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  1. Hello! I´m using version Prestashop version and everything works fine except in the Order Tab field New Message for the customer never worked. I click in New Message, write some text and the customer gets the e-mail, but empty without the text I wrote. Someone have any idea what is the problem or where to look? Any help will be appreciated.
  2. When I want to send a message to a customer inside an order, and I select yes to display message to consumers, the message (e-mail) is sent, the subject is ok, but the message is blank. No text or nothing inside the e-mail. Any suggestions in how to fix this? Thank you in advance.
  3. Not sure, I tested in version 1.3. But worth a try.
  4. You can find the solution here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/109631/#447391
  5. Looking for all codes about currency in this forum and outside, I finally did it. Here is what I did to someone having this very same problem and never getting helped: In the file init.php, add the following code in the line 31 (My Prestashop version is if ($cookie->id_lang == 5) {$cookie->id_currency = 4; } else {$cookie->id_currency = 2; } In my case, if the language is Portuguese, will force Real currency, if English or Spanish, will force Dollar. As the currency selection drop down menu is not needed anymore, I commented all the code in the file blockcurrencies.tpl in the blockcurrencies module. Hope this will be useful for someone else. Cheers
  6. Well, I launched my store this Saturday and I already having problems with this currency/language system. My default language is Portuguese, because 70% of our customers are in Brazil. But we have lots of US customers as well. And this weekend only, three orders were set with currency in Real, not dollar. They simple don´t realize the currency was in Real, even the symbol being different (R$ x U$) and the price more than double due conversion rates and taxes. I had to cancel the orders and explain and ask them to put a new one with Dollar currency selected. Looks like this will be a big headache. Is possible that nobody here have this very same problem? It´s the second time I ask for help and nobody have even a single suggestion. Please, someone can help me on this?
  7. Hello! I need some help on this: My store has 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. I need the following: - English and Spanish languages force currency to Dollar - Portuguese force currency to Real - The currency drop down menu would be hided, since I don´t want the visitors changing the currency. Any suggestions will be welcomed. Thank you!
  8. Well, this one must be very difficult to be done since nobody have anything to say. So let´s ask for less: I would like to have my store currency working like this: Portuguese language -> Real currency English Language -> Dollar currency Spanish Language -> Dollar currency Anyone have suggestions:? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hello, I have some pdf documentations in my store which should be public, anyone can download it. But I´m getting 403 forbidden error. My store is not in the public_html, but under a folder of the public_html. I had to put some rules in the .htaccess file to redirect. After doing this, my pdf files are getting this 403 error. Any suggestion what can be wrong? Thanks
  10. xbfish, Thank you a lot! Besides the time I spent trying to find where in the Paypal account you generate the real credentials, your step by step helped me to solve the problem. My store is now working with Paypal. With help like this the beginners like me one day will become experienced and may also help in the forum. Thank you again. Ps: To generate the API credentials in your Business verified Paypal account, go to Profile/more options.
  11. By the way, where is "Billing" section? I´m trying to do the same but was unable to find this "Billing" section. My version is, maybe in a newer version only?
  12. Looks like nobody knows... When I my customer get free shipping, he is able to select the carrier. I don´t want that, I want free shipping by a specific carrier. Any ideas? Thank you
  13. I´m using Prestashop and Paypal Module 2.4. No, there´s no error messages because I´m using Paypal Sandbox and everything is working right. But I´m want now use for real, take order with Paypal real payment. I don´t know the steps to move from test to real. My Paypal credentials are all for test. I tried the Paypal help but I´m overwhelmed with lots of options and I don´t which one is right to this Paypal module. Maybe is clear to everyone, but unfortunately I´m not seeing what looks like is a piece of cake for everyone over here. Do you know about any tutorial explaining this subject?
  14. Ok, let´s try to explain what I thought was well explained, but differently. I already tested the Paypal Sandbox and everything worked right. No doubts here. Now I want to go from test to production. I looked more than 3 hours about how to do that and did n´t get it. Last time I spend so many hours in something like that in Prestashop, was trying to understand Shipping configuration, which you must agree is not so easy to figure out without help. I´m not an English native speaker, maybe my first question in this topic was not clear the way I thought.
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