'. Any ideas how I can tweak prestashop to do the same?
  6. does anyone know if there is a way i can embed html links into the subcategory description? alterntively, does anyone know what it is marked as in phpmyadmin? i may be able to add the html there, but i cannot find it in the database. thanks a lot..
  7. i was wondering if it is possible to put hyperlinks in category descriptions? if so, can anyone give me an idea how i may go about doing this? thanks..
  8. hey there, i am getting a page error when i click on my domain link from google.co.uk Undefined offset: 0 in /home/xxxx/public_html/mydomain.com/modules/sekeywords/sekeywords.php on line 146 can anyone help? sorry for not putting proper domain name, i am trying to keep it under wraps for now and don't really want my customers doing a google search and finding out about all my tech. problems! many thanks..
  9. hey, i was wondering how i may make the site search work better. if i type in the name of the product, it only shows results if that search term is in the product title, not description, information or tags. is there any way of making search pick up on words in product descriptions and tags? many thanks...
  10. Hi - is it possible to change the title - 'Subcategories' - to something else? thanks a lot!
  11. hi - i am having a problem with my google sitemap - on the xml sitemap page it says: XML Parsing Error: no element found Location: http://www.mydomain.com/sitemap.xml Line Number 1, Column 1: anyone know how i can solve this? i have changed the parent folder to chmod 755 as advised in another thread.
  12. Hello.. I need to remove or rename the subcategories title that appears on any page after a main category has been clicked on. I can't for the life of me seem to find the location of the file that i need to edit. I also need to be able to remove the category title on the respective category page. is this possible? finally - beside the page category title it displays the number of products in that category, how do i delete this so it is invisible? many many thanks!
  13. Hi - On my site the URL's are, for example, www.mydomain.com/12-category-name (seo friendly url's IS activated in preferences) Does it matter there are numbers before the products and category names? surely it would be better to make it look like: www.mydomain.com/category-name - without the number before it? Is it possible to remove these numbers? Thanks.
  14. Hi - I need to remove the shopping cart block, but make it so that when a product is added to the cart, the page doesn't then go to the shopping cart page (this happens if the shopping cart block module is uninstalled) - in other words, i need it to stay on the same page as the product is on when it is added to the cart. Then if people wish to view the cart, they can just click on Cart at the top right of the page. Is this possible? Many thanks.
  15. Hi - does anyone know how to go about replacing the prestashop image that appears in the address bar (on the left of where the shop url is typed)? thanks.
  16. I need to edit the order message where there is a text box for the customer to leave any relevant information about their order. It is the comment box on the 'Address' stage of the order placing process. Does anyone know where I can edit the text that says: 'If you want to leave us comment about your order, please write it below.' or where I can add text before where it says:'Choose a delivery address: ' Many, many thanks.. bb
  17. hmm, good idea, it's finding a way to link to the blog from the shop that i am having difficulty with.. any ideas? i have tried adding a link in the header permalinks block (along with sitemap, bookmark and contacxt) but that was just too hard for my very basic (non-existant) prgramming skills.
  18. Preferably I need a way of removing it in the CMS and a way of it not displaying on the product pages. Many thanks.
  19. Hey - Does anyone know where I can get to the links at the bottom of the page so I can edit the content of the terms and conditions and about us, as well as add or remove links at the very bottom of the pages? ie. specials, top sellers, new products, contact us, terms, about, powered by etc. thanks a lot..
  20. Hello - I need to have Shipping added separately for each manufacturer, similar to how it works on Etsy.com (please see attached) - is it possible to create a module for this? would anyone here be able to create it and I could pay you? Thanks
  21. thanks fabrice, but that block isn't showing in the modules folder, is that where it should be located?
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